The s22 plus is probably the better way to go. The s10 bus is still an amazing phone. Dont get me wrong, but if you have the money i would recommend going to the s22 plus now both these phones. I will leave link down in the description. You can get them from there and you can help support the channel at the same time. Now the s10 plus on the front actually has a little bit of a smaller design overall, which is actually not a bad thing. You had a 6.4 inch dynamic amoled display 1440p panel, and this screen in this day and age is still amazing, even though its about three years old this time around, it is an amazing display and its a higher resolution than the s22 plus. It has a curved panel and i think it looks better. You know visually. You also have that dual front facing camera, which has never came back on these phones ever since then, but i think it was a good touch, but i do think the impact that the s10 plus was very important. We had much slimmed down bezels compared to the predecessor, the dual camera hole punch display on the front which amazing fingerprint sensor in the display too. This was a solid upgrade for sure on the samsung galaxy s 22 plus we have a 6.6 inch, dynamic, amoled display and its a full hd panel, which is great. You know, 1080p. You have 120 hertz on this panel, which makes things so much better.

Definitely, even on the s10 plus this panel, if youre, not touching them visually, it kind of looks better. The s22 plus is the better one for sure, because first of all, it has symmetrical bezels, which is nice. Some people dont like that curved panel and some people do i kind of like it, so that may be a pro for some people but youre getting that 120 hertz, which is by far probably the most important thing in the specific situation. Now, on the bottom, you have usb type c ports on both, but on the samsung galaxy s10 plus you have a headphone jack, which is insane, but you also have a micro sd card slot on that phone as well. We dont have that type of capability anymore. On pretty much any of our samsung phones, which is pretty sad, i think there may be some a series of devices that have it, but our flagships, like these ones, do not have it, which is actually pretty upsetting. So in this specific situation, the galaxy s 22, plus kind of seems, like its you know, doesnt have as much capability as the galaxy s10 plus now on the back. We do have glass backs on both the s10 plus has that standard glass back the galaxy s? 22 plus has that frosted glass back, which is amazing. I love that type of capability and it looks and feels so beautiful. You also have kind of like these flat sides on the s22 plus, where the s10 plus were a little bit more curved, which again makes the phone feel a little bit thinner.

You have triple camera setups on both which are amazing, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Ib certification samsung decks as well, and definitely when it comes down to it, both these phones are great again. Maybe the s22 plus, i would say thats 22 plus, is the better one for sure, but the s10 plus for the amount of capability that it still has its actually pretty interesting now in terms of the camera setups lets go in a little bit more detail. The s10 plus had that 12 megapixel wide angle, lens 12 megapixel telephoto, lens 16 megapixel ultrawide sensor with the samsung galaxy s 22 plus has that 50 megapixel wide niggle lens 10 megapixel telephoto lens, then a 12 megapixel ultrawide sensor, so youre getting the same type of Functionality between both of them so youre getting that wide ultrawide and telephoto lenses. On the front, though we do have that 10 megapixel wide nickel lens, then an 8 megapixel wide angle lens on the s10 plus we do not have that on the s22 plus. Now we do have the ability of shooting 4k at 60 on the front and the back of both these phones, which is always good to see, but we also have 8k capability on the samsung galaxy s10 plus, which is amazing again, as ive said before. Having 8k is not really a necessity, but it future proofs yourself like crazy, even if you can only shoot 8k at 24 frames per second, that is still really really good: nobodys shooting 8k videos right now, so having a phone that has that capability right now, you Are future proof for years and years to come with the s10 plus 4k at 60 is still more than enough, even 4k, 60 on the front, even 4k, 30 on the front is still good.

The pixel 6 pro only has 4k 30 on the front, so that is still very good. In my opinion, both these phones are really really great. I will tell you, though, its quite obvious. The s22 plus is the better way to go here. It is the better camera, it has more features and everything, but how much better is it than the s10 plus and in my opinion it is better but its not really like a crazy big difference. I would not go and upgrade from my s10 plus to an s22 plus just because of the camera, but also samsung said they teamed up with a lot of other social media applications. You know for snapchat tiktok to improve the quality. I couldnt really tell too many differences in terms of the quality or the camera features, so maybe itll come in future updates, but i did want to note that, because that was one of the biggest problems ive had on my previous samsung phones. So again, i guess well see what happens in the future, but as of right now, the s22 plus is the better camera, but the galaxy s10 plus is still a very, very, very good camera, especially for that price tag nowadays, so that kind of covers it up. There now one of the biggest and most important and impactful things samsung has been doing at least for the last two years or so is improving and increasing their software. Longevity samsung was notorious for pretty much having horrible software longevity.

You get a phone this year and itll probably be outdated within like a year and a half from now samsung, with the s22 plus actually ended up increasing the software longevity to four years of full os updates and five years of security updates. This phone, if you buy today, is probably gon na last five years. For you, which is amazing, now you may not be a fan of one ui. I have actually grown into it. I was more of a stock android, more like oxygen os type of person, but now with the weirdness of oxygen os going into that color west, whatever it is, and with stock android kind of getting boring. I kind of like one ui a lot more. You know i still think stock androids better, but one thing you cant argue about is samsung improving that software they are trying to keep up and trying to catch up and theyre, beating a lot of their competition and theyre getting close to apple. So definitely when it comes down to these two, the s22 plus, this is a massive difference. This is one area where i would recommend updating your s10 plus two, because the s22 plus is going to be supported with software for a very long amount of time. The s10 plus is hardware still very good, but were like maybe like one more. You know version of software away from the s10 plus being outdated. So i mean it comes to a point where, if you want to the s22 plus is there for you the longer you wait, the cheaper its going to go down in the used market, so theres no rush, but it is one thing to definitely keep in mind.

Now, in terms of performance, the samsung galaxy s10 plus had that qualcomm snapdragon, 855 chipset and adreno 640 gpu and six gigs of ram on the base model. Eight gigs of ram on the mid tier models and then 12 gigabytes of ram on the top tier models. With the samsung galaxy s, 22 plus has that qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset an adreno, 730 gpu and 8 gigabytes of ram on each model. Now one thing i dont understand is why samsung went from 12 gigabytes of ram to 8 gigabytes of ram on their plus models, even on the s20 plus, i think you may have had a 12 gigabyte ram option or something, but whatever the case is. I will definitely tell you: the performance is going to be better on the s22 plus. Not only is that you know, does it have a better chipset and you know a newer processor. It also has the 120 hertz which doesnt help the performance it just makes. Things seem and look so much smoother, so even if you have a faster phone on the other side, if it doesnt have that you know 120 hertz enabled its not going to feel as fast. In my opinion on the s10 plus its still a pretty fast phone. Really, realistically, anything youre really going to do with it is going to be fine. Ive had the same exact experience on my s10 on my s10e, its pretty much the same thing all across the board, but with something like the samsung galaxy s.

22, plus, you are pretty much future proof for many years to come. This is that newer version of the snapdragon chipsets thats, you know snapdragon and qualcomm – are making so im a fan of it. I think its great im curious to see what samsung is going to be doing in the future. Though theres been some reports of them kind of slowing down their phones here and there i dont know if its 100 – true, i dont, know if theyre going 100 fix it. I guess well see what happens in the future, but i would still say the s22 plus is the faster one. Here, however, the s10 plus is still a very, very fast phone man. You guys would be surprised so when it comes down to it huge thumbs up for the s22 plus, but thats 10 plus is still a very decent performing phone as well ending it off with the battery life 4100 million power battery on the s10 plus 4500 mm Battery on the s22 plus wireless and reverse wireless charging on both, as i mentioned before, the s22 plus, is going to be giving you better battery life. Definitely without a doubt. The s7 plus battery life was still pretty good, but it is a little bit older and if youre buying it in the used market, which is one of the only ways to buy it, the batteries on them have probably degraded a little bit so thats. Another thing to keep in mind, but i think the performance has been pretty decent on both in terms of the battery life department.

Now i will tell you what to kind of sum up this video, i think the samsung galaxy s 22 plus, is a worthwhile upgrade coming from the s10 plus, i think its definitely an awesome phone, but i dont think you have to go from the s10 plus To the s22 plus to have you know a really big upgrade. If you want to save some money, you can go from the s10 plus to an s21 plus and pretty much get all of the same features and pretty much the same phone in every single dimension. So you dont have to go and spend the thousand dollars on the s22 plus you can spend like 700 on an s21 poster, even cheaper than that and get a very solid performing phone. So i think when it comes down to that both these phones are great, but i would probably sad with the s22 plus you know go for that one. The s10 plus is still an amazing phone, but shortly its going to be outdated. So i would recommend updating to at least the s20 plus, if you want to, but for the time being, the s10 plus is still here, and i love both these phones for sure, so that pretty much covers it. If you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.