This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing the gaming test of the new iku, 9 sc. So ico 9 ac is the latest uh flagship quality device. This has the qualcomm 888 chip, so you can see 2.84 gigahertz, qualcomm 888 snapdragon 88 chip, and then we have a 12 gigabyte ram includer on this device, android 12 and extendable ram up to 4 gigabyte is available. So this is the top line top of the line, uh qualcomm 888 chip, and you also get a 12 gigabyte ram and android 12.. So it is having a really good uh hardware and if you look at the geekbench score also, you can see here. Single core score is 1087 and multi. Core score is three four three one, so thats the uh geekbench score so well be doing a gaming test of this device using uh two games as faultline and uh bgmi, and see how good the experience is so before starting the gaming lets see the temperature so 34 degrees on the display and the back panel, you can see that it is 33 degrees, so 30 to 33 degrees, so thats the temperature right now and lets also have a look at the battery. So it is a 61 percentage right now, so thats the battery 61 percentage. So lets start the gaming test and well uh, see how much battery drain happens and also the heating, if any on this device. So lets start with asphalt.

9.. So, oh my wow, so so so now were done with uh asphalt. 9 lets see the temperature so ‘ degrees, so it has come up from 34, 33 to ‘ degrees, so thats, ‘.2, so thats the temperature and the display temperature is around at 37., so thats the temperature after asphalt 9.. So it is still below 40 degrees. So lets go with the next game: um uh, the pubg, mobile or bgmi, so asphalt 9 was pretty smooth here, no lag so no status. It was really good experience overall, so lets go with bgmi. Now this is uh the graphic options. With this game, you can see here bgmi and the graphic quality. We have this smooth balance, hd hdr ultra hd is there under ultra hd uh uh its available, and you can see here, ultra hd ultra is the frame rate or smooth and extreme is also there. Ultra hd were going to play. Uhd is not there. Definitely, okay, so thats the graphic option so lets just try. Uh playing games with this setting and well see how the performance is. Music cover me first point for the red team: Music, no mercy, Music down Music, no mercy, Music, Music expire, Music down cover me Music in the lead Music. Nice shot cover me: Music, Music, Music. Do Music so now were done with the gaming lets, see the final temperature, so it has uh increased over 40 degrees, so thats the temperature still no overheating uh its around the 40 degrees near the camera area.

You can see here, 40 degrees, thats, the maximum temperature and lets see the display display is also quite similar, its less than 40 degree, so almost close to one hour of gaming and still uh the temperature isnt that much its still a very controlled 40 degrees. Is the maximum? Now we played in the highest possible ultra hd and uh? You could also see that we had turned on the most monster mode for the gaming, so monster mode is something which is available on the iq devices, so we had enabled the monster mode and uh we played for almost like uh more than an hour of gaming And you can see here, 21 percentage battery drain happen, so a monster mode obviously will take up a lot of battery, so we played in the highest possible settings ultra hd and monster mode, enabled so 21 percentage battery drained in uh slightly more than an hour of Gaming, so that was the gaming performance, so overall we feel its a really good device for gamers, especially the price segment. It is being offered no heating issues and the overall graphic quality is good. Ultra hd is offered, and you also get the additional gaming options. Uh with the ico devices, so both the games are bgmi or other pubg mobile and asphalt 9 played really well. There is no hiccups, no stutters and the overall graphic quality was pretty smooth and we felt that i could. Nine sc is a pretty good device for gamers, so that was the gaming performance test of the now new iq.