I just had a quick unboxing. I just got another little mini tripod made by a company called boa something like that, but let me grab it ive been using this one with that you can uh its flexible and all this stuff, but, as whatever is connected in anything, if i move like, for Instance, now you see a shake well, this one will be a stand alone, so this is it see that a nice tripod, affordable too. I think uh theres the pretty affordable like on amazon, with maybe 50 bucks about that man. Actually, you know what it was about. 50 bucks – i didnt pay that i i got it im, sorry see what i mean by shaking. I got it not completely as a mail call, but i got it for 10 bucks, so i figured id take. It comes in this little pouch here we see here. We go with the shaking, but anyway, its a nice day out today – and i put this down here so youll – be able to see a little better comes a little pouch. You take it out of the pouch here and get something like this tada. Of course. Now, black on black, you wont be able to see that so lets move to the usual. Hopefully you can see that and it looks like it comes with a remote control of some sort lets check that out and its probably some type of like bluetooth thing.

You hook up, so you can turn it on and off, but yeah i just wanted to make a video im gon na have to come back further hold on a second. Let me reposition this okay, hopefully thats better, and you can see the top of it. Maybe but uh yeah, regular tripod. These are bendable wrap around things or whatever. What i did like about it is its fully adjustable for here and its got the quarter thread on top the quarter thread for gopro or anything its made by carson thats. It all aluminum up here but yeah ill, have to give it a shot. It also does come with the uh something for your cell phone to record, with the quarter thread on there, which is nice, oh yeah, and a quarter thread comes out very nice. I actually like that, a lot, but anyway thats what she basically looks like set up. I guess and yeah whatever put it on there and whatever you can adjust this that whatever but again its a uh, moyopod flexible leg, tripod made by carson tr050 remote control. Wherever that is yeah the remote control, like i said before, i got a shutter, its probably worth during bluetooth or something but yeah. Just a quick video. It shows you how its used i havent used it yet, but yeah there. It is for dslr action, cameras, tablets and more remote. Of course, the focus probably isnt picking us up remote shutter button and it includes the battery.

Can you believe that bluetooth type includes the battery? How many times have you seen stuff that never includes a battery? Huh? Probably take it out: is there some safety thing on here, not safety, but some nope, nothing cr123 perfect see if it lights up nothing. Ah, you know what look at that theres on and off button that might help there. We go oh ill have to give this a shot anyway. Just an unboxing, like i said, of this tripod, seems pretty interesting, have to give it a shot instead of this moving every single time. I move this flexible. One see what im saying, but anyway, thats about it. Just a quick review on this made by carson ill have a follow up, or maybe my next video ill do using the tripod to get closer, closer pictures, video, whatever the stoves or the flame or anything. But anyway, i think im gon na fire myself up a cup of coffee, its a cloudy day tomorrow, were supposed to get between 10 and 16 inches of snow. So it should be nice tomorrow afternoon too, i dont really like that when it snows during the night. I mean i like it doesnt really matter. I stay up late anyway, get up early, stay up, late, less stuff, more freedom, lifes too short and enjoy it by the way dont work. So much people work. So much hey, im not going to get on that rant. Everybody in their 20s are working all these hours, man, i could turn back time.

Work less have less anyway. Sorry getting on that rant. This is about the tripod, so maybe ill set her up and have a cup of coffee and try it with the tripod. Anyway. Everybody have a great day: god bless, you know what to do hit like subscribe share, whatever hit the bell button and uh comment.