2 billion users worldwide, making it the third largest instant messaging application. In the world, the pocket read by tencent features a 5.2 inch e ink screen, sim slash sd card slot, quad core processor and a 2000 milliamp battery it being a smartphone. It also has some pre loaded, apps bluetooth, a glow light and on board audio with two speed modes, so lets check out what this device offers, starting with the ui. This is the home screen and while it may look like traditional android, it actually isnt, these apps are baked in there and you cant get rid of them, so the chinese kindle and the internet explorer you cant, do anything about it. If you long press, if you go to apps manager, it doesnt do anything. In fact, it just opens up the respective app, so you cant actually put or side load in apk files on this and theres no file browser, meaning that, even if you had an apk file on here, you cant go to anywhere to actually find it, because there Isnt any way to go through the directory of the unit itself. That being said, you can discover some of your books in here which well show you in a second. This is your library, although it does not discover pdfs, this whole unit doesnt discover any pdfs whatsoever. Another major issue with this is that its very locked down – and it feels like everything you press either directs you to having a chinese mainland phone number or scanning a qr code swiping, the top down.

You do have a fair amount of options. You have bluetooth wi fi, you have cellular connectivity and a bunch of other things like wiping away all of the apps in the background, etc. You have a glow light here, which well show you a little bit later, and you have two modes normal mode or hd mode and a speed mode. You can also trigger a refresh anytime. You want by pressing that upon looking at the unit itself, it has a very good pixel density, its very, very high quality. The background is consistently white and the blacks have a very nice contrast, theres, nothing wrong with the hardware and the overall appearance of the unit itself. You dont have a file manager, so youre going to have to rely on the qq reader, which is their proprietary reader. On this unit to put in side loaded content, you can put in side loaded content if you want – and it does perform very well its easy to read its very easy on the eyes, its very quick at the same time and theres really no issues with the Reading experience and everythings going to be in your respective language as well, if you put arabic or portuguese content on here its going to be that actual language, its not going to translate it into chinese or anything like that. Much like to be expected out of a pocket reader, you can change pages using the volume up and down, which is really nice, because that means you can hold it in one hand, and you can just swap pages without really using the screen at all, because you Only have one choice of reader and you cant load in anything else.

Unfortunately, all of your options are going to be in chinese and theres, nothing. You can do about it. However, there are some ways to change the text: size, the font and a bunch of other settings down here, however, you are going to have to really whip out your camera a lot if you want to use something like google lens to translate whatever youre. Looking at. Oh, that the canisters were rattled up and down like juggling tricks or even that the bl ended sent some tea and coffee were so grateful out of a unit that was not meant to be released outside of china. That is one of the better ttss weve ever heard its very easy to trigger you simply press it and it works on side, loaded content. Surprisingly, quite good. The kindle application is the kindle dot or amazon.cn, which is the chinese amazon. Even if you go here and sign in it shows a glimpse of what you had in your library and then it logs you out, because you cant actually access it unless youre in mainland china. So, even if you go to the store or anything like that, you cant actually download anything. This app is also completely stuck inside the firmware you cant get rid of it and you cant sideload in amazon.com ca, jp or any other kindle app. If youve been following our coverage recently, youll know that the sony reader store in japan is alive and well and throughout the world.

So you can see that even on this unit, you can actually browse the store and read and download samples and purchase content anywhere in the world, so even on a device as locked down as this, you can actually utilize the browser on any device really and read Your content, regardless of what country you live in or device youre reading it on this, does not have a warm light on it, which is rather unfortunate because the glow light, albeit is very good from side to side top to bottom. It is a very nice experience, but there is no warm light and what that means is that it is very blue. That is unavoidable. It is actually quite a blue experience. We have seen devices that have just a dedicated white set of leds, with no warm light to counteract it, and they end up looking like this, it is a very blue experience, its not that great on the eyes. It is a good level, its a good intensity and its a very good spread, but thats, where it ends lack of language options, inability to sideload, apps and being blocked every step of the way. Unless you have a mainland, chinese phone number makes this device thoroughly useless to anyone outside of china. However, to be completely fair, this unit was never meant to be released outside of china or reviewed by any english review channels like ourselves for that matter. Stepping back from the restrictions the screen is great.

The reading experience is what you would expect out of a pocket sized e reader and the speed modes are helpful in navigating the unit under normal circumstances. There arent many small, dedicated e readers out there and, if youre, simply using it to side load in e pubs, it is a good option but thats really where it ends. Unless you live in the country for which it was intended for goodyreader.com.