Despite the fact it rocks some pretty premium specs, including the same main camera sensor as this here pro model, which ive already fully unboxed and checked out. Here on texpert, gamers and netflix fans, and everyone else should be seated by the gorgeous amoled display the stereo speaker setup. The snapdragon 888 performance got a 5 000 milliamp battery with 65 watt, super dart charge support and yes, that 50 megapixel sony imac 766 sensor with optical image. Stabilization in short, sounds like a bit of a cracker, especially if you nail it for that. Early bird price of ‘9 quid, but enough banging on lets whip the real me gt2 and out of the box compared to the pro and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so, first up as always. What do you get in this lovely little box? Youve got yourself one real me gt, smartphone, one ruddy, huge 65 watts super dart charger bit of type c, usb cable action, and yes, you do get yourself, one protective prophylactic case to keep your real me gt. 2. Looking all snazzy and fresh undas is all your sort of standard stuff, no filler or anything all right. So lets start with the design and, in my left hand, is the standard. Real me gt2 and my right hand is the pro model and good bloody luck. Trying to tell the difference between them theres a couple of ways of doing he got slightly skinnier bezels on the pro, especially noticeable down beneath the display, compared with the real me gt2 flip to the edges, a couple of obvious differences there as well youve got individual Volume buttons on the realme gt2, whereas its one solid volume rocker on the pro youve, also got a metal frame here on the pro model.

Hence the aerial bands, whereas its a plastic frame on the standard, gt2 and then here on the back ends. They are practically twins not helped by the fact that, of course, ive got them both in the paper green variation right down to the random scribble of whoever actually designed these phones and both the paperwhite, and this here paper. Green model of the real me gt2 smartphones features a bio based, polymer ascend, which is nicer for the planet than your usual plastics. However, despite real me insisting that the real me gt2 sports, a paper like texture on the back end because theyve basically roughed it up, it does still feel rather plasticky to me suddenly in comparison with rivals smartphones around this price point that have a glass back end. Instead, but you know hooray for saving the environment, you know baby seals and all of that and if youre not a fan, the real me gt2 also comes in steel black and in some regions, rather lovely titanium, blue. If youd rather not have the same textured finish and no, you dont have an ip rating for water and dust resistance here on the real me gt2, just as with the pro model uh, but it seems obviously fine in a drizzle. So you know a bit of splashing should be absolutely fine and as for that screen, while the pro model had gorilla glass victus up front, this is gorilla glass. 5. Here on the realme gt2, you do have a pre installed screen protector on there as well.

So not quite as shatterproof, so if you are a bit of a butterfingers, you might want to spend a bit more cash and upgrade to that pro model, but otherwise should prove pretty hardy uh. Certainly, if you leave that pre installed screen protector on there, then youre not going to get any scuffs or damage on the software side of things, no difference whatsoever between the real me gt2 and that pro model you once again got the latest android 12 os and Slatted, on top of that is real me, ui 3.0, now, even with realmes launchers sat on androids face. If you will youve still got a pretty stock android sort of vibe here complete with your apps tray. You can drag down the notifications bar and all those great android, 12 features that we know and love. So, for instance, if you uh change up the wallpaper, then in the personalizations section you can actually set the ui colors to match certain hues found in that wallpaper drag these wee balls about until youve got exactly the colors you want and voila job done. Plenty of other stuff in here you can personalize as well. Youve got lots of different, always on display options again all fully customizable and because you dont have a dedicated notifications lights here on the realme gt2, you can set the edge lighting feature up instead, which again just causes the edge of the display to glow every time. Something pops in that demands your attention, so theres loads of extra little bits like that chucked in here.

If youre going to special features, for instance, youve got the kids space if you want to actually give this phone to a child and stop them from spunking. All your cash on a digimon app or whatever it is. The kids are actually involved with these days or using up all your mobile data by streaming, mr bloody maker and on the security side of things. Youve got your in display fingerprint sensor here on the real me gt2, just as with the pro model, and it is once again an optical effort, so just take a basic 2d image, but again no issues whatsoever with the usability. Only when ive just washed my hands and my fingers were a bit moist or something and as a backup youve also got face recognition on here as well. So just quick tap that power button. If you cant use your fingers for whatever reason, unlike the pro the real me, gt2, also spots up to 256 gigs of storage, although once again, no micro, sd memory card expandability and when you first boot up the real me gt2 uh. Once again. Some of that valuable storage space is taken up with bollocks like linkedin, but thankfully you can just quickly and easily uninstall. It youve got a few others. Pubg pre installed tick, tock and things like that as well. But again you can just shift it all. If you dont want it, and certainly nowhere near as obnoxious as many me – ui phones from xiaomi, for instance, now both the roomy gt2 and that slightly snazzier pro model sport, a 6.

7 inch, ltp or amoled display. But there are differences between the two, for instance youve. Not got a wqhd plus super crisp resolution here on the standard gt2, as you do on the pro model. The regular realme gt2 tops off at full hd plus resolution thats 2400 by 1080, but all the same media fans will fully enjoy the real me gt2s, visuals theyre, still nice and crisp certainly perfectly fine for likes on netflix disney plus youtube as the colors go. Ive noticed theres slightly warmer hues on the real me gt2 pro versus the gt2 on the default color settings, but you can dive into the display settings and tinker with the color output. You can have more saturated, more vivid colors, otherwise you can dial it down. If you prefer and because theyre both oled panels, you can expect super premium output from both of these. So a nice sharp contrast, really deep, blacks, wide viewing angles and on the top brightness levels both of these smartphones. Absolutely fine for outdoors use, certainly for around this sort of 400 pound price point youre going to be struggling to find anything better. You know the likes of the oneplus nords 2 and quite a lot of other rivals also have gorgeous oled displays, but personally id say the real me gt2 can match them all and again, if you dive on into the display settings plenty of options in here, like The eye comfort mode and the screen refresh rate can be tinkered with as well its on auto by default, but you can also bump it all the way up to 120 hertz, the max level uh full time if you like, and that is a match for the Roomie gt2 pro and just like the pro model here on the standard real me, gt2 youve got a stereo speaker, setup, hot tech, shenanigans to recap on and im not gon na lie.

I am unsurprisingly hanging like a giraffes clag nut, so lets just crack on with it and once again pretty loud and clear output. If you just want to kick back with a bit of youtube or netflix or whatever without plugging in i say, plugging in there is actually subtle, headphone jack action here on the real me gt2, as with most android flagships these days. So it is bluetooth all the way, unfortunately, but that wireless connection seems to hold up absolutely fine for streaming 2 speakers and headphones and the performance side of things. The roomy gt2 pro model rocks that qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset that all of the big premium flagship phones in 2022 have got packs inside of them here on the standard, realme gt2, its the all the snapdragon 838 chipsets, once again, a flagship but a full Year, older, but as you can see, theyre, not a huge gulf between them, certainly as far as geekbench scores go and in terms of the everyday uh shenanigans as well. I found that the everyday experience on the roomy gt2 is just as lovely absolute straight. Up no worries no hanging about at all, and, of course, if youre a bit of a gamer, then youll find the room with gt2 can certainly do the job that snapdragon 88 chipset could able to handle the likes of gentian impact. So again, even the most demanding fair, like gention here on the the gt2 performs admirably.

Even when you bump up the detail settings to the highest levels, jack up the frame rate to 60 fps, i still found that it was a almost completely judge free experience, the occasional little stumble here and there, but overall highly playable thats for sure. Even if you do want those ultra slick, graphics, screen sensitivity is perfect. The uh the visuals are, of course stunning on that gorgeous oled display. You got the stereo speaker setup if youre doing a rocker, headset and, of course, the snapdragon 88. It can get a little bit toasty when it is under pressure, but thankfully the roomy gt2 does offer up some stainless steel, vapor chamber action to help keep things as cool as possible, and it definitely does get a little bit warm once youve been playing. For you know a good long while, but i didnt find that this actually throttled the performance at all and of course, youve got real mes gaming mode slapped on top of there as well. So you can bump it up to performance mode, which is what i did for gentian impact just make sure all the resources are dedicated to that game. Youve also got the uh. Basically, leave me the alone mode as well, so you can just not be disturbed as youre getting your gentian impact action on the go, because i got the model with 12 gigs of ram, so that certainly helps to keep things moving along smoothly as well, and because Its the snapdragon 880 youve got a built in 5g modem as well, so no issues on the connectivity front and here on the realme gt2 youve got the same battery tech as that pro model as well.

Its the same dual cell 5, 000 milliamp capacity battery crammed inside of this plastic shell, and certainly as far as the battery life, goes, that battery percentage just seems to trickle down no matter what youre up to. Unless you really are getting a good bit of gention. On the go in which case yes, it does plummet a bit faster, but youll certainly be able to get hours and hours of screen on time from a full charge. Here the real me ui seems pretty energy efficient on the whole and then, when you do finally run out of juice. Well, no worries because youve got support for that 65 watts. Super dart charge tech so again plug it in this thing will be powered up again in like half an hour or so, and i, like the pro model, the real me gt2 does not support wireless charging, but then to be fair, this sort of price point you Would be struggling to find many phones that do support that anyway, lets finish up this unboxing and comparison with the squint at the camera tekkens. There are some differences as far as the camera hardware goes, but both the real me gt2 and that pro model sport. The same sony, imx 766 primary sensor with optical image, stabilization built in this is a really popular camera sensor, as found on lots of premium arrivals like so. The oppo find x5 pro, for instance. So this means the realme gt2, just like the pro very capable across a range of conditions.

Certainly, if youre snapping in good lighting youll expect natural looking colors nice crisp detail, packed in there as well, not 50 megapixels by default, because it does use pixel bin, but still plenty of fine detail in there. The great thing about that imx 766, as well, especially with the built in optical image stabilization, is you get nice sharp, clear, blur free photos even when youre shooting a moving subject like a cat or a wii person, portrait mode results are very good as well with That rear snapper, especially the dynamic bokeh. I really liked that effect very jazzy. Indeed, sometimes the roomy gt2 can get a little bit confused about what youre actually trying to shoot a photo of so, for instance, if someones lurking in the background, i might try and focus on them instead. But that was only a very sporadic issue and even when you move indoors quite ambient light – and you still tend to get pretty sharp, pretty good looking photos, colors do sometimes take a slight hit as far as the accuracy goes, but still very, very strong, and certainly For 400 pounds this is one of the best smartphone snappers youll, find and even in low light. The real me gt2, like the pro isnt, really phased youll, still get some pretty strong detail in there and again color accuracy, not bad at all. If not quite up there, with the likes of the pixel phones and one of the only sacrifices youre making if you downgrade to the standard, realme gt2 versus the pro model is the ultra wide angle.

Shooter, you no longer get a secondary 50 megapixel sensor for that. Instead, its a more basic, eight megapixel sensor. So while you get the same sort of pulled back view, you dont get as crisp detail and the color accuracy takes a dive too, and then the final lens here on the room. Gt2 is just your bog standard basic 2 megapixel depth sensor. You dont get a microscope macro lens, as you do here on the pro which to be fair, its a bit of a gimmick anyway and you know, might amuse a small child for a matter of minutes. But thats probably about it. As for your video, well, no real changes there whatsoever here on the real me gt2. You can once again shoot up to 4k resolution footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second, just as you could here on the realme gt2 pro. The only real difference is that the pro also offers an 8k resolution video mode. If you want to absolutely destroy your phones, storage still, not really sure what the point of shooting 8k on a smartphone is to be honest and with video set to 4k at 30 or 60 frames per second, the results once again pretty strong here on the standard. Realme gt2 not much difference at all, compared with the pro once again got nice fine, sharp visuals coming through reasonable color accuracy. Audio pickup is strong from all angles as well. Only thing is: if it is a bit of a gusty day, then that breeze is picked up by the mics quite clearly as well, but even again in more ambient light.

When you are shooting video, you tend to get pretty solid results as well. So, overall, if you just want something to snap, you know the family, the pets, all that good stuff, then the friendly gt2 stands up well and then last up, if you flip around to the front facing cameras, youve got a 16 megapixel selfie shooter here on the Real me gt2, so a bit of a downgrade compared with the 32 meg efforts here on the pro, although in my eyes, thats actually an upgrade, because that means less wrinkles and fine detail its the sony imax 471 sensor. If that makes any difference to you and theres, a pretty good one actually for shooting your selfies out in the back. Youve got a good strong portrait mode on there getting a good bit of bucket action and, if youre shooting video using that front facing selfie climbing, shoulder full hd, 1080p footage and hopefully its uh, its, not so noisy with the wind and stuff. You can actually hear anything im saying and thats a cheeky girl and there you have it. You lovely buggers. That, in a nutshell, is the fresh new realme gt2 versus the real me gt2 pro and, as you can see, the standard model should be more than enough smartphones to satisfy the majority of users. Youve got the same great main camera. You got the same slick, realme, ui software experience gorgeous or led display, stereo speaker setup. All of that jazz.

In fact, some of the few flaws here on the real me gt2, the lack of a headphone jack. The lack of expandable storage are also flows found on the pro model, so id say, certainly if youre intrigued then definitely jump on it early get that early bird price of 400 quid here in the uk, absolute bargain for that and a solid rival for anything out There, like the oneplus nord 2., so thats. What i reckon anywhere but be great to hear from you guys down in the comments below please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest stuff. Love yourselves, a bloody lovely rest of the week.