Welcome to another honest review, video yeah. This one got released a few months ago and ive been using this one for a while and now i think its the correct time to do a long term review. Video of this ole phone armor, 125g yeah – the name – is a very long one, but that doesnt matter what matters most is the performance. This is a rugged smartphone. This one comes with quite a lot of certifications and if you are here to know whether im satisfied with this one or not, then i am totally satisfied with this one, because this is the only rugged smartphone that i am using now. Well, lets start from unboxing and lets go through some performance tests. Okay, today i have this ulefone armor. 12. 5G lets start from unboxing. After opening the box yeah the first thing there is another small box or a package inside this package. I think there is a okay yeah. There is a sim ejector tool and some paperworks. They have even included a user guide how to charge this phone wow. They have thought about everything also. They have provided an extra screen protector inside this box. I have said extra because i believe there is one screen protector already applied on the smartphone. Well thats our ulefone armor, 12 5g. They have already printed some specifications on this protective cover. This one comes with ip68 ip69k military standard 810g wow, a lot of certification and yeah, a very big battery 5100 mah.

Also, there are four cameras at the rear. One of those camera is 48 megapixel camera, and we will talk about camera performance later. Well. Put this smartphone aside, underneath the smartphone there is a red colored. Wow looks nice, a very good quality, usb a2 usb c charging cable. I like this thing. They have even provided a strap and a usbc to 3.5 millimeter dongle. Who would provide that these days? Other brands are not even providing charging cables or chargers and they have provided a usb c to 3.5 millimeter dongle. Well, there is a very good quality 18 watt charger. This one is a usb. A charger lets unwrap our ulefone armor 12. 5G. This one comes with a hybrid sim slot. There are two slots. If you want, you can use two sim cards or if you want, then you can extend your storage with a micro sd card. Well lets unwrap the screen protector. Okay, as i mentioned earlier, there is a screen protector already applied on this smartphone in hand. This one doesnt feel so big and doesnt feel so. Heavy build quality is a very premium. This one comes with a very cheap price tag, but wow in hand. It gives me a premium class feelings. I am already satisfied with the build quality and, if you dont know yet, then yes at the back, they have added anti bacterial coating. So if you are holding it and if there is any bacteria, then thats the end of that bacteria or any type of germs all together.

This is a rugged smartphone and the design language comes with that rugged. Smartphone design, usually i dont like any type of lettering or any numbers or any type of words at the back of any smartphone, but this stripe, underneath this rear camera setup and all the wordings all the names and things. I think the whole thing got blended into the design it doesnt feel, like the words are forcefully placed over there. This one comes with dual hifi speaker. There are two speakers at the back. There is nothing on top, but you may notice a hole in the center thats actually to add a extra protective case other than a primary microphone and a usb c port. There is nothing at the bottom volume. Rocker and power button is on the right side. Fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the power button, so yeah fingerprint sensor is on the right side. On the left side, you will find another button. This one is actually customizable. You can customize this button to open any application or do any specific task one more time. This is a rugged smartphone, and i really like that design. There is this metal finish on left and right, which gives it a nice vibe. Okay lets check the weight of this rugged. Smartphone, usually people feel like wow. This is a rugged smartphone. Maybe this is so heavy, but let me show you this one only weighs 297 grams, which is very close to my xiaomi mi 11 ultra and even less than my oppo find them.

Okay, you can buy extra accessories like a protective case, which i have already bought with this smartphone inside the protective case box. There is a user manual. It shows how to use the protective case. I mean how to put on and how to take it off. Also, there are other accessories like there is a clip. Well, first lets put the protective case on ulefone armor 125g. Actually, it gets a bit bulkier, but uh yeah adds extra protection and if you want to carry it like, if you are climbing a mountain or if you are working somewhere, if you want to clip it on your belt or on your backpack, then this protective case Offers those options lets power on our ulefone armor, 125g, Music? Okay, whenever i test the rugged smartphone and whenever these brands claim like okay, this one comes with ip68. This one comes with ip69k. I think okay, wait. Im gon na test im gon na put this in a water bucket and then im gon na test, whether its true or not. Actually, i have tried many times, and this ulefone armor 125g is totally waterproof. You can go to swim with this one. In your hand, nothing will happen straight out of the water, and then we are gon na play games on this one. Well, some people may ask who would play games on a rugged smartphone. This one comes with diamond city, 700, soc, 8 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage.

So definitely we can play some games on this one im using this ulefone armor 12 with a 5g sim card, as this is a 5g smartphone im getting very good. 5G connectivity and download speed, even if this is a rugged smartphone. I think this one offers one of the best gaming performance among any rugged smartphones, because this one comes with diamond cd, 700, and a very good motherboard now lets talk about this customizable button. There are three options: single click, double click and long press. You can select one application or you can select different type of tasks or applications for single click, double click and long press. Let me try with real racing 3.. Does it work yeah? It works and it works flawlessly. Okay, this olef1 armor 125g comes with a 6.52 inch 720p display, but this display panel is very good. Black is very dark and white is very bright. Colors are vivid and vibrant. If you want to compare this one with a flagship class amoled panel, then okay thats, not the right thing to do, but within its price range and among any other rugged smartphones. This is one of the best and i personally believe the performance of this display panel is better than its price tag. What i like about this brand ulefone is they always provide stock, android experience going through the settings or the applications. I mean everything is snappy and battery is smooth out of the box.

This one comes with android 11 and, as far as i know, they will provide one major android update. Okay, this one comes with the 18 watt charger and, as this one got 5 180 mah battery. This one takes a bit of time to get fully charged, but provides me with almost two and a half days of battery life and thats, really more than good enough for me. Also, if i have forgotten to mention this, one supports wireless charging, yeah im, not joking. A rugged smartphone supports wireless charging. Okay lets talk about camera. There are four sensors at the back. One of those is a 48 megapixel sensor of this device is very good. I have done a separate camera comparison, video of this one, along with two other rugged smartphones. If you are interested in camera performance, then i heavily recommend go ahead. Watch that video all together in hand it gives premium feelings a very good, build quality, very good display performance, and even we can play games on this one. As this one is a 5g smartphone. 5G connectivity is a very important part and i have really enjoyed very fast 5g connectivity, download and upload speed, okay, its time to wrap up. But before that i would like to know what do you think about this smartphone? If you are interested in rugged smartphones, then i think you already know that this one is a better one. Well, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and please subscribe to this channel share the love the like and subscription button is over.

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