That is the 5G variant By the way. In the first impression, the device looked very good., But as soon as you keep using the phone, the reality starts coming out.. So Lets start first with the design. What has changed here? For the first time there has been a design change in Redmis Note: series complete to the usual. Whatever curved panel, you have been using till the Redmi Note 10 series Here. The frame is now in Boxy Design, The same design you have seen in Xiaomi 11i before Exactly the same design is also given here By the way curved panels are more comfortable to hold and use. Theres a boxy feeling over here. No doubt It gives a slight solid and rough and tough feeling to hold, But if you use the phone in hand for a long time, you may not feel comfortable., Because the weight of the phone is more than 200 grams. Size is also big and its also a bit boxy design. It may be comfortable for some people may not be for some people.. This may be a minor concern, not a big concern. Just a small point to notice In the design summary phone is fine. Is new design is welcome, design The phone turned out to be more durable. You can also check the durability, so Its a good welcome change getting inside guys. You have already seen its display before In terms of technical specifications. The display is exactly the same as that of Note 10 Pro.

, But I think there is a slight contrast ratio difference. Note, 10, Pro Vs Note: 11 Pro There is no deal breaking difference, only a few minor differences. Obviously, maybe you know The company changes something internally but again: 6.67 inches Full HD Super AMOLED, 120 Hz and Its peak brightness is very good maximum 1200 nits and on average there are around 700 nits. Only two options are available in the screen: refresh rate., 60 or either 120. Here, auto, select or variable refresh rate is not given., So its display is also of good quality in this price segment.. I think you cant get a better display than this in this price. Segment. come to software After that, let me tell you the main story. MIUI 13.O.3. Also, This phone still has Android 11. It is a little sad part, see android 13 already running in preview on some phones. Android 12 is not here yet.. The problem is that the company only gives a maximum of two android versions.. If the company gives a late update, the phone will not last that long. its a big problem, But the best part is if we compare with other brands in todays time.. Miui 13 is very optimized, many updates have come. There is no memory management issue. The CPU given here is Snapdragon 695. This is a 6 series processor And you will notice that when the processor of 6 series used to run too much when snapdragon was 636, 660 came after that 675 After that came more like 690, But they are not as popular processors.

. The Snapdragon 7 Series has arrived, pretty cool. eight series is available in premium phones. If only Snapdragon has to be give, then Snapdragon 7 series processor should have been given. like 750G Coming to Samsung Phones Or would have given 778G, which was also very good.. This processor is on 6nm, but this processor has some big limitations.. It is ok for the day to day task. If you launch an application casually, it is quite fast in it.. You will not feel any lag Perfect for this price By the way in this display. You get HDR 10 certification., But if you try to play any HDR content, you can see that there is only an HD option. Here.. There is no HDR option given here time for the refresh. If I show you Xiaomi 11i, it has the same display here. If I try the same web series in Xiaomi 11i, then here you can play in HDR. This processor does not support HDR. You can check on Qualcomms website., not just that. If you play any video on youtube Here, you will see that the maximum video playback that is coming here is just 1080P quite surprising. All my videos are 4K 30 or 4K 60. You can play video in maximum 1080P only.. There is also a limitation of the processor that you cannot play 4K video.. You can see that the same video is in two resolutions.. It is in 1080P Playing smoothly.. The same video is in 4K, but it is not playing, cannot play.

Video Also check gaming performance.. I am telling you the experience of BGMI, for the settings Here is the smooth and ultra frame rate. Smooth xtreme is not available. If it was a 12 to 15 thousand phone, then I would have understood that it is fine, smooth, high and smooth ultra. Also, You can play it in just HD graphics. At the high frame rate I played on both settings. If i play on smooth and ultra So I didnt feel any lag. I didnt notice. If there was a lag, There may be some minor glitches, but there was no lag, But if I play it on HD and High, Then I feel very lag. I mean I played for half an hour. Then I felt lag for 5 to 6 times. No heating issue found at that time. The phones temperature was only around 38 to ‘ degrees, which is normal.. You know If you play games for half an hour, But the gaming experience is not that perfect. According to the price., You will get a better experience than this in Xiaomi, 11i and other phones. In what I am showing you the comparison. You can also know how the cameras experience was in two weeks. on the setup. Here is the triple camera setup 108, followed by 8 MP, then 2, MP macro. It is the same sensor. You saw earlier in Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. 108 MP Samsungs sensor, Megapixel is high and photographs are good.

If we talk about color accuracy, then it is 85 to 90., When I compared it with other phones. Sometimes I felt that the details is not coming so well., which I am getting from 50 megapixel or 64 megapixel sensor, Because there is other CPU out there and megapixels are not that high. If I take photo in 108MP Many times, I have felt that the photos are not captured. Properly. Photos have arrived, but the details are not as good.. There may be two reasons: the software may not be optimized, properly. Or maybe CPU issue that it is taking a while to handle such high megapixels. If you move quickly by taking a photo, then the details are not being saved.. Its performance in low light is average, not impressive. If you take a photograph in night mode by taking a little time, then a good photo will come., But it may take 4 to 5 seconds or 3 seconds. If you hurry a little, the photo will shake and will not come properly. By the way night mode is ok, ultrawide is only 8 megapixels. You cant get super sharp photos in it. Theres, a 2 megapixel macro that you know I dont show because its of no use. on the video part, You can make videos up to 720P from a 2 megapixel macro here. Also, There is a big limitation in the video here that you can make videos up to just 1080P 30FPS.. If I show you in the camera app in the phones, settings Heres Just 1080P 30FPS.

Can you believe guys? This setting is available in 10000 rupees phone? There is a 16 megapixel front camera; ok, not that bad By default. Beautification remains on. You have to turn it off. Portrait is ok. No such problem Slight, smoothing on the edges, which is expectable. There is no mega iPhone pixel here, which is what you will get.. This phone is not camera centric., You can take just casual shot from it In this phone you get 5000 mah battery. and The best part is that you get a 67W charger in the box. and according to the company, You can fully charge the phone in around 41 to 42 minutes.. As far as I see the phone gets fully charged in about 45 minutes. It is also ok. There will be a difference of 2 to 3 minutes., But the battery backup of this phone is excellent.. I have used the phone a couple of times all night. just for the video purpose, so The phone kept running did not feel that the battery was getting down again and again Had to charge a couple of times, but even after using it all night, the phone Worked very smoothly., So the battery backup of this phone is excellent.. There are dual speakers, one on the bottom, and one on the top. you can say near symmetrical. Sound output is too close. Placement is a bit odd, Not that it is useless in all situations. If you do gaming, then maybe it may feel odd for you.

, because Mostly you will see that if you hold from any side, then this speaker can be turned. Off.. Ok Would have been better if there was a speaker on the front, But if you listen to music casually, then you will get a little better experience.. There is no 360 speaker. The loudness increases as soon as you turn it. Quality is decent. You get Dolby Atmos, so you can get a little bit better sound. So in the conclusion guys What to say about Redmi Note, 11, Pro 5G and Pro 5G compare to Note 10 Pro and Pro Max. There is no deal breaking upgrade. The only upgrade I see is that this phone is 5G. Supported. 5G is not coming in your country this year. Hopefully it will come by next year, but there is no guarantee that this update will come to your village or city.. 5G support will start from Big City. So for a couple of years you will not be able to run 5G talking about most people. This phone still has some plus parts like, Especially in the video you can create and playback 4K video.. You can play HDR video Here. All those things have been removed.. The camera is nearly the same.. If you have Note 10 Pro, then I dont think you need to upgrade as if now By the time you need a 5G phone. The Note 12 series will have arrived., we hope. So maybe you can switch on that phone.

But if you are thinking of taking just this phone, I will tell you some more things about it. Again., This phone is not suitable for daily purposes, will not get a great experience., Not that the phone is useless, but you will not get that great experience. You can get a better gaming phone than this at this price, also Its Just Ok Camera Phone, Its, Not That Great The photo is fine, but its video part is very sad., Other Limitations. You Have Already Seen HDR and all that so thats it guys.