It is only 200 bucks, thats right 200 bucks and you would think for 200 bucks. Its gon na be crap, its actually pretty nice for a phone. Now were gon na go through a bunch of stuff on this phone before i run through some specs and things like that on this phone lets, first see what comes inside the box. Obviously you get the phone, you get a charger with charging cable, very rare right. You dont usually dont, see that anymore and then basically thats pretty much it. You get some terms and conditions again, thats pretty much an elf only thing: thats inside the box heres the phone right here again: 200 bucks made of plastic on the back im completely fine. With that its not gon na crack, if you drop it fingerprint sensor on the back there at the top, you get a nice headphone jack at the bottom. You got uh charging usb c charging. This does and stereo speakers as well. This charge is at 18 watts. The battery inside is 4500 milliamp battery, so youre going to get excellent battery life. Why are you going to get excellent battery life? Not only because the battery is pretty big, but also because the display is a 720p plus display its an ips lcd display and it looks great yeah. You know youre used to seeing here in 1080p or 2k plus displays. This is 720p plus and again it looks really good for if you didnt tell me, i would have thought it was it was.

It was 1080p, at least so it looks really really nice and it gets pretty bright as well. Lets talk about specs, real, quick ill run through this, not to bore you too much. The specs inside are going to be a mediatek demensity 700. It has a 5g, so you can do 5g networking on here 64 gigs of storage. That is one of the low points about this, but you can put a micro sd card expansion in this. You also get four gigabytes of ram again a little bit low, but you know youll see some performance things on here. In a moment, you get a bunch of cameras right here. You get camera on the front as well: no wireless charging, no water resistance or anything like that, but ultimately, what you get is a solid usable phone. So, first of all lets talk about the the performance on here. So again this says 720p display, but it runs at 90 hertz and its 200 bucks like when you, when you put those numbers in there together. When you hear 720p, you dont usually hear 90 hertz and when you hit 200 bucks, you usually dont hear 90 hertz. What does 90 hertz mean? It means youre going to get a very, very smooth running display, not the smoothest ever in the world, but its going to feel a lot smoother than pretty much anything else that you use on here so on another phone, so its really really smooth in that regard.

The display is nice and bright with that. Let me just open up something: real, quick, well open up some twitter here, for you guys. I know how much you guys love twitter. It runs great. You know if youre into uh something inexpensive, but that runs really really well performance on this is pretty nice. You see it loads up, twitter, pretty pretty fast ill load up. Uh subway surfers here, im gon na just mute it just so. We dont have look at that. Look how vibrant that display is. Hopefully the camera is picking that up really beautiful, pink color, but here we go im running through this. Look at this. If you like, games like this, its going to run them really really well and ill, show you a benchmark in a moment of how it did and the benchmark is. You know not the best, but its also good enough to be able to use your phone and not feel like its sluggish or slow, and a lot of that comes from not only the processor but also the 90 hertz refresh rate on that display. Oh, not oh, ive messed up anyway, so there you go, runs games like that. Fine performance is good. I im im happy with it with that in that, in those terms, speaking of the performance, let me just show you a geekbench score that i did on here. So there you go, it gets a score of 530 on the single corner in a multicore 1592.

So not too bad. So we do have a quad core camera setup, meaning you got one on the front three on the back. The three on the back are a 13 megapixel, a 2 megapixel and a 2 megapixel. You get an led flash, it does hdr photos the video on the front and the back is up to 1080p 30 frames per second. The selfie camera on the front is 8 megapixels, so without further ado, actually before we do that, let me just show you the camera very easy to use. You got auto mode, you got video, you got portrait and you got panorama mode, so its very, very easy to use and it works great. You can store if you put a micro sd card in because its only a 64 gigs. You can save your photos to the micro sd card and have basically not unlimited storage, but a lot more storage than previously uh. You know on this phone so without further ado lets check out some photos and videos that i took with this camera. So whats up everybody, we got im on a walk right now, with the dog sweet little doggie and uh super sunny out using this new tcl phone thats exclusively available on t mobile here in america. There might be a version of overseas in europe as well. I believe but uh. Definitely this is the one uh for t mobile 5g 200 bucks its pretty insane, but this is the front camera 1080p 1080p.

Video is the best this can do or the highest resolution. I should say on the front and the back cameras all right now were on the main camera walking um. You can see the stabilization you can hear the microphones there is. It is a bit of wind out here right now, nothing too wild, but there is some wind. So if you hear that on these microphones thats what youre hearing but ultimately, oh its pretty windy right now checking this out im gon na flip it around. I should have wore some sunglasses, because this sun is brutal kind of brutal, its crazy in southern california. You live here, i didnt grow up here, but you move here and, like almost every day, eventually turns into a sunny beautiful day. It could start off rainy and ugly and over 300 days, itll be sunny its just ridiculous. So, but this is what it looks like is what it sounds like. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below next lets check out a video. We got here and well see how high the resolution goes so advanced. We can play up to 1440p. Obviously this phone is only 720p. You can pinch in. You can see. Well, lets just push it, so you push it to the side there its a little dark on the sides, but you know you can still see it and how often are you going to wash it from the side youre going to watch it straight on, and it Looks absolutely fine.

It looks great. I can make this this isnt, even obviously im at literally 25 brightness. I can load this all the way up to this its i use using it outdoors its easy to see it outdoors for the most part, not the brightest display. Again, but still usable outdoors and indoors, obviously its going to have no problem with that either pull it down to about 25. Just for this video very happy with the display on here, you saw games already saw websites um ill, show you uh what a picture looks like that. I took with it on here on this screen, so lets just go to google photos heres a beautiful photo that i took with it, make it as large as it can go, and its nice in this display overall, like i said, 90 hertz, but it does have A 6.52 inch display, so the display is pretty big, but the phone doesnt feel big and i guess well segue into that. How does it feel in your hand, its pretty thin? The camera bump is almost non existent, its not that heavy its plastic, so it doesnt feel like its gon na break. It doesnt feel super cheap, either 200 bucks and being plastic. You know it doesnt feel the most premium either, but it just feels good in your hand, i mean it does. It feels comfortable. I have small hands, and this is a just feels good ill put the speakers on on this video.

Just so, you can hear how the quality of your audio sounds put a case on this youd be cool to use it holding in your hand its fairly thats light too crazy, um its a fairly thin phone. So obviously you can hear that lets play some music Music spend too much time. Thinking in the end, youll be with me, Music Applause speakers, sound kind of speakers, dont sound amazing. They also dont sound, really really bad id, give them a basically a 4 out of 10 or a 5 out of 10 at the best that, if i was rating them fingerprint sensor, let me just show you that i like it on the back its not my Ultimate favorite its definitely in my top two, though easy to work. You can see its accurate and its pretty fast, so lets talk about this phone. Is it worth 200 bucks? Definitely its a phone that does a few things gives you 5g. So if youre on t mobile youll be youll, be able to get 5g on it, which is absolutely amazing for 200 bucks, its probably the cheapest 5g phone or in the most affordable, whatever you want to call it 5g phone on t mobile. The screen is beautiful. Even though its only 2720 plus the speakers are adequate, the cameras can take a nice photo. Video is okay, the stabilization isnt that great, because it uses electronic image stabilization the software. We didnt really go into that too much, but it runs basic kind of a basic android software, but it does offer some nice customizations on here, which i will show in a separate video like more in depth, and you can change a lot of the the settings And things on here, so you can get more control of it and ultimately it ends up.

You know being easy to use, but also adds some extra features to your phone and uh headphone jack its hard to find those expandable storage. 64 gigs of storage internally is a little small but, like i said, having the expandable storage really helps to improve the quality of the phone, because you know you can get in inexpensive storage.