This is also from today, im going to do a quick unboxing video of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra the best smartphone in 2022. For your information, we are getting the snapdragon processor for the samsung galaxy s22 ultra units in malaysia. So now let me show you whats inside this box. Okay lets unbox this for the first time: Music, Music, whoa. Okay, what i have is a black color and you can see the brand new five cameras over here and over here, power button volume, button and the front camera and at the bottom, the usbc Music and at the bottom. This is the speaker on the on on this side. This is the usbc connector, and this is for the sim card and of course, this is the most mighty s pen ever Music im going to take this off. Okay. Turning this on for the first time and in case youre wondering im using the s21 ultra to shoot this video – and this is the s21 ultra so over here – this is another box. This is the pin for the sim card, and usually this is the instruction manual and this time – and this is the usbc cable. This is the c2c. This is a c2c cable, okay instruction manual is here. Let me put it nicely what i like about this s22 ultra, the grip. It doesnt really feel that big and its actually quite slim as well, the back finishing you see it doesnt it doesnt actually leave you any thumbprint at all.

This is amazing and theres. No more notch yeah, you can see like the five cameras nicely theres. No more notch and, like i say the finishing, is really great theres no thumbprint at all the color is amazing. You know uh the new function, which is which is compensate the light when its dark its working right now so im, truly amazed by the color Music, as i mentioned earlier ill, be doing more videos on some of the practical things that you can do with the Phone, especially for photography and videography first impression, is really impressive. If you dont believe me, go to your nearest samsung store check out the phone play a bit just hold the phone look at the quality of the screen, the finishing the color youll be impressed. This is like really amazing, guys, im, not joking. So if you like this video subscribe to, my channel, more videos will come.