But does it really have all the bells and whistles to be called the ultimate flagship phone of 2022? We spent some time with the samsung s2 ultra and heres what we found hi. My name is dinesh devsharma and youre, watching bgr india, Music, starting from its look and design samsung, has definitely upped the game when it comes to the design of this device. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra looks and feel like an ultimate flagship as soon as you take it out of its slim box and this time around the iconic design that samsung has used on the galaxy note. Smartphones is finally back. That means you have rounded sides and flat top and bottom, making it distinctly a galaxy note smartphone without using note, in the name of the galaxy s 22 ultra. But having said that, the galaxy s22 ultra is not that comfortable to use with one hand and might cause you some problems while carry it in your slim. Fit jeans, and did we mention note series here well not sure about that, but the s pen is now included in the galaxy s 22, ultra with a few improvements like latency speed from nine milliseconds in the s21 ultra to just 2.8 milliseconds, which makes scribbling or Even writing more fluid Music in terms of display. Once again, samsung has launched its newest flagship with the best display it has ever made, and this isnt a surprise, because samsung makes its own displays and the displays for most other smartphone brands.

The new 6.8 inch qhd plus display is really impressive, as it can optimize the refresh rate up to 120 hertz, depending on usage and cranks up the brightness to as much as 1750 nits, which is 250 nits more than samsung s21 ultra. Hence, providing you uninterrupted, clear viewing and smooth writing even under direct sunlight Music. In my opinion, the screen is the real star of the show if you value quality display over every other feature, moving on, as you would expect, the galaxy s2 ultra 5g packs the best processing and graphics silicon available in the market, and this time samsung has chosen The qualcomm snapdragon 8 genuine processor over its own exynos processor, as was the case with the earlier galaxy flagships Music. During the time i had the device it was flawless in terms of responsiveness. There was not a single moment that the galaxy s22 ultra felt slow to pull up an app screen, or a page, in fact, and since qualcomms are generally known to perform better. During the time i had the device, it was flawless in terms of responsiveness. There was not a single moment that the galaxy s2 ultra 5g felt slow to pull up an app screen or a page. In fact, the galaxy s22 ultra is also a brilliant phone for gaming. The 6.8 inch display gives you plenty of screen real estate and you can max out every setting and still run even intensive games like pubg flawlessly Music in terms of camera department.

The galaxy s2 ultra is one of the few devices in the market to carry four separate camera lenses. You get 108 megapixel main sensor, 12 megapixel ultrawide lens and two 10 megapixel telephoto cameras and 40 megapixel camera on the front for selfies and video calls Music. But where the s22 ultra has the edge is in low light photography. Yes, the camera capture, more data and with a larger sensor, improved software and lower noise processing unite photos are sharper than before so much so that they stand up well to the iphone 13 pro max. Although personal preference will come into it a bit, the 10x zoom, while giving slightly softer photos, is still sharp and the auto subject tracking on the video function works well, and here are some photos and video samples for you, Music, Music, so Music in terms of battery Department, the s2 ultra rocks a 5000 mah battery and it also has a fast charging support of up to 45 watts. So it takes about an hour to get back to 100, but you need to buy the 45 watt charger separately. You only get a cable in the box, all right, so should you get the new galaxy? S2 ultra the answer, isnt a straightforward one. If you are after device that is easy to handle in terms of size, then the samsung galaxy s2 ultra would not be a right choice. However, if you are looking for a device with the latest chipset and technology baked in and an unrivaled productivity level, coupled with samsungs commitment to providing four years of software upgrades, then this should be on top of your list, thats, pretty much it from our side.