Yes, this is the latest oppo find x5 pro the latest flagship model from brand opal and harshaw plate. This is a camera, its one of the most famous and top camera complaints. In the world, so this is the box of the oppo f5 x5 and today we have very quick and very simple unboxing video of this model. This time we have the white edition and its the x5 pro, so its higher specification edition of this model so first lets see the the the box this time, the change the color of the finance before i remember they use the mostly they will use the wall. The black color theyre in their books, but this time they change it to change it to a greek color. You see his greek color is its not not black, not white. Here here i can see the black of the model, its not like. I think its special materials, its not not like paper, not like plastic, its not blank not so so playing, is tough when you use your hand to touch it its not so smoothly its a tough. So its a special special special material of this box lets see. Lets see whats inside books next, okay, here whoa here is the another box i think its for the user menu and the instructions and some screen protect but whats it. What lets see whats else in the box here: okay, its the qr code here secure code? Yes, some yes theres, some some protectors of their buttons, so it is very nice to also provide the you can see the Music protected, the screen protector of the smart, the high end, smartphone youll notice, this its very nice good job.

Oppo here is its another card. Okay, its the, i think we scanned the qr code again theres some special benefits from this smartphone. Okay, this is the special card, i think its a kind of a membership card. Okay, here is the instructions quick start guide. Instructions of the smartphone here is the okay information and warranty card, important product products, information and vertical okay. So this is whats inside this box. Here is the smartphone lets see lets see because it was finally inside the box. Okay, another protector paper, high quality paper: okay, smartphone, smartphone, okay on the smartphone well see another case, high quality plastic case, its not transparent, but its white color in the system, like some special lines in the box. Yes, high quality and i think its much the course is much expensive than the normal ones, the transparent case. So this is the case ping here is the yes, the type c cable, yes type c cable here is the charger, its a charges still per work charge. Yeah, so this is the charge its a volt super volt charge. You know the vivo, oh one, plus they use the same. I mean the same technology of the fast charging technology for the chargers, because this time the oppo give us two solutions for the charger like for the wireless it supports 50 volts and for the cable charging is cable. Charger is support 80 watts. The both are very fast also the smartphone sub support.

Reverse charging is supposed to reverse 10 volt charge, so this is charging and next we will see final appearance of the smartphone okay. So lets put this aside, so finally, we can see the smartphone, so this is smartphone its pure white x5. Pro its a high specification, so lets see find appearance of the smartphone whoa. Okay, when the hand is take hand, take everything, hand my hand. Obviously i love it so much the size size is comfortable, its still comfortable. You see the frame, its meant the frame, but the polishing it can make it very shiny. So its very high end look, it looks very high end and for the back cover they use. Unibody back back cover, because, besides this one, all the parts, the united them together is from the release conference. We know this is very, very, very hard for for brain to make this together and also for this camera zone. You do you, it will cost them a lot of money to make this to make it like this, and here we can see the opal and the house of blade to famous brand name here, so this also makes this looks very high end. These two brand logos, also very simple design, obviously size app. Definitely i love the size of smartphone. You know this time the peter lowe, Music, the country, everything of the smartphone, because before peterloo is the founder and ceo of the oneplus and then now he is in charge of the oppo, the main flagship lines of the oppo.

And i think and when i remember when i used the oneplus i had and when i had it, you see when i take this in my hand, its very comfortable also, this time double five five x, five also very comfortable, and next i will talk about the Basic specification of this smartphone and first lets see the Music the camera, i think the camera. The first is support. Uh tribury camera is the main 50 megapixel and my camera, and it also have another 50 megapixel. One angle also, it supports thick 30 megapixel long lens for the rear, camera and the front camera is not in mid of the screen is punctual camera, but inside left side of the smartphone is suppose 32 megapixel front camera, suppose rear camera and the front camera is Very usually high end solutions. Also, you know they work with hassle, so theres. No doubt it will give you very good, shooting experience, camera experience and real experience. This was all the camera, and obviously i love the design because its not like its not is not a circle, not a square, not other its a spiritual, spiritual, its a spiritual size, its a very size. Special design is a line like these. Not these, yes, not vertical design in lines. It is especially special. This is also unique compared to other smartphones, especially in this camera. So, okay, next, we will talk about uh screen this time. They give us a very, very high end screen as well is 6.

7 inch screen, and it supports 2k display resolution is its also one of the best screen in the market as well. This is green, so this is about screen. You can truly trust the the experience of of this screen and you can truly trust our brand. It will okay, you can choose charlie peter love, the view you know, lay you down about the streams about the screen part. Next, i will talk about the main specifications of this. Smartphone is also used as the snapdragon generation 8 processor. It supports lpddfi support ufs 3.1 and for the gpu is also used. Snapchatting, entero, sims, 3, 0. So almost at the highest specifications we can see in this smartphone or so the other part of the machine is that this is the pro edition, so its used a very, very high end. Very very large memory is a support. 12 plus 512 gigabyte of the smartphone is also supported latest android 12 and color os 2.1, its a stereo speaker. You can see here stereo speaker and a lot of hard actions yeah, but this time the most important thing, the the twas is that they use their own process. The murray silken x, i mean the mpu processor. The use is made by oppo itself, so its its the new step of the oppo is, i think, next time they will have more processor. I mean no process to use their own technology, so this is very cool for for the brains like transparent, like xiaomi or paul other brand huawei.

Do you interviews more and more their own technology? This is very cool and i hope you hope more brands can get unprocessed and make the market more boosting and make the market more uh. How to say. You know now only snapdragon and only mediatek, not so many other processors in the market, but i hope it will get better later and okay. I think today this is the simple, quick review of the oppo finder fine x5 pro, and i hope you like it. Okay lets stand and wait for more videos from here and thanks for watching, bye, okay, why not bye bye? Because i have a lucky x for you, Music. We have the cool yes case from oppo. The dolores is use the unique technology. You no need a fan inside a smartphone. You no need the best that the outsider smartphone to cooling smartphone when you play games because they use the latest. They used that undesigned case callings couldnt take knowledge. So you see, this is a silken, a mental, maybe not mental mental material, its its a spiritual, sorry, its special Music material. They told us it can cool the smartphone very quickly. So if you use play games, youtube north, so high temperature not make your game delayed or make you game experience, not so friendly. So this is uh luckier and lets see when we you see the case was the smartphone. You look like yes whoa. I will say: oh i cant i dont want to emerge the case: smartphone, okay, okay! Finally, we have it yeah.

So this is the final appearance. Okay, i like it. Oh so beautiful yes lets! Do that gate too, like it do like that gate, okay, this is, ah, this is finally obviously. Finally, this is the obviously. This is the coolest case ive ever seen this year, i like it, and i hope i hope you like it. I hope i can see more cooling more course. Technology from smartphone brand even is a small change.