Is it just me or does anyone else feel like these phones have become more of a camera with a built in phone rather than a phone with a built in camera? Now, if youre like me – and you like, taking pictures with your phone, then this might be the go to device for you. This is the lazy cap grip for mobile phones. What this is essentially it gives you that nice grip that nice feel on your phone. I picked this up really inexpensive about 19.99 20 bucks, so without further ado lets open the box, see whats in it and lets get it connected all right guys. So this is it right here. This is the yulonzi select universal bluetooth, cap grip. All right – and this is how it comes – this is how the packaging comes guys. It doesnt feel really like premium material feels like just hard plastic now lets see we got what else is in the box. Just instructions thats it all right. First things. First, this is the one concern i had. I see theres a clip here, but again i have the iphone 13 pro max, which is pretty much the biggest phone in the iphone lineup. So i want to see first, if it even fits my phone it does. It fits guys, so this is the elastic cap grip. As you can see, it looks good. It feels good. This is actually like a rubber padding that it has so it wont slip again.

You have your clip here. It stretches so if it fit my phone im, pretty sure it will fit most phones out there. This is the grip thats going to give you that same grip, that you have on any mirrorless camera or dslr camera, and up here you have a shutter button which thats gon na allow you to control it without having to touch the actual screen. Now one thing about this: this doubles as a remote, so you could put the phone on the tripod. Take a picture with it all right, so lets set it up and install it on the phone. Now now you have your camera here. So obviously, its gon na go on this side right here so were gon na do is there we go now, have a grip on your phone like a dslr camera or mirrorless camera. Oh look at that. You also have a screw in here, so you can mount it on any tripod, thats pretty cool. Now it actually feels really good in your hands. Guys im, not gon na lie. It feels nice. It feels good and and check this out guys. This also doubles as a stand for your phone. All right so now lets think im gon na remove this come over here pop it back into this little pocket right here. So now. What you want to do is press this button here. The shutter button for at least three seconds and it should come on there you go.

You guys see that light. That means its ready to repair were going to the bluetooth menu on the phone, its searching for the device. As you can see, it says ulanzi thats. What we want were going to click it pair it okay should be paired so now heres the test. So once we open the camera lets see im gon na click. The shutter button lets see how this works. Does it work for video two? Oh yeah, thats nice. Its pretty cool because you dont necessarily have to be touching the screen – and i think, im gon na take this outside guys and have some fun with it were gon na. Take it on the field test field trip all right, so we just got to the city. This is one of my favorite places ever were in downtown manhattan right now near the oculus, so the game plan here is im gon na have the gopro put it on my chest. Give you guys some pov footage. Let you guys see just how easy it is to use this thing and how comfortable it is, and let me tell you off the bat, its looking real comfortable, so lets get started all right guys. So i havent decided on whether, if im going to put music over this or just give, you guys a little insight on my thought process through taking pictures but lets just get started. We have this nice flower here. Let me just see the thing with this is, if i take it like this, i kind of feel uncomfortable holding the grip like upwards, but taking it like this feels way more comfortable, Music, all right guys so off the bat using up that first picture im, not Gon na lie it felt uncomfortable.

I think this is made more for landscape photos, because when i hold it like this, its actually not bad its really comfortable, but when i hold it like this, i cant take a picture like that. As you can see here, we have the oculus, you want to center it and you can even get a wider angle Music. Even when you go wide, you see these crossways here i would want to center it. So i dont want to get in between them and then go wide, so it could look more symmetrical make sense. Music. All right lets go inside. It. Wait like this. This is a nice shot, building straight down the middle one, because theyre low Music, so Music. I see a shot Music Music. Oh that looks good. Oh did you guys see those lights there here we go see if its something like this, i would get low Music Music all right. These look cool these pillars here: oh thats, the shot guys so essentially the shot is going to be like this, but facing up you guys, cant see it really well because thats the shots going to be yeah. It looks nice like this pow but thats. Just a plain plain old picture: the way im thinking its a side shot with the angle wide Music. Now you guys see the sun peeking out from here. So when we drop exposure, give you guys a nice cast of shadow ready Music, one of my favorite places.

I think i said that look at that world trade center Music post here get you guys, a nice shot, zoom out a bit angle, the phone you get the whole tower thats too tight. For me. You got the whole tower and the weird chase sensor Music lets. Try to get some macro shots of these plants here. You know why i stopped here because i have the reflection. The ground is kind of wet, so i have the reflection of the sun here then the sun here and the shape of the oculus Music. I got some pictures of this cop car here. Hopefully i dont get the first one here im going to rest it right here. Oh that looks good all right guys. So let me give you guys my final thoughts. Uh were actually near where we started first thing with this cap grip after using it now, i really just use it im, not gon na drag out this video ive been out here for a while its cold, its comfortable, if you use it like this like this, Is comfortable, let me switch because realistically i use it with my right hand. So if used like this is comfortable, and it feels really good im, not gon na lie, it feels good now. What i did find myself is when i have to hold it up like this, to take a picture like a portrait picture, not comfortable at all. It doesnt feel good if, like my whole arm is bent, who, who takes pictures like that, so youd have to hold it like this, which puts your lenses down, which means youd have to figure out your angles before you actually take the picture comfortable.

No annoying a little bit, but you deal with it right: iphones, overexpose everything i dont know why. But so when im, finding myself dropping the exposure on the iphone, i end up just taking the picture with the iphone itself instead of using the shutter thing now. Is it cool to have yes to something you need? No, i mean that this. This is pretty cool. Look. It stands up right, this guys not going for it all right guys so thats it for this video hope you guys really enjoyed it. Im gon na go get some coffee because im cold, like i said earlier on wednesday, was like 65 beautiful and then today its like 23 degrees out here, crazy, all right, guys catch you guys in the next one peace. I was ready to wrap this video up, but i found a spot here guys last picture last picture before we go.