It is before i get started if you find that my content is interesting or helpful. Please consider subscribing to my channel by mashing that thumbs up button also, if you want to continuously receive content like this, please consider subscribing to my channel by matching that subscribe and notification bell button that we can always stay updated and notified whenever i post new content On my channel, all right so today were going to talk about the movo double mic: uc double capsule, condenser microphone again its for your smartphone or tablet. Take a look at the back, really quick! You can see what comes in the box. Double mic: microphone, zipper bag, furry, windscreen and foam windscreen all right. So with that stated, lets get this bad boy open. All right lets go ahead and pop that open slide. This out see what else is in here inside of the packaging. You have this branding information. A way for you to leave feedback all right, so you just open this up and you can send your feedback in and then you have the actual manual on how to use this its nice. That a case is included. You keep everything together, set this open inside. You will see all of your content all right, so here are all the items that come inside of the packaging youve already seen the carrying case, but you also have two furry windscreens. It goes on each side here and you have two phone windscreens which goes on each side of the shotgun microphone all right.

Of course you have the shotgun microphone itself. All right, pretty nice has a decent weight to it. Lets get a little closer, so you can take a look at it. As you can see, f is labeled here for front, and then you have b for back all right and then, as you can see, type c, and it also has an aux port. If you need to use that all right, pretty cool but turn it over here, you can activate the front the back or you can just leave it in the middle, alright, so its both going at the same time, all right – and here you can make adjustments for The front and the back as well all right lets see what else we have has a nice weight to it. You can feel the quality i decided to put it on both ends here, as you can see now, if youre wondering how youre going to realize or know which side is front and which side is back well, you still have this here all right, so you can Still identify that this is the front and then identify that this is the back im going to go ahead and put this to the test. What im going to do first is use the internal microphone that is on my z flow 3., then test using this microphone and doing a comparison and see how the sound is different or see which one is better.

Alright, in my opinion, so lets go ahead and do a test audio recording all right. Here we go internal microphones on the z fold three. This is how my voice sounds while using the internal microphone on the z fold, three all right, so now im going to go ahead and get this plugged in and again, i can see f here so im going to turn it this way and then record, or This way, either – or this is how my voice sound, while using the movo double mic uc all right, so lets go ahead and listen to the results, all right, zfo, 3. First, this is how my voice sounds while using the internal microphone on the z fold. Three all right lets go ahead and play the double mic. You see. This is how my voice sounds while using the movo double mic uc and, as you can see in my opinion, to me with the mobile double mic, you see the sound is no comparison. All right not saying that the z flow 3 is terrible, but when you add the mobile double mic, you see it makes your voice sound, that much clearer and it helps separate external noise. Now the noise that you heard in the background is my furnace. My vent thats blowing right above me all right now with the zfo 3. You heard that and my voice going and it didnt really separate my voice. It just played everything pretty much the same volume all at once, all right, not condensed, whereas with the movo double mic, you see you hear it blowing in the background its louder, but you can hear my voice more up front and it puts the vent noise kind Of in the back – and it also sound more condensed all right so night and day, i definitely think that the movo double mic uc is a great buy.

This is good for podcasting, doing your vlogging and doing interviews, or what have you all right? I definitely think that this will be a great accessory to have if you are one of those people that like to record videos or do podcasts or interviews all right and whats nice again, you can use this with your cameras. You can use this with your smartphones or your tablets, and it gives you that flexibility all right now, if youre interested in the movo double mic, you see. Of course, i will have a link posted in the description section of this video, my unboxing and review of the movo double mic: uc shotgun microphone. I thank you for watching this video and, if you liked it, please show your support by giving it a thumbs up and subscribing also share it out and comment below until next time.