In the last 13 years, many companies have produced different types and models of android devices. Over time these android developers have become so innovative and constantly working on improved versions of their products competitively now it has become difficult for old and intending android users to make quick choices in replacing a bad, stolen or outdated android device. This video will look at the top seven android phones that hit the market in twenty twenty one before we continue. Please subscribe to our youtube channel by hitting the subscribe button below and remember to click the notification bell to be the first to know when we upload our videos at number. One is googles: pixel, 6 pro with top notch camera performance, proper, android, 12 experience and a well thought out design. The pixel 6 pro is rated googles highest performing smartphone to date it has a top tier camera system paired with fantastic software, and it runs at quite a top speed thanks to the new tensor chip at its core. As with other google smartphones, you get a pure android experience and timeline for future updates with the googles pixel 6 pro one of the most exciting things about the google pixel 6 is that while it can compete with other hybrid android devices, it is arguably pocket friendly, Except for its lack of headset, socket and minimal charging capacity, the google pixel 6 is one of the top android phones coming at number. Two of the top seven android phones for 2021 is the samsung galaxy s21 ultra samsung galaxy s.

21. Ultra is a true flagship for 2021 and we can say: samsung made a statement with it. It has an outstanding display, backed up by a camera that actually delivers the goods. One can say it is a worthy replacement for the galaxy s20 ultra. The software is fully customized, has powerful hardware, supports the s pen stylus and has an excellent finish and overall design. Apart from having no support for micro sd cards, the samsung ultra s21 is good to go. Making it to number three of the seven top android phones in 2021. Is the oppo find x3 pro oppo has undoubtedly been up to great stuff in recent times from the unique and high quality design to the battery capacity. The find x3 pro is one of the best android phones currently in the market. It has great cameras highly sophisticated software, and it ticks all the boxes for a great android experience. The find x3 pro delivers. What we consider a refined finish. One intriguing thing about the find: x3 pro is the back design rather than having a separate unit for the camera. Oppo made the camera protrusion part of the same piece of glass as the rest of the phones back forming this completely seamless and unique curve. The company says it took 2 000 attempts to get this right quite commendable right. This device is quite expensive and seems to have an inconsistent camera system, but for its beautiful design, excellent battery life and one of the best displays ever the oppo find x3.

Pro is a great device number four on our list of top seven android phones for 2021 is the oneplus 9 pro. It offers an excellent android experience with impressive features at a pocket friendly price. This device offers that light touch oxygen, os software treatment, remarkable performance, fast charging and an impressive 120 hertz display number five on the list is xiaomis me, 11 light. The first thing that gets us about the me 11 light is the design it has. This slim look that fits beautifully and has decent battery life. Its mid range hardware delivers excellent performance, although the main camera lacks stability theres a display that hits all the right notes that makes for a great package. So if youre looking to get a slimmer and easier to manage handset on a budget with 5g connectivity, then xiaomi, mi, 11 lite 5g takes a lot of boxes. The sixth android phone on our list today is the vivo x70 pro plus. It is a fantastic piece of hardware, with top performance fast charging and a beautiful display. The best part is that it has one of the best cameras on any phone right now. It is water resistant and has robust specifications too, but for the vivos android skin that still holds it back in the poor software. The vivo x70 pro is a good one. Number seven coming at number: seven is samsungs galaxy z, flip three, it comes in this foldable flip design is waterproof and has customizable colors.

Although the camera and battery could both be better, samsung has absolutely nailed the aesthetic and functionality of this form factor. So if you love the appeal of a foldable flip phone, this is the real deal and it wont get much better.