So what were going to do is drive off down to the stables and give it a good old blast right, so lets get going so on the way down to the stables. What youre going to see is the footage on the front of here and when we get down there, youll see the normal moves on there and some really unique bits on it, which i think youll be pretty chuffed with sit down stables, Music, i should have stayed With you last night, instead of going out to find trouble, thats just trouble Music, i Music, give it a good old test and ive got a little help with me today for it. But before we go and do that, lets go back to the studio and have a look at it. Theres little lily right so were back inside to have a look at the gimbal a little bit closer before we go and look at that footage from the tests that ive done, but its worth pointing out to you that peer gear has sent me this free of Charge im not sponsored by them in any way, and they dont tell me what to say. In fact, this will be the first time they actually get to see this video, just like you, so youll get the good, the bad and the ugly, but not to disappoint you heres todays little joke. What do you call a monkey with two bananas in his ears? Anything you want because he cant hear you anyway lets have a look at what you get in a box a bit closer up its pretty simple.

You get the gimbal, you get this handy small little tripod and the usb c cable for charging and its as simple as that. Now, before i put the phone on its really really easy to set up as you can see, but this is one of the usps for it. You see if your phones capable of wireless charging. Well, you can charge it on the gimbal as well. How awesome is that, let me show you how it works once the phone is on. All you need to do is long press the record button, and there did you see that it started charging and heres another usp. You see its got, this little ring light on it and to switch it on its really really easy. All you need to do is press the power button once and it switches on and its got three light levels on it, one being low, yeah press it again and you get the middle level, then press it again and you get the highest level heres a little Test of it with the lights turned down to see how it Music now works, not a 120d. Is it, however, its a nice little extra to have also the batteries are replaceable and the cover, as you can see, is magnetic its nice and easy to use, and if you want to replace the batteries throughout the day and have a long shoot, they can buy Extra ones, and the great thing with that is the fact that it will never um have that battery or that inbelt, but inbuilt even battery that will wear out youll have to chuck the gimbal away.

I think thats a really good little extra, as well as showing you the test footage in a minute. What ill do is also, at the end of the video show you that drive down to the stables, because what it is on here as well is an anti shake mechanism which actually smooths out the stuff, and i was really really impressed with how it smoothed out On top of the car – and things like that but, like i said thatll, be at the end of the video now im, not saying youre going to put it on the car and things like that. But it shows you how good it really really works and it gets with those little um shakes and things like that which, to be honest, you is something i havent seen on another gimbal yet or well. I have on big gimbals, but not on these little ones. For phones and the app itself is really easy to download. You can get it for iphone or android, but, to be honest, i could only get it on the iphone from the store. I think you have to directly um download it from the actual website for where they make this one, and i aint going to try and pronounce that little word there. In fact, this word along here its too hard for me, a chewin. It sounds like youre going to sneeze or something out or is it actually mean their word for action camera i dont know the other good thing is when you start up the app you dont actually have to register an account.

It just starts up and its ready to go as you can see now inside the app you can actually change the modes and things like that, so pov, lock and all of that side, but you can also do it on the joystick just like this by clicking The joystick youll go through them now. What youve got on here is pan. Follow youve got lock, youve got follow and youve got pov just like anything else out there, and there are some creative modes on there as well, one of them, which i think youll really enjoy. Firstly, you get the inception mode, thats, the one where it rotates around for you um, so you can get those shots walking down an alleyway or or like this, that ive done with lily yeah walking up to her and its rotating around. Just to add that little bit of creativity on there but dont overuse that function because ive seen a lot of videos where people are just going around doing that and to be honest, it just ruins it. But in a minute what you do is see that working down at the stables but theres also another one on here, theyve called it the hitchcock mode, which i believe is to simulate that iconic move. That most of you will know from the film jaws, Music and again youll see that in action in a minute. Now, yes, it has got a joystick on it and, to be honest, it does what it says on the tin, its a joystick.

But if you double tap it, what it will do is it will center the gimbal and then, if you tap it three times it goes into that inception mode, so you dont actually have to go into the app to do it. So lets have a quick look at the app itself. You do also get um face tracking on it and youve also got body tracking, and this is a little test. Ive done with it now. I dont know what its going to come out like, but this is what it works like and then, from what i can gather is itll track. You and itll follow you around just like this. I also like the fact that, on the side, theres a little zoom button, so you dont have to touch the screen on your phone and operate it from there. Its all, at the reach of your thumb and its also great, that theyve put a pull focus wheel on the side which, as you can see here, it allows you to focus in on different stuff. If youre doing up close up things or, if youre doing scenes. Where youve got two characters and things like that, you can um soon youll, not zoom. Sorry, you can focus from one to the other. I think thats a really good little extra. You dont have to rely on the phone itself, its all built in with the app and the gimbal. Its also got various different panoramic modes on here, whereby you can set the um pictures themselves and things like that, and what itll do is stitch it all together.

At the end, for you, this is one i just did in the back garden, just to show you it working its pretty cool in it. They actually built that in there as well and from what i can gather is you can move the gimbal around and set all different scenes, and things like that theres loads of other functions on there, which im not gon na, have time to go into this video. In fact, itll probably be another 10 minute video just on the app itself, but if youve got any questions, leave them down in the comments below and ill try and get back to you now, as you know, they sent me this one free now. Normally i do giveaways, but ive been doing quite a few of those over the years and, to be honest, you um a lot of people that enter into them just get them to go on and sell them. So what im going to do now? So if any other companies are going to send me gear – and things like that and stuff that i dont want to use or wont, keep or or make use of, because i dont use telephones, telephones, god, im showing my age there. I i dont use mobiles for um filming, and things like that. I just like to use. Mirrorless cameras cannons and things like that. But what im going to do now is start giving them away to charities, so this ones going to go into a raffle for a local, well, not local, to me, but a local hospital whereby one of my colleagues at works, sons, you know suffer from cancer and Its going to be used for that and im going to do that with other stuff in the future.

I know thatll upset some of you who want to give away, but to me thats a better thing to do with it. So lets get down to the stables. Now check out the different modes and the footage, but dont forget at the end of the video youll, be able to check out that footage of it being on the front of the cast Applause, Music Applause. Music. Wish that i could let you know: Music Applause. Music me, Music Applause, Music, wish that i could let Applause Music. Well, there you go. What do you think? Let me know down in the comments down below and like i said: if youve got any questions whatsoever, leave them down there as well and ill. Try and answer them within 24 or 48 hours like i normally do now. I hope you found this one useful and if you did give it the old thumbs up, please and dont forget hit that subscribe button for more videos, reviews plus out and about films coming along in the future stay safe out there. Everyone have fun, making stuff keep smiling and until the next time cheers for now Music. I Music me whats the matter with me, Music, until Music wish that i could let you love me Music, but there is another mode on here as well.