Well, no worries because these days you can spunk out less than 300 pounds on a smartphone and still expect brilliant battery life, impressive game and performance, dependable camera, tech and quite often, some very handy features that you wont find in mega pricey flagships stuff like a headphone Jack and actual memory card support. This is my personal pick of the best budget friendly smartphones. You can grab right now for under 300 pounds that ive personally tested and reviewed. You can check out more on all these smartphones right here on textbook and for more than the latest. A great thing please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First, up xiaomis, very smart redmi note: 11. Pro 5g is hit in the uk imminently for a price that wont completely bollocks your wallet, its a smart looking slab, although its also a proper whopper at almost 6.7 inches good news for movie fans as that spacious, 120hz. Amoled screen is a bit of a stunner with sharp contrast and poppy colors, and the audio is just as good, because youve got a respectable stereo speaker setup on here, plus a headphone jack with high res audio certification, sploosh. Of course, how lovely dover youll get with the redmi note? 11 pro does depend somewhat on how much you get on with miui xiaomis, very own smartphone launcher. Personally, i quite like it these days, especially as xiaomi is embracing a more sore stock, android vibe, while also chucking in a veritable buffer of bonus features.

Youve got the likes of that all encompassing control center and a proper one handed mode and the ability to stream youtube audio. While the screen is hibernated its just a shame, then that xiaomi is kind of chuffing slow when it comes to actually updating its smartphones, both on the os and the security side of things. Youve actually got the older android 11 out of the box here on the redmi note 11 pro so, hopefully itll be getting android 12 soon. The snapdragon 695 chipset can handle even quite demanding gaming shenanigans, like gentian impact, with 5g support chucked in as well, and the battery life is bloody good too. In fact, the only real downside is the 108 megapixel primary camera, which is generally fine, but it is limited in low light and for home movie capture. But anyway, if you want to know more about the redmi note, 11 pro 5g well definitely go check out. My in depth review, which is live right now and also be aware that another smartphone that basically packs identical specs and features, is the poco x4 pro which just launched at mwc. Ive got a full unboxing live right now on the channel as well. Its essentially the same phone just rebranded so definitely check the price of this one before you get that one just to see which ones actually cheaper now another one of my favorite budget blowers at this price point, and one which also just launched in 2022, is the Oneplus nord ce25g dont be fooled by the simple and not particularly attractive plastic finish.

Besides the lack of micro sd memory card support on this thing, theres pretty much bugger all to complain about that 6.43 inch. Amoled screen is bright, sharp and poppy with hdr 10 plus support and a 90 hertz refresh rate for smooth sailing and no worries on the audio front either because, like the redmi youve got a headphone, jack and dependable bluetooth streaming this time, the launcher of choice is Oxygen os and its squatting very happily, on top of androids 12 hooray. The latest version of android os and oxygen os adds in a whole bunch of extra bonus features similar to me ui the likes of the very chill out zen modes, its really strong, customization options and even better oneplus has you covered for the reasonably long haul as Well, you got two guaranteed android os updates and also three years of security updates chucked in there. The node ce 5g is powered by mediatex dimensi 900 chipset, and this proves absolutely fine for your everyday shenanigans and can even handle a decent bit of gaming on the side as well. Yeah youve got 5g support for getting online a 4500mah battery which serves a dependable all day, use plus 65 watt supervoo charging support, so you can juice it all up again in the morning in about half an hour as for that 64 megapixel primary camera sensor slapped There, on the back end of the oneplus nord ce2 well, this does an absolutely fine job again of your everyday snaps and it can actually shoot at 4k resolution for your video as well so overall, highly respectable stuff and highly recommended by myself.

For this price point now, i just mentioned the brilliant poco x4 pro, which only just launched at a sport in very, very similar specs to that redmi note 11 pro. But definitely if your budget is a little bit tighter well do not sleep on the older poco. X3 pro, which you can grab right now for just a snifter over 200 quid. This can handle everything you need thanks to the snapdragon 860 soc, even a tasty bit of gentle impact. If you keep the detail levels on low to medium settings, like the redmi note 11 pro, you have a 6.67 inch full hd plus display, although this time it is ips rather than oled tech, but the visuals are still fine for watching, shows on the go or Kicking back with a flick while the adaptive refresh rate maxes out at 120 hertz, the poco x3 pro also boasts a decent stereo speaker setup. Youve got a headphone jack down below, plus excellent, reliable bluetooth. Streaming support. Youve got nfc for your contactless payments. Youve got an excellent edge mounted fingerprint sensor, which is super. Responsive and reliable. Youve basically got everything you need. I rather like the 48 megapixel camera sensor too, which captures quite short pictures of even the more squirmy of subjects, as well as respectable 4k footage. In fact, beyond the slightly garish design, theres really not much to dislike about the poker x3 pro, it is proper, lush and, of course, poco smartphones, as they were previously part of the xiaomi family.

They do still use that miui launcher with all of its foibles. So just be aware for more poco, goodness as well, definitely check out the poco x3 gt again. A full review is live right now here on texpert, which boasts the dimensionly 1100 chipset, which you can blitz through any game out there, including genjen impact youve, also got the excellent poko f3 from last year, which youll occasionally find dipping below that 300 pound price point. When its on sale and because it holds up so well, i recently did a nine month review of the poco f3. So definitely check that out for all you need to know now. Motorola is definitely another budget, smartphone manufacturer well worth keeping an eye on and at this sort of price point one of their best efforts is the mortal edge 20 light which you can snaffle for just a penny under 300 quid this sports, a mediatek dimensionally 720 chipset, Which means smooth performance whatever youre up to, while the model can easily survive a lengthy day with its ruddy massive 5000mah battery youve got another pocket fill in 6.7 inch display, but it is an oled screen with hdr 10 plus support ideal for all your netflix and Your disney plus in and such forth plus youve also got a headphone jack and youve got micro, sd memory card support for expanding the 128 gigs of built in storage. As for the camera tech, that main sensor is a 108 megapixel beast that uses pixel binning to produce bright natural, looking snaps its definitely one of the better offerings in this budget, ford, roundup.

So definitely if you cant get enough of snap in your food, your pets, your offspring, whatever well seriously, consider it now another smartphone brand that often pumps out good quality devices that offer solid value for money at this sort of price point is real, mean theyve, just Launched the fresh new realme 9 pro. Sadly, i am yet to review this blower and it doesnt offer an amoled screen. Unlike some rivals, they can do with a 120hz ips panel. Weve got the snapdragon 695 soc run on the show, which should once again offer smooth running while a whopping grit 5000 milliamp battery should also give you all day play no worries, admittedly not super competitive specs, compared with some of the competition that ive already brought up In this round up, but i am a big fan of the slightly more expensive, real me9 pro plus, which boasts a fantastic 50 megapixel main camera, full amoled display action, impressive longevity and a slick, android 12 experience bolstered with real miuis bonus features now. Sadly, the real me 9 pro plus, is going to be ever so slightly out of this budget price point when it hits the uk but definitely keep an eye on that real me website, because they offer some good deals on their smartphones. Usually in just a couple of months after theyve launched, ive done a full review of this beast and it was absolutely fantastic, so definitely check it out now. In 2022, even samsung fans will find some galaxy handsets for this 300 pound price point, which still boasts a similar one.

Ui experience to those wallet, mtn s22 flagships. Now these cheapy galaxies can admit they be a bit of a mixed bag at best. But one of the best ones youll find at this price point that makes few compromises is the samsung galaxy m32 first impressions on amazon, admittedly thanks to the plasticky design, but peer past those cheap aesthetics and you cant help but adore the 6.4 inch super amoled screen, Which is as bright, punchy and gorgeous as any of their affordable rivals, despite a lack of hdr support that 90 hertz refresh rate matches a lot of the competition while youve also got a headphone jack, so you can get plug straight in and enjoy some really nice Crisp sanding audio performance comes courtesy of mediateks helio, g80 soc, which does occasionally stumble, but it can generally cope with everyday existence as long as you arent much of a gamer that is, and no sadly, there is bugger or love for 5g. On the flip side, though, it is a highly energy, efficient chipset, so that basically means that, in combination with the mighty 5 000 milliamp battery crammed inside of this thing, you can enjoy all day play on the m32 without running out of juice. Samsungs one ui launcher is as lovable and features stuffed as always complete with the nox security suite to keep your privates out of the eyes of naughty criminal types. And i was certainly impressed by the 64 meg main camera, which can capture natural, looking picks and great family snaps, even in quite testing conditions, although yeah the video chops arent too hot and again as ever.

If you want to know more just go check out my full in depth: galaxy m32 review, which is live right now and last up for this budget, blower roundup, a quick shout out for the infinix zero 5g. You will need to import this more for here in the uk, but if you like them large well, this 6.8 inch behemoth should hopefully satisfy a dimensionally. 900 chipset runs this show, so you can kill a few hours by killing a few of your fellow human beings. Complete with built in coolant and various gaming features, the 5000 milliamp battery means impressive longevity as well, and youve also got 5g connectivity and wi fi 6 support. As for the downsides, well, youve got an ips screen. Well, the 48 megapixel rear camera is also pretty basic stuff, so there you have it. That nutshell is my pick of the best budget friendly smartphones. You can grab in 2022 for under 300 quid, and i have also rounded up my favorite sub 400 pound budget smartphones. My favorite sub 200 pound budget, small phones, if your budget is extremely tight, ive tried to only include smartphones that i personally tested and reviewed as well. Everything apart from that real me, nine pro, which im really hoping to get my mitts on soon. If i missed out your own personal favorite budget smartphone, well, definitely let me know what a massive wang i am in the comments and tell me what your pick would be and for more than listening great stack.

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