However, motorola is one of the very few brands that offers a clean stock android experience. But is that enough in 2022, for that one of my team members and avid motorola fan since the days of moto g, first gen and moto x style has been using the moto g71 for more than a month now, and i will be sharing all his experiences Here: okay, first things: first, what we really liked about the moto g71 is its design. The last g series phones from motorola, the g40 and g60 to be very honest, had pretty boring designs, but the g71 is quite the opposite: granted its still a plastic bag with a glass like finish, but its sure to grab your attention as it did mine, especially In this arctic blue variant, it looks quite refreshing and surprisingly premium too. Another thing about this color is that fingerprints and smudges are less noticeable than they would be on a black glossy surface, so even without a cover, the g71 does not appear as messy or untidy as it might be. Moreover, at 8.5 millimeters of thickness and just 179 grams of weight, the g71 is quite ergonomic to anyone with small hands and you will have no complaints regarding its weight distribution too. The back also houses a fingerprint scanner with the iconic bat wing, motorola logo and after some days, your index finger will rest perfectly on this. However, the sensor itself is a tad bit slower.

Sadly, the g71 is also void of any kind of ip rating. Motorola does say that it has a water repellent design and the hybrid sim tray also enjoys rubber gasket protection to prevent from water and moisture damage. Anyways. It has a dedicated google assistant key placed on the right frame, while the buttons here have decent tactile feedback too. You will not miss out on a 3.5 mm headphone jack here, either all right up front. We get a 6.4 inches amoled panel with full hd plus resolution, its a good quality amoled screen that delivers a pitch black contrast, a great color reproduction as well as viewing angles, and although it does not come with hdr certification or anything of that sort, the full Hd content looks good here because of a good quality panel. The experience would have been even better if motorola could have gone with a bit. Slimmer, chin up front, though with 700 nits of brightness outdoor visibility is not much of an issue on the screen either, plus the ambient light sensor works well enough to adjust the illumination level. That said, the big miss on this screen is the lack of a higher refresh rate. Yes, the g71 settles for a standard 60hz panel and motorola has not compensated for this, with the inclusion of a higher touch sampling rate either. Yet one crucial thing to understand here is, unlike other 5g phones in this price bracket, such as the redmi note, 11 t5g or the real me 8 s5g that comes with an ips screen.

Moto has included an amoled screen here, which is definitely pretty worthy, and if you ask me, i am totally down for a contrast, rich amoled panel over the higher refresh rate ips screen any day now lets talk about the hardware underneath the motorola 371 is powered by The 6nm snapdragon 695 chipset, which we are going to see on plenty of mid range phones in 2022, including the upcoming redmi, note 11 pro 5g. The snapdragon 695, despite its weird naming convention, is slightly upgraded version of the snapdragon 750g, with a 6nm process. Node and powerful cortex a78 course. Another thing that i need to highlight here is that it has umcp storage, umcp, basically means a unified multi chip package that integrates dram and ufs storage onto a single chip, taking up less space than a discrete memory and storage solution. In our real world usage, the g71 handled day to day tasks pretty well, and you will have no complaints regarding its ram management either. It can easily store 8 to 10 apps in its memory, and multitasking between the apps is a breeze too pair that with motorolas optimized, my ux interface, the overall experience gets even better. It also does not have any bloatware app pre installed. Plus you get all the moto exclusive features like top top and twists that you can take advantage of on to the gaming side of things. Pubg mobile caps out at hd, graphics and high frame rate settings where you can get a fairly stable, 30fps gameplay.

But for the smoothest experience you can dial down the setting to smooth graphics and ultra frame rates where you can enjoy 40 fps gameplay with no hiccups or anything of that sort. Likewise, call of duty mobile is pretty optimized and is playable at high graphics and max frame rates with minimal jitters. However, the snapdragon 695 does not handle graphic intensive games like gauge and impact that will you have to dial down everything in the setting to load to get a playable, 30 fps gameplay, and even at this setting starters greet you every now and then by the way. Theres also a high performance setting in the moto game time mode. Yet i did not find any major performance bump after turning it on, but overall, the moto g71 is a very good phone for day to day usage. The haptic feedback of the moto g71 is quite decent too. It definitely does not compare against the high end phones but its good for a mid range device. Sadly, in the software update scenario, its bad news, its still on android 11 and despite the company claiming that they would roll out android 12 firmware by the end of february, i am yet to receive one but whats. Even more frustrating is that it is eligible for just a year of os upgrade yes just one year. That means that it will only get updates from android 11 to android 12, and this is really disappointing for a company famed for its clean android experience.

So i hope motorola looks into this and provides at least an update for two years, because thats a bare minimum for a mid range phone in my books anyway, whats great about the moto g71 is its battery life. The company has managed to fit a big five thousand milliamp hour cell on this leak, form factor and thats already something even with heavy usage consisting of hours of content, consumption, gaming photo and video shooting and casual web browsing all through the review period, we managed to Net out 9 to 10 hours of screen on time, and not only this its standby time is pretty impressive as well ill go as far as to say that its as good as the iphones, the max overnight battery drain i have found on this device, is just Two to three percent charging: this phone is not taxing either it ships with a 33 watt fast charger inside the box that takes around one hour and five minutes to fully juice up the device Music. All right on to the cameras based on my past experience with mid range motorola phones cameras were never the strongest suit of those devices, so i was eager to see if the g71 can save its reputation this time. Sadly, the story remains the same as you can see from these camera samples. Generally, the daytime photos from its primary sensor come off with low contrast with good lighting conditions maintained. You can get good results with natural colors.

Besides that, the images have a slightly warm tone and the dynamic range is good enough for a mid range device. The ultra white photos dont retain much detail, and i also notice color fringing in its images, which occurs when the cameras image processing results in colored edges. Moreover, when shooting in direct sunlight, the photos get hazy too. Okay when it comes to nighttime photography, as with most other mid range phones, you will notice muddy images with very less detail. The night mode does not work as effectively as expected, either most of the time. The g71s post processing brightens the entire image and makes it appear unnatural and the details do not improve significantly either. Also the images lack proper exposure control as well in portrait images. The edge detection is good if you have even light, and it preserves skin tone will. Similarly, the hdr processing works effectively to preserve the background. Bokeh effect too. However, the selfies from its 16 megapixel camera are not that good. It yields average results, even if you maintain a good lighting condition. Okay in terms of videography, the back cameras can capture 1080p videos at up to 60 fps. But, as you can see, the stabilization is only available at 30 fps and the 60 fps video comes off quite verbally. The selfie videos on the moto g71, 5g caps out at 1080p 30fps and the field of view is not very wide either. As you can see, this object looks very soft and theres not much detail to talk about here.

Lastly, for audio, you only get a mono speaker here with support for dolby atmos. So if youre coming from a stereo speaker setup, you will surely miss the immersive audio experience. However, this mono speaker setup is quite loud and is fine for watching youtube videos and such even at the highest volume vocals sound, pretty clear and theres some bass to notice as well. Likewise, i havent faced any problem in terms of call quality. While the proximity sensor works very well too Music, so is the motorola g71 5g, a good mid range option. Well, my answer will be a yes as well as a no see. If you want a 5g phone, you should put these devices in an alternative universe, where the mid range value for money, 4g smartphones do not exist and being a mid range 5g phone. The moto g71 has a bunch of talking points like an amoled screen, a fairly capable chipset and a really good battery life. My one criticism of the brand is that it could have done way better in terms of its cameras and its software update policy, which would have made this device a better all round package. So if youre, looking for a mid range, 5g phone and dont wander around places taking photos, the moto g71 5g is a great choice. That being said, if you want a true value for money, smartphone that does not compromise on specs, i would still recommend going with a 4g handset, so guys that was all for our full review of the motorola g71 5g.