Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of these a year theyre highly rated and ranging price from twenty to two hundred dollars. So its really crazy lets see how it does. Okay, here we go. This is whats in the box. Its a monocular high quality telescope 100 guaranteed. So lets see whats whats in the box. First thing you do, is you get some instructions? How to use thats? Always good here is the probably the most important part thats the interface between the phone and the monocular. Now, if youre just getting this monocular for using instead of a binoculars, i guess its half the weight in half the size, okay, heres, the tripod very basic. I think i paid about twenty to thirty dollars for this ill post somewhere up here. Theres a nice pouch that you get to hold the actual monocular in which is kind of nice. Youve got a protective cover on this side and protective cover on this side. An optic since 2009, which i guess leads it to credibility, its a 12 times 42 and it says 96 m at 1, 000 meters, one quarter inch mount that pretty much every tripod is made to at least the smaller ones, all right so initial impressions, not so Bad now with glasses, you keep it like this without glasses. You turn it like that. I guess that gives you a little cup to rest your eye in and then this is adjust. The focus of the actual monocular see how that does.

I guess oh, when its fully all the way into the end of the thing its its this far and then, as i move, the knob half inch three quarters inch a little top heavy here. I guess you could make some minor adjustments. I think its better to have this leg out there or you could just use another tripod. I could make all sorts of mods and updates to this, but the whole idea is to use what comes with the kit. Oh, by the way you get a nice little micro cloth and thank you for purchase. I got this many months ago, so i dont think i can do this warranty anymore. Now it comes the most important part, putting this cup interfacing it with the phone and then with the monocular and well go outside and give it some testing. So my initial thoughts are eh. This is a little flimsy now. I just happen to have one of those phones that has three cameras, so im gon na try to link this up here and figure out which one its on so mount the phone in there im gon na try to do it with the case and if, for Some reason i cant ill have to modify okay so which one am i looking at here: shooting for that lens right there, so you got ta really honk down on this thing, yep hello hand, so now lets put it on here and see what we got with The optic just pressure fit there boy that thing looks far away and it looks out of focus so lets see what we can do here, just kind of expanded, the lens a little bit.

Okay, im having interface issues. Now you can see whats going on here, maybe theres a gap between the phone and the mount, so this guy is not resting straight up there, like that, after a good bit of off camera trial and error, i think ive got this optimized ive shortened the length Here and got that in as close as i can and ive used a rubber band to kind of force, the phone with the plastic camera interface, and you can still see that i can kind of slide a piece of paper through there. But its a lot better than it was, and if i push the phone actually like this, i can get it a little better, but you shouldnt have to do that. So the next step is to take it outside and see if we can get some distance on this thing and figure it out. Okay were out at manassas battlefield were going to try this guy out looking at statues and cannons and houses way far down range, almost like you were sighting in artillery for comparison purposes: heres the stone wall, jackson, statue with my regular camera heres, the stonewall jackson statue At 1x on the phone try to zero in see if we can get it a little more focused its hard to see all right now lets bump up the phone and then well try to bump up the optic and well hone in on his sword. Its like adjusting a microscope, the phone is actually a 5.

8 and the optic is doing its thing, thats what it looks like thats, a pretty tight end, shot. Okay, ive, never seen anybody do this before, but im going to try to change the format and go horizontal. Instead of vertical and well see, if that works any better, it seems that the mount is closer this way, but youve got a lot of weight on to one side as opposed to up and down when you have the phone like this, so well check it out And see how it works and since gravitys, not in my favor here with the original mount that came with the camera, im gon na kind of break my own rule here and go with this yulonzi mount. That has a lot more flexibility and adjustment in order to stabilize this monocular and the counterweight as best as i can. Okay here we go at 1x for the phone and were going to zoom that out. So we get a bigger field of view. That is at 4.7 times on the phone and then the optic and lets see if we can zoom in a little bit all right. So there he is theres a sword. Once you get close with the optic, the phone will do a lot of the work in trying to hone in on focus the image which is kind of interesting. But i dont know theres, probably a breeze of six miles an hour right now and you can see how thats just jostling it trying to get a calm period here, but there you go pretty impressive.

Actually out in the distance, you can see the house a memorial. Next to the house and a white house further back from that from the regular camera heres the base of the statue with the phone in the horizontal position, its a lot more susceptible to bouncing, but the phone is at 8x. The further you go out, the more bouncy the image is going to be. So what did we learn here? Several things, first of all, a crummy mount is going to affect your ability to use this monocular. You can do horizontal, but you need a fairly decent tripod ill post this one down below also, if youre in any kind of wind or breeze this things going to shake around a lot unless, for some reason, youve got it concreted into the ground. Dont know how you could do that this is a really solid mount most of the time, but there is a lot of side force weight when you go with this profile. Ive never seen anybody go with a profile, even in the sales pictures on amazon. To do something like this, but i think weve shown that you can do it thumbs up and comments always appreciate it. Thanks for watching, if youre interested in evaluations and creative ideas with electronics, sports gear, designs of all kinds making and breaking things, i even do costumes.