Today i have this black shark 4 pro yeah. This device was released in 2021 and now im doing this review in 2022, because if you are looking for the best performance and have a tight budget, then this one is the most affordable flagship gaming smartphone available now lets start from unboxing and lets go through some Performance tests lets see how good is this one? In 2022, my personal opinion, this one offers the best value for money at this time and there are some discounts available. All the discount coupons and links are given in the description box below if you end up liking. This video, then please dont, forget to click on the like button. The like button and subscription button is over there in youtube. Subscription is for free, so go ahead. Subscribe to this channel and support true content share the love. Okay here goes our black shark 4 pro. I, like the design of this package, the design isnt very crazy, like many other gaming smartphones, its kind of minimalistic. After opening the top lid of the box, you will notice there is a black shirt waiting for you. They have added this picture everywhere and you will also find black shark logo on it. Inside this small box, you will get a herschel protective case, a user manual or quick start guide. The basics are given inside like how to use dual sim card, and you will also get a sim ejector tool inside this box.

They have added a card in between the box and the smartphone. It says game is real. They have printed some specifications on it like snapdragon, 885 g, 120 watt, hyper charge 6.67 inch, amoled screen 144 hertz refresh rate magnetic pop up triggers dual symmetrical stereo speakers top one in dxomark audio ranking well lets put the smartphone aside and wow, underneath that there are Some stickers, this one is one of the first smartphones which got a 120 watt charger. This 120 watt charger is a bit bulky, but works perfectly fine and never gets heated. They have also added a very good quality. Usb a2 usbc charging cable inside the box lets put all the things aside, wow inside the box. They have printed high res audio. Definitely this one comes with one of the best stereo speaker setup and yeah. Personally, i, like the sound quality of this smartphone, lets unwrap this black shark 4 pro, but im surprised to see they have even given the website address on this productive skin. I like this color. This one is a very subtle and there are some design language integrated into this in different type of lighting. You will be able to see different type of design at the back. I like that black shark logo inside that x. I think this is one of the most attractive design. Also, if you dont know yet, then there is a rgb light hidden inside this design, but the camera module.

I mean the rear camera setup reminds me of my samsung s10, its almost similar, but it has its own design like different type of cutouts. On top, you will notice a very big speaker, grill, a primary microphone and antenna band at the bottom. Its almost similar a solo antenna band, very big speaker, cutout, usb c port 3.5 millimeter port and a primary microphone yeah that 3.5 millimeter port is pretty much essential for some people. You will also notice there is a third microphone on the left side. On top of the volume rockers power button is on the right side, and a fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button. This fingerprint sensor is one of the best in its class, because nowadays there are many. Other smartphones comes with fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button, but those doesnt perform as good as this black shark 4 pro well. There are two magnetic triggers and there are two other sliders to enable and disable those magnetic triggers in hand. Definitely this one feels premium. I must mention this sometimes, i feel like this one is the best in the black shark lineup. This one feels premium. This one looks premium and build quality is above and beyond standard. I also like this thing that black shark 4 pro comes with a display protector applied on the display panel. Sometimes i have noticed that gaming smartphones doesnt come with very good quality or very good looking protective case, but this one is different.

I have mentioned many times. I, like the design i mean the rear panel. This one is really good. This one is glass back with a lot of shades in it, and i was totally worried that the protective case would ruin the appearance. But no the protective case offers a very good protection and also gives it a new different type of outlook, different type of identity. Well, lets power on our black shark 4. Pro lets check. How good is this one if youre worried about the display? Actually, this display panel is one of the best. There are all the necessary display options and features available in the settings. You will also be able to select three different refresh rate, either ultimate, which is 140 hertz or ultra high, which is 90 hertz. I definitely dont always use that ultimate refresh rate, but while gaming ultimate refresh rate is necessary, but i prefer ultra high 90 hertz refresh rate, which offers smooth and snappy feelings and, at the same time preserves battery. But when you go to that ultimate 144hz refresh rate, the whole thing is different. Thats battery smooth this 6.67 inch amoled display panel goes very bright. Black is very dark. White is very bright, colors are vivid and vibrant. I have zero complaint about this display panel. Rather, i would give black shark 4 pro 10 out of 10 for its display panel. There is this application shark chan. This is actually an assistant and you can play with this one.

This is really a good addition to this black shirt. You think the others dont know what you are thinking commander: stop it and knock it off this black shark 4 pro comes with a game space or shark space, and this can be enabled by pressing both the magnetic pop up triggers. This will activate game lobby. You can add the games, you want to add in the game list and you can do all type of customization in this place like refresh frequency, color, enhancement, graphic enhancement and even they have a hunting mode. There are a few different performance modes like ludocross, solar core. I usually use solar core, but when im playing games i definitely select that ludocross mode as ive mentioned earlier. There is a rgb light at the back underneath that rear camera panel. This rgb lighting isnt that insane, like many other gaming smartphones, and there are a lot of options to select your colors and rgb lighting pattern. This black shark 4 pro is a 5g smartphone and 5g connectivity is better than many other specially. There is a network enhancement mode and in that mode, black shark 4 pro provides one of the fastest download speed among any snapdragon 8 based smartphones Music. This is a gaming smartphone and playing games on this one is fun, but while playing games, two things are very important number one. How good is thermal performance and number two? How responsive is the display panel and those magnetic pop up triggers? Even if i always play games in ludicrous performance mode, this smartphone never gets as hot or never generates heat like any other gaming smartphones.

Some gaming smartphones requires active cooling fan some gaming smartphones nowadays offering mouth full of names like this chamber, vapor chamber, this type of heatsink, that type of heatsink this black shark 4 pro comes with a very good heatsink, and that works perfectly fine. You just can concentrate on your games. You dont have to be worried about thermal throttling thermal performance or performance drop Applause, Music, Music. As this one comes with a 4 500 mah battery and 120 watt charger. This one gets charged within 18 minutes. Yeah black shirt has advertised that this one will get yours within 15 minutes, but in reality this one takes 18 minutes which is amazingly fast. I have managed to squeeze about 6 hours of screen on time and thats standard no complain well its time for verdict. I have already given my verdict in the intro i mean at the beginning. I have said that i like this one thats, why im doing this review video in 2022 and considering its current price, which is less than 500 us dollars? I really believe that there is no other smartphones with this quality and performance which can beat black shark 4 pro well. I would like to know what you think about this actually im trying to bring more affordable options to you. So if you like this idea, please let me know, make a comment and i will bring some other review videos of older devices which offers better value and still performs like a beast, stop it and knock it off.

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