Do a quick review of an original samsung galaxy s9 Music check this out people. This is the first on all source, as this is a original galaxy s9. I will be doing some more original samsung products, so make sure you give it a big thumbs up, and if you want to see what product you want on all sorts next make sure you comment below just first just check out the finish on this box. Now ive done lots of fake unboxing, samsung phones – and you know the quality of this from the unboxing to the phone ive. Not even switched the phone on, to be honest, so were going to just quality of holding. The phone, in the hand, is uh, obviously value for money, but you know the finish on this. Is nice gloss its got a royal blue s9 64 gig with the samsung galaxy s9 on the side whats on the back of the phone. Now its a 5.8 inch display its quad hd super amoled, its got a super slow mo feature: 8 megapixel, selfie camera stereo speakers tuned by akg, ip68, water and dust resistant. I dont think thats on the iphone yet iris scanner – 64 gig of memory with 4 gig of ram wireless charging, but the charging pad is required and his e4 is tuned by akg as well, so yeah and its secured by knox. So everything what you get on the back is actually true, as this is a original phone now, like i said, i have done some fakes but just check this phone out.

You know the quality of this phone feeling, in your hand, is really nice um. This is a limited edition, titanium, gray, color, taking a look at whats inside the box. Youve got your manuals. It says galaxy s9, which you also have your sim card injector tool and your brand new quick start guide have a adapter which is a uk three pin plug and it um. It is fast charging as well and youve got a usb slot right here. This is a adapter which you can put into your samsung galaxy s9, and you can actually connect it to any other device and it will actually get all your details. You know, for example, if you have a samsung galaxy s8 and you want to transfer all your information, your details, your pictures from that into this phone. Then you just connect it uh to your usb into your other phone and everything or every one of your data. Will actually go from that phone into this one which goes from your micro usb into usb type c, so its got some. The layout presentation of samsung products are better than upper products that ive actually unboxed previously before. So the only original products ive unboxed is a all apple products, um, iphone 6 weve got iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus and also the latest one, which is the iphone x. These are the earphones that are tuned by akg. They look really nice faker. They havent.

Actually got to this level yet, but just take a look at these earphones, they look really. Nice s9 comes in two models. You have the s9, which i have here in a limited edition, gray, titanium and also youve got the s9 plus, which is a dual lens. Camera, as you may know, on my fake unboxing, which i did and i havent done a unboxing of a original samsung, s9 plus. But if you want to see that give it a thumbs up and comment below anyways, its got a fingerprint sensor on the back and also just one lens of camera, led flash and youve got your sensors at the bottom. There so lets take a look and lets switch this phone on or unless its on already, but lets check it out. So the startup logo is samsung, galaxy s9, secured by knox and at the bottom you got powered by android. Youve got your normal setup, logo and samsung. This is definitely a first. Even the feel of this phone is really nice. What ive done before is ive actually reviewed a lot of fakes where the operating system is just a cover up of the latest uh firmware on android, but this phone. You know, of course, its original. You know everything from touching it to using it or even feeling everything from the phone feels solid. If you want to see me use this for 24 hours. Um from my iphone then make sure you comment below and hit that like button, but yeah here we have it here is the startup, even the look of the phone when you start to up just feels really nice.

You know that everything is fun with the original. So if you are looking for a samsung product, just stick with the originals as the fakes they havent got everything up to standard. Yet, as everything is slow, as a lot of people say, android is better than ios. So let me know on the comments below. Are you ios or you android, anyways guys? I hope you enjoyed my first unboxing of an original samsung product. If you want to see more original samsung products just hit that, like button and ill do more for you as well. Thank you for watching guys ill, be doing a full review of this uh samsung galaxy s9. So make sure you subscribe, and thank you for watching and ill see you again for another video ive just seen something what the i actually ordered.