It is 5g larger smartphone and this brand i think not so many people know this brand from their campaign websites. I know most of most of their business are focused on china, mainland and now here we have a global edition of the roger phone. So this is the books. It is 5g and outdoor smart, rg mobile phone in the box compared to other uh, larger smartphones. Like 2g blackvue and uniform – and i think this this this box is standing out compared to other boxes, because it is just Music, normal design. You can see here its, not the normal box. Let me open it its not. I mean the the box is different. Uh its a bit similar to the aiku iku box, the gaming phone and also the color, and they also show the structured smartphone in front of their box, so its easy to to notice its roger device. And this time we have the black black black edition and it have eight gig by ram plus 128 gig by rom, and it is a normal edition, its not the g20 pro here we can see. There are a lot of specifications. We will talk about the specifications later and okay, see lets see whats inside books. First, okay, lets unboxing it okay lets put this aside. This is the smartphone here. Okay, here we see the they have uh. Well, its a high quality screen protector is not like the normal plastic, its kind of glass, yes, its very hard, its very hot.

You can protect your screen very well. I think yeah here its a j20 quickstart guide instructions; 5g. Yes, instructions: okay, warranty card; another tips when you charging the smartphone is, there is set due to the instruction restrictions of the air for it, the smartphone shoot and the battery of smartphones should control the under just 30 percentage because of the sake of safety. So you you should notice this as well. Okay, lets put this aside also here: thats the cable, its a type c cable, yes, thats, the cable okay. Here we have the charger. I have to charge it well, the charger, the design its not so friendly, because its not easy to get out of charge and the charger is not big its its more compared to the other charger and smartphone roger smartphone. Brand charger is its more size, its more spiciness, not so big. Okay, i think i can give you remember. Last time we have the 2gs with 20. Yes, the charge is its totally its very big. This one is its more okay, this charger you can see. So this is what inside box. Okay lets see the smartphone. Finally, okay, so this is a smartphone okay. This is another plastic, protect the smartphone. Okay lets peel this off. Okay, so, finally, we have the smartphone. Yes, you can see. This is the final appearance of a smartphone. Totally is have the roger phone design compared to other device, is unique, casting its uniqueness, its not similar to 2g to blackvue to euler form, authorized brains, use different different languages, and it also supports ip68 and ip 69k.

5G. Yes, i think its also the flagship, roger smartphone in the market. Currently, yes, i think theres some features of both smartphone is is 5g. Roger smartphone is support, samurai stemmer detector and it have underwater cam mode.