India recently had rupees 34k and thats good pricing for a phone with snapdragon triple eight. So is this actually a good all around smartphone or are there any major cost cuttings? What are the upgrades from the iq7? Well, the truth is, this does seem like a very solid value for money smartphone. I say this because ive been checking everything on this phone and there does not seem to be any major compromises for micro. I mean heres the phone and the design is good. Theres, a glass back with a matte finish, and i know it looks kind of similar to the iq7, but the camera module is slightly changed now. The looks are subjective, but i like that this finish is not a fingerprint magnet and it has the squat sensation up. Glass protection, apart from that the frame is plastic and the phone is fairly sleek at 8.3, millimeters thickness and the weight is also fine at 197 grams. A couple of points note theres no micro, sd slot here. No wireless charging and theres also no headphone jack, but i could just bundle this headphone jack dongle in the box anyway, theres a usbc port at the bottom and thats usb 2.0. The phone is also ip52 rated for splash resistance and, as for the speakers, theres stereo speakers, a speaker on the bottom and a speaker in the earpiece for the stereo speaker experience on the front you get this display. The specs are pretty good and this is a good amoled panel.

The colors look nice, its sharp and its very bright. So no problems with outdoor viewing theres, also fast, 120 hertz refresh rate, and you can set it to smart switch or force 120 hertz everywhere. I prefer the 120 hertz mode because the ui just feels more smooth and fluid at that. The ico. 9 se also has the wide wide l1 license so netflix or prime video playback is in full hd. Its also said to be hdr support, but i could not see the hdr tag in netflix or prime video. Now a lot of you asked us to check for any tint issues in the screen. Now i did not notice any major taint issues but heres a shot showing you the display from an angle, so have a look anywhere. The front also has the in screen fingerprint scanner, which is fast enough, so the design and display are what you expect in this price range. But the chipset is what makes things interesting: snapdragon 8 lpddr5 ram, ufs, 3.1 storage, all top the line specs and at this price, triple 8, is good. I mean the 9 rt brings stipulate but thats in the iq 9 territory at 43k. So this is good. Now here are some benchmark scores from the phone. Yes, the scores are good kind of what you expect with the snapdragon triple eight now theres, always the doubt of thermal throttling and heating issues in powerful, snapdragon chipsets now iq 9s.

It does have vapor chamber cooling, but i obviously did the cpu throttling test. I set the phone to monster performance mode and ran the default test with 20 threads, 15 minutes and heres. The result yes 77, which i think is fine. I mean there was no red in the graph, and i ran this test multiple times and you can check out the results. I also check the temperature after the test, because a lot of phones get hot after this, and the temperature on the sc is 40 41 degrees max, which is not overheating. These tests apart, i cant comment on the iq9ses long term performance because we got the phone yesterday, but so far it feels like a fast and responsive phone with no weird performance issues. Bgmi is good too its snapdragon triple h. It supports ultra hd graphics, with ultra frame rates and heres the gameplay at its highest setting, and you can see that the performance is smooth and nice when it comes to software. The iq9sc has fun touch os 12, based on android 12. brownie points to ico for not launching a phone with android 11. when it comes to software updates. Ico has confirmed two major os updates, as well as three years of security batches anyway. The functional experience is something you know about and as for pre installed apps there are these apps that came with the phone and you can uninstall them now. One area where some people have doubts on is the cameras, its the same camera setup as the iq7 and 48 megapixel in a world full of 180 sensors and 64 megapixel sensors sounds a bit okay, but i dont think megapixels matter and theres ois onboard ive only Taken a few shots, but daytime photos look great so far with a lot of detail and the dynamic range is also very good in low light.

I did notice some noise but other than that the photos are fairly sharp and nice. Although i want to test this extensively to get a better idea, the main camera supports 4k 60fps video recording, but when set to 4k 60fps, it says ois and ei is disabled, which means ois only works till 4k 30fps, which is fine. I mean heres a 4k3ps video from the phone to give you an idea of the stability and quality yeah. It seems good to me. I also took a few shots from the ultra wide angle, lens and theyre decent when it comes to colors and sharpness. The details are a bit lacking like most ultra wide angle, sensors in this segment, but other than that. Its fine next up here are a few selfies from the 16 megapixel front camera and i think the front camera quality is very good. The photos are sharp, with good details and good all around exposure and the colors on the face are very natural. One thing, though, theres no 4k recording on the front. Moving on to the battery, the iq9se has a 4500mah battery with 66 watt flash charge im here to test the battery and yeah theres, no 120 watt charger like the iq 9, but the 66 watt charger should be very fast. Also, the phone supports 65 watt usb pd charging, which is good. Lastly, a few things to note: the iq9c has eight 5g bands and i checked for camera aggregation and does support that.

Also, it has most of the important sensors you expect in a phone at this price. To conclude things like i said at the start, the iq9se does seem like a great value for money smartphone. Now this is not my final word because im yet to compare this phone with others use it as my daily driver, but yeah it does look like its got. Most of the bases covered see, the design is fairly premium with features like stereo speakers. It is powered by the snapdragon 888 and the performance seems solid. So far, theres android 12 on board. The main camera has ois the battery and charging seemed good, so there are no real cost cuttings. Here i mean if i have to nitpick. I can say that theres no telephoto lens the frame is plastic, but at 34k i would still say this seems like a good all around smartphone. What do you guys think of the iq9sc comment down below your thoughts on this new phone? Also give this video like because thats very important, for you know our morale, give a like also share this video subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech, videos and yeah. Thanks for watching, i will see you in the next one got ta go watch.