4. My name is jay. You are watching tech hype. If you are new here, consider hitting that subscribe button, and now that you are subscribed, lets get right into this video. Shall we all right so ios 15.4? On the iphone 10r, i have been using my iphone 10r on the ios 15.4 betas, and now that the rc is out, this device is pretty great on ios 15.4, except the fact that we dont have the mask id feature on our iphone 10r and to be Very honest, i think so its not really a big deal to not have this feature right now. Yes, yes, yes, i know you guys will get mad at me, but i dont know. Is it really a big deal for you guys to not able to unlock your devices while wearing a mask i mean most of the people are not even wearing a mask in most countries now, because i have heard you guys that apple got this feature right now, When it is not mandatory to wear a mask in your country, so its actually not that big of a deal to not have this feature right now i mean i even have this feature on my device, but i wear my mask almost daily, but still it does Not really make sense, i dont know because i use my phone most of the times whenever im inside whenever im outside, i dont tend to use my phone that much and whenever i do use my phone.

There is a passcode which is a bit too simple. At least its not a big deal for me, but if it is a big deal for you, i would recommend you guys to upgrade or maybe just get an apple watch, because mr tim is just not happy and he wont give you that feature on your device. Im so sorry anyways talking about how is my iphone 10r performing on this update, it got ta, be one of the best update in terms of performance in the performance on the ios. 15.4 version have been phenomenal, if not the best talking about the battery life. The battery life is actually one of the things that is being really really bad on pretty much every ios firmware on pretty much every device to be very honest, except for the iphone 13 series, because it is like really new right now, so i dont think so. Anyone is having a bad battery life on iphone 13s on ios 15 right battery is not the best. Here i mean it is a bit bit better compared to the ios 15.3, but its still, not like really uh night and day better compared to the previous version. You wont even notice it. It is just a tad bit better. It is not that noticeable, then talking about the bugs. There are not really a lot of bugs that ive. Faced till now – and yes by the way i forgot to talk about this – we have new emojis on ios 15.

4 woohoo. I really love these new emojis on the screen. You can see. These are the new emojis and i just love them so much. These emojis are so damn good apple is the best when it comes to the emojis and stuff, because i mean samsung emojis, i dont, i dont know what to say. I dont really personally like them, and i dont even hate them, but ah it just feels a bit weird apple. Emojis just feels pretty good to me, especially this melting one. I dont even know what this means, but this looks so good. Well, thats pretty much it for this video. Yes, there is not a whole lot new going on in this update, but but but dont worry, this update is totally safe. You can install it on your device. Ah does not matter if you are coming from is 15.3 or ios 11 or whichever ios firmware right. You cant even come from iphone ios 11, i mean so yes, just go ahead. Dont. Ask me your questions. This update is really good in terms of pretty much everything just dont think about it. It wont, degrade your battery health or anything, just install it on your device. I have all the latest security features and everything thats. Why im saying just install it go ahead. Thank you so much for watching this video till the end. This is me j, aka tech, hyped signing off. I will catch you guys in the very next episode be sure to subscribe.