Let me show you some tips and tricks for your nova, 9 and for other worry smartphones, so lets not waste any more time and lets start right away on how to save a little bit more of your battery life. So i guess we all know that we have a battery saving mode, so i dont need to talk about that. But there are a few other things that you could do to save a little bit more of your battery life, and one of them has to do with your display settings. So i bet you didnt know that you can lower your refresh rate of the display or your display resolution. Therefore, we have to head over into our settings scroll a little bit down until we get to our display and brightness settings and over here scroll all the way down. Once again, until you see screen resolution over here, you can basically have three different options to choose from by default. We have the smart option target on, but you can also put it on high or low high will drain your battery life and a low will save you some battery life, and it will not give you extra hours of battery life but still a solid amount and To be perfectly honest, i dont see a big difference between the high and low resolution. The only time when you really see it is you watching videos on youtube and stuff like that, and the second thing you can do is lower the refresh rate.

So, just underneath your screen resolution settings, you have the screen refresh rate and right here we once again have three options: by default, we have the dynamic mode toggle on. That is a good balance between smoothness and battery life, but we can also turn it on high or low. The higher refresh rate is 120 hertz. That means that you have 120 pitches per second. That means that you will drain a little bit more of your battery life, but therefore, if you swipe up and down on your screen or watch videos, it will look a lot smoother on your display. Now, if you put it on low, you will still get 60 hertz now. To be honest, there is a difference between 120hz and 60hz, but its not that big, i dont even know if you see the difference in my camera, but, for example, if you swipe quickly up and down on your settings, you see that the letters get a little Bit unclear and thats. Basically, what happens with the lower refresh rate now, with both of these tricks, your smartphone will need less internal processing, which ultimately results in more battery life. For you guys, two more things that you can do to save a little bit more of your battery life is to adjust your buttons level, since the auto brightness tends to be a little bit brighter than it needs to be so you can just adjust it manually And lower it a little bit – and the second thing you can do is to put your smartphone into dark mode, so you can either swipe down and click on a dark mode right here or its almost on the top of the list in your display settings.

Not only does it have a little side effect that your eyes wont get that tired, after watching your display for hours every day, but it does save a little bit of your battery life, maybe not more than an hour. But you really dont have to give up anything for that, as for next lets talk a little bit about gestures and the coolest one is the knuckle sense. Therefore, head over to your accessibility feature, then click on shortcuts and gestures, and over here we will find the take screenshot function. If we toggle that one on we can double knock the screen to take a screenshot. If you only want to take a screenshot of a specific part, knock on the screen once and then draw a box around the part, you want to take a screenshot of now. If you want to record our display for some reason, just double knock with two knuckles. On the screen to start the screen recorder, something else we will find in this gesture settings is the mistouch prevention to prevent your phone from doing things while its in your pocket and as for less you can schedule when your smartphone is supposed to automatically turn off At night and turn on in the morning like this, you can once again save a little bit of your battery life. Since you dont really need your smartphone during night, and i guess no one will call you at 3 oclock in the morning all right guys.

Some of you might know it and some might not, but you actually have a hidden sidebar on your smartphone in order to get to it, you have to swipe left from your side of the screen, as if you want to tap out of an app and hold It there for a second and like that, the sidebar will appear now you can let it go and have a quick access to some of your default apps like your email, notepad gallery, browser and a few more and then you can click on the last icon to See and add additional apps now, plus symbol will pop up, and if you click on it, you can choose apps to add to your sidebar or you can kick some out of your rotation. If you now open one of these apps that will open up in a little split screen and that works not only on your home screen, but also while youre in some other apps or in your settings now folks, there are some pretty cool things that you can Do if you own a smartphone and some other wireless products such as a tablet, laptop earbuds or a smartwatch, just click that video right here to see all about the wow ecosystem.