So this is the kobold sprint. 120, four port charging unit. Now this is definitely a great device for if youre gon na be charging up multiple devices. At the same time, especially if were talking about charging up two laptops at the same time so lets say you and your friend want to charge up two laptops and you want to game and charge your gaming devices up. At the same time, this you can do simultaneously right, theres, nothing. You have to do to make the power distribute to all four units. It automatically does it on its own all right, so this unit does not come cheap. I got it out of the amazon store. Also, its going to run you about 99, i will be leaving the link in the description box down below. We will be doing a giveaway for this unit, so look for that to come in the near near near near future, all right so with that being said, lets get started with this review. All right. You all lets check this unit out again. This is the kovol sprint, 120 watt, four port charger all right, so this is nice. Now this is the actual box that it comes in youre gon na get all these items in the box were gon na. Put that to the side, so youre gon na get this uh charging cord were gon na put this over to the side, because we need it. Youre gon na get the actual unit.

It has cover on the uh on the charger uh. It has a little bit of weight to. It were gon na. Take a look at this in a second and then, of course, youre gon na get a thank you for buying the unit and also its gon na. Give you our hours of operation – and it gives you a phone number just in case youre, having any issues with the actual unit. And, of course, this is your user guide, and i suggest that you dont throw this away, because this is going to give you all the information you need to. Let you know how the unit works and how it functions. Okay were going to put those things over to the side, were going to put that right here were going to take a look at the unit now, first off i got this off I will be leaving a link in the description box down below this. Does not run cheap at all. This runs about 99 on amazon. So keep that in mind. Now youre gon na get uh two usb ports here right usb type c and then two usb a ports. Now the usb ports right are gon na send out about 100 watts per port. Now one thing you need to know: you cannot use any charging cord like the cord you use to go to your smartphone. You got to make sure that its capable of sending up to 100 watts.

Now you can go online. You could put that information into the search engine on and, of course, youll find out which one you need to get the usb type a. I dont think youre going to have a problem with that now uh you get these led lights, which were gon na. Take a look at uh in a second when we charge up the unit, but im gon na give you well im. Gon na put up the output distribution just to give you an idea of how this charges now lets say one usbc port right that youre going to plug in its going to send out 100 watts. Now, if you use two of them its going to send out 60 watts per usb port, usb type c port, okay, now for the usb type c, a if you use two its going to send out 18 watts if you use one usbc and one usb a Is going to put out 100 watts and also 18 watts? So if you use one of these one of these youre going to get the full wattage that it offers with no problem but lets say you want to charge up uh two laptops and two gaming devices right. This is gon na charge. Those two units, which is the laptops and its gon na power up your gaming device as long as its running usb type c same thing with your computer, you have to have that usb type c, which the newer computers definitely come with.

You can charge usb to usb type c from the pd side, the qc side, the quick charging side thats going to be for the usb uh a all right. So you get all the information you need. Uh thats going to be in here. So dont worry about it uh. This is a nice travel unit. So if youre thinking about just being hefty in your bag, trust me once you put it in your bag. Youre not gon na, even know that you have it but having it in my hand. Yes, this is definitely hefty. You do feel the weight uh, but again its nice, its compact, its actually smaller than the actual charger that comes with uh most laptops, so this is definitely going to be small uh in size, which i thought was pretty nice. Now again, this unit uh comes from gantt right and lets go ahead. We want. I want to plug this up really quick, so you guys can take a look and see uh how the charging goes and just to make sure that it does charge up some devices. Now i do not have a laptop, so were going to charge up a phone, and maybe you already got it charged up. This is the led light next to the name of the actual unit uh and its the same color as the ports right, which looks pretty cool and yeah its not bright, so its not going to disturb you at night.

If youre concerned about uh these led lights being too bright, theyre not uh, but lets go ahead. Lets charge up my galaxy s8 and remember this is sending out 100 watts right. So this should charge up the unit really really quick. I wish i could have did a full charge on this one um before the review and right now, its at 98., all right and then lets go ahead. Lets charge up my smart watch in the usb 8 port now for the smart watch its not going to charge up that fast, so we cant really test this one. That way, i dont believe they made a smartwatch uh charger, thats a quick charger just yet, but for this one? Yes, i think this is going to be a great deal for if you want a quick charge, uh for your smartphone, you want to leave your plug. Uh in the room that its in within your home or if you want to take this and take it on the job now, what i like about this unit is that yes, its going to simultaneously charge up more than one device, but the fact that it can Charge up two laptops right now: remember its going to split the power from 100 to i believe 60, so its going to charge both laptops at 60 watts and again you got to have that usb type c cord thats able to handle the power thats going to Be coming through at 100 watts, so you may not be able to use um that charging cord you have at home that you may have bought from walmart.

So you may need to look on to make sure you get the proper cord thats going to be able to handle that 100 watts and they do have them. It shouldnt be that expensive at all. So i like the unit we are going to do a giveaway on this unit. So if you like or need something like this, then go ahead. Hit me in the comment section down below, let me know and we will be putting out a giveaway video for this actual unit. So if you like it, remember, look out for this video, but before we go lets see how quick this charged up remember. We were at 98, its already at 100. im telling you if you want a quick charger. Remember like the 45 watt charger that comes with the galaxy note: 20 ultra uh, you dont, have to buy that one. You could buy this one right and then be able to charge multiple devices, so i think this is pretty cool but yeah not a bad unit at all for the price. But the question is, at the end of the day, its going to be all about. You listen. Do me a favor hit me in the comment section down below. Let me know your thoughts on the unit also smash that notification bell hit the like button, help the channel grow and remember. If you havent subscribed, go ahead, subscribe to the channel, it doesnt cost you a dime and with that being said, im gon na see you all at the next video enjoy life.