Welcome to the video im mark brown from editors keys now joby, who are the company behind this funny? Looking tripod have just announced two new products and theyve sent them into the office for us, so the first one is the joby swing. Now this is actually an electronic slider and ill show you a bit more how this works in a minute, because its a strange looking device and theyve also launched the joby spin, and this is a camera spinner, but weve actually found another good use for this device. So, just to let you know before we get into this, this is not a sponsored review, but joby did send us these into the office for us to check out, but all opinions will be our own okay. So first up lets take a look at the joby swing. Now this is actually an electronic slider and if youve seen a slider before its a device where you literally slide a camera along some rails to get some really smooth straight shots and theyre really really good. We use them a lot here at editors keys, and this is a new style electronic version of this, and i know what youre thinking it doesnt look that long hows this going to act as a slider. Well, the magic is in the movements that this can perform. So check out this shot here, all you need to do is set an in point and an out point and the actual range of the sliding movement is very, very smooth and actually quite good, actually pretty good for medium shots, and as mentioned this device can be Used with your smartphone, so ive got my iphone 13 pro here and you just attach it to the tripod like so and its easy as that, of course, you can use an android smartphone as well.

Now i havent really tested it out with our sony. A7 iii. I think it probably would take a gopro, maybe a sony zv1, but its definitely not going to be able to take the weight of something as large as a sony a7s3. So maybe youre presenting and filming yourself like im doing right now on my own and ive. Just set up a nice little slider movement, so this is coming towards me as i could be doing an intro for a video and its making it look like ive got a camera assistant with me as i do this intro. So what do you think of this? Little shot – hey future mark here, just cutting in were just looking at some of the footage during the edit of this video, and we noticed a little thing that i thought was worth pointing out in this shot of us using the iphone and the joby swing coming Towards me, i just wanted to point out that if you are recording just using an iphone and using your iphone to record the audio, you can pick up a little bit of the motor noise of the joby swing. So i definitely recommend if you can recording with another external microphone now we were actually recording with um the rode wireless go and the sony a7s iii. So what were going to do is show you the same shot again with the audio from the rode wireless go and im sure youll agree.

Those two combined looks absolutely perfect, so maybe youre presenting and filming yourself like im doing right now on my own and ive. Just set up a nice little slider movement, so this is coming towards me as i could be doing an intro for a video and its making it look like ive got a camera assistant with me as i do this intro. So what do you think of this? Little shot now, the next way you can use this is to get some really interesting product shots. So if youre a youtuber, maybe youre a company – and you need to get some product shots for your social media, you can use this to get some really smooth sliding shots. Now, weve actually got two examples. Here. We produce social media content. Here, editors keys, basically on a daily basis and weve just launched. Some new keyboard covers for the 14 inch macbook pro for both premiere pro and final cut. So what weve got here? Lewis has done two examples: weve got one where were using the iphone handheld just to show you how we would normally do it and it looks quite shaky as im sure yours comes out as well. So the second example ive got is with the joby slider and as im sure youll agree. When you see these shots, it just makes the shots much more smooth, much more interesting, and it gives you some really creative advantages over people who dont have a slider, and i really like that.

So i think its a cool way to use the joby swing Music. So there we go im sure youll agree. The joby swing can add some really nice dynamic shots which are really really hard to get without the use of a slider, especially if youre shooting on your own, even with a slider youll, often need someone to actually push the camera along the slider and, if youre, On your own, you of course cant do that so like an electronic slider. This can do that for you, so its almost like having a camera assistant with you when you shoot now another creative way you can use this is to do motion time lapses. So lewis took this out with the camera on the go in manchester, so check out these shots Music. So just cutting in here this time lapse looks absolutely fantastic, but we were recording this through a window. So you might pick up some reflections on the window. Thats not caused at all by the joby spring its because we had the camera facing through a window, so im just going to jump in here with a little tip and i think the key to getting the slider shots. Looking really good is to have something in the foreground and just to give you an example of this were going to do two shots here of just me, typing on a keyboard and if you just have the shot of me typing on the keyboard, with nothing in The foreground, it just looks like youre kind of zooming in and you could do that in premiere or final cut on your own.

But if you have something in the foreground, it just gives a nice dynamic, look to the shots and it looks much much better. In my opinion, so what i like about the swing is its actually quite a small device that you can just keep in your bag. Here is next to my iphone 13 pro, and this is just the the regular size you can see its roughly about the same size. Now, if youve ever used a slider before youll know theyre pretty big, so this is nice. You can just take this on your bag with you on the go, and i think this is something that well definitely take with us. You know we tend to do. Trade shows travel videos when we do that kind of stuff, and often we just leave the slider at home, because its just another big bulky piece of kit that you just dont want to be lugging around this itll just fit in the bag. With the rest of the camera equipment, and if you dont use it great, if you need to use it fantastic, you can get some really nice good time lapse. Effects within airports or at trade shows, so i think well definitely be taking uh this with us. On the go now it charges via usbc here on the side, and you can mount it to any tripod. Of course you can mount it to a full size. Tripod weve just got our joby tripod here that we use for vlogging and, of course you can just mount it on that put on a table id recommend.

You know spreading the legs out as much as you can and uh. You know you can do that. So again, if your setup is quite small, like ours is a lot of the time it works with some of the existing stuff that youve already got so thats. A look at the joby swing lets have a look at the joby spin. Now this is quite a simple device to be honest, its essentially just a spinner, so you can attach this to a tripod with the little thread adapt here on the bottom. You can take off the iphone holder here from the joby swing. Let me just do that for you now, and you can attach this like so and then attach your iphone to the spin and what the spin is going to do its essentially going to do a 360 degree spin now out of the two, i think i would Go for the swing because it can do some similar movements that this can do, but this is really good if youre doing maybe um nature, photography or or filmmaking, and you want to get 360 degree spins of the sky. Maybe you just want more of that kind of 180 degree shot, maybe youre doing interviews and you actually want it to go from one person to another at that kind of angle. It could be really good for that, but weve actually found another use for this, and what we did is we actually took off the iphone adapter and just bodged up a quick base plate for the joby spin, and then we put the macbook pro on top of This and then used this as a product.

Spinner weve always wanted to do some 360 degree product shots, but weve never really had enough need for to buy one of those expensive spinners, but you can actually use this and it works quite well. We put on our 14 inch macbook pro, which weighs a kilogram and a half and actually dealt with that weight. Really really fine and you can see from these product shots here. They actually look really cool and it adds a nice sort of dimension to your shots. Again, if youre creating content for social media, you can get some really nice shots with this. If you check out this shot of the macbook pro here with it spinning around past the back of the apple logo onto the keyboard cover, it would just be very, very hard to get that shot hand held, and i think it looks really really cool, especially because Nothing else in the scene is moving around Music, so that was our quick look at the joby swing and the joby spin.