Invest in my name check no restraints, im obsessed with the pain i ingest, i retain assess and i change possessed by the thought. Ill be free one day from societies, restraints, money, clout and fame mud disease, a plague we all love to hate have to play. The game have to make a name. All our insecurities are right, whats up everybody. This is eric the tech preacher. So the galaxy s22 series, the device has been out for a few weeks now and ive, been having a galaxy s22 ultra for about two weeks. Ive been making countless of videos about it. Give you full coverage the good, the bad, the ugly about the galaxy s22 ultra, but now, since the honeymoon phase is over with, let me give you my full thoughts after two weeks of having the galaxy s22 ultra. This will be a fun one, so sit back and relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey lets: go Music whats up guys. This is eric back with another video, so the honeymoon stage is over and heres my thoughts about the galaxy s22. Ultra having it for about two weeks – and i get this question over and over and over again, the biggest question is the galaxy s22 ultra better than the galaxy note. 20 ultra and im gon na give you the answer here. The answer is yes and no. The galaxy note, 20 ultra has a bigger screen: sd card support, mst support, future support, great cameras and for most people, its paid off thats, the key its paid off.

That means that if you got it on the carrier, your bills are going down uh and if its paid off you dont have to pay anything. So in that aspect the galaxy note 20 ultra is better. The galaxy s22 ultra has a better display, and i mean when i talk about better display. I think this display is top notch uh. It has the latest specs right, eight gen one processor. I got the 12 gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage. You got longer support, which means that the galaxy s22 ultra will get support up to 2027.. The cameras is to me a bit better on the galaxy s22 ultra versus the galaxy note 20 ultra, and you know what thats about it. That means that if you have a galaxy note 20 ultra, i believe its a keeper. Hopefully that answers the question. I believe the galaxy note 20 ultra is a keeper device, so lets talk about performance and yes, samsung has been in the news lately for getting banned for throttling apps and all kinds of things in between look. Samsung is totally wrong and we got to hold them accountable, but lets keep it real here. Right, tech enthusiasts and techies are the only one thats going crazy, uh over it right and listen. You can still run benchmark tests on your galaxy s22 ultra. So, even though its banned from geekbench and all that stuff, like that, you could still run benchmark tests, so thats not an issue.

If you a geek – and you want to know how to you know, if you want to run benchmark tests, you can still do it, but the average consumer thats not an issue but using the galaxy s 22 ultra day by day. Performance is great, but look here. Man im not going to bs you here. Every year we get a new processor and yes its supposed to be faster than the previous processor. But are you going to be blown away with performance? No, if you have a previous device, then you go be okay. Look, it all depends on your definition of fast Applause, so lets talk about these cameras. Here is where i see a nice improvement over the previous devices. Look i, like the zoom lens on this device. Its been very good ive been doing a lot of videos. A lot of camera reviews with these cameras here, but let me show you a quick demo on how good these cameras is in action, so check this out Music. So one of my most used features on samsung devices is samsung. Dex samsung dex has been great. I use it every day. Look before i go any further about samsung decks. Let me make this clear: ive been making a lot of dex videos for a very long time showing off the capability of how good dex is id, never say that dex is better than a real computer. I never say that gaming on decks will replace your gaming computer for all the people that, taking my words out of context.

Please stop listen. This is a mobile device. It has features like samsung dex. Can you play games on decks? Yes? Is it a full feature? Device when it comes down to decks, yes, does it play games very well on decks? Yes, is it a pc like experience, but that but dont replace your pc, yes and its all coming from a device that fits in your pocket now, samsung dex is a good feature to use if you have it monitored with usb type c a mirror cast. If you want to use wireless decks, it gives you an almost pc like experience and it works very well for me: ive been making a bunch of dex videos on my channel, so please check it out to me as a business owner. I really do like decks. Samsung dex has been very good for me and look. I will continue to make videos about decks so stay tuned for more so lets talk about the s pen. This is one of the reasons why you buy a galaxy s22 ultra, because samsung 9 has integrated sp with the device, its not just a stylus, its software integrated in the device that you can use for a lot of different things. Ive made a lot of videos about the s pen and s pen, software on the galaxy devices. It has a lot of features such as you know, using it as a shutter button to take photos using it as a powerpoint presentation, if youre a student or teacher using it to control music and videos and much more look.

The s pen is not just a stylus, it has a software to match and it works very well Music, but the s pen and s pen software is one of a kind, its one of the unique features that samsung has that separates the boys from the men On the galaxy devices so heres my conclusion, the galaxy s22 ultra is the best samsung device to date has a beautiful display, a beautiful design, long support and much more, but samsung has been criticized for a lot of things lately for throttling apps, you know being banned From geekbench and stuff like that, which is not cool, also taking away features such as sd card support, mst support a weak speaker system, which i made a video about again check it out on my channel. Compared to the galaxy note, 20 ultra a slightly smaller display compared to the galaxy note, 20 ultra, but as far as battery life – and i didnt talk about battery life too much in this video. Because i believe that the device is still learning me. But if i had to rate the battery life today, i would have given a c plus its, not good its, not bad its okay. Look im gon na keep it real. Here. I really like the galaxy s22 ultra, but damn samsung. You got me concerned about the future here. Right, look. Have we reach our plateau if theres nothing else to do here with a slab phone? Look, i i mean look at the history here of galaxy devices.

Right i mean. Are we getting upgrades or downgrades? I mean look over the years things that weve lost headphone, jacks power, bricks, ir blaster sd card support, mst getting 12 gigs of ram as the base going down to eight gigs around for the base getting 256 gigs of storage as the base going down to 128 Gigs of storage as the base same price, a higher price, is this innovation, so my last two weeks with the galaxy s22 ultra has been solid. I talk about the pros and cons and im going to continue to make videos about the pros and cons about the galaxy s 22 ultra, so stay tuned and subscribe. Look man on this youtube channel will keep it real, no matter what baby the galaxy s22 ultra is good, but so is the galaxy note, 20 ultra. That phone is good. Also lets have us a conversation down in the comments below this is eric the tech preacher from easy computer solution. Leave your comments down below.