So, im going to tell you what its all about this is the fantasyl novelty design for better experience, and it is a handheld shooting grip with smartphone holder for smartphone. Okay. This is my second one and the reason i bought it again is because it is awesome. The first one i had for over a year and a half and i broke it and it wasnt the phones fault, it was mine, but i wanted to show you how it comes. I ordered it on amazon, it was just over fourteen dollars and it comes with um. This is what it looks like, but it also comes with this cleaning cloth, its in a package, a cleaning cloth for the for your camera. To make sure the lens is always clean, but this is really awesome. You dont have to use any software, it has a handle, so you can put it on your hand on your hand, while youre filming to keep it from falling, and it will also you can spin this and take it off if you just dont want it on There i keep it on there, so sorry, so that i dont drop it. It has a grip which is awesome for holding it, because, if youre, just holding your cell phone like this, its very hard to hold it steady because your wrist starts hurting and your fingers start hurting and your if your hand shakes it shakes. But if youre holding it like this by this, handle its so much easier on your arm and your hand and im going to show you how the phone goes into this spot, all right, im, actually filming on my cell phone on our different uh phone stand.

So, im going to use this old phone, this is just an old phone, its a samsung, and what you do is you, you push it into the top and push up and then put it down, and it holds it very steady. It is so amazing and on the side right here is a button where you can turn it and if you turn it to the right, you can tighten it if you turn it to the left, you can untighten it and turn this around so lets lets. Do that okay, so i loosened it up, which means you can turn it this way. You can turn it any way you want and then tighten it and keep it that way. Im going to tighten it back up now, oops thats loose oops. Okay, so you hold it and you tighten it. Okay, um, as you can see, when you put your phone in this slides up to hold your phone. So when you take your phone, when you get ready to take your phone out, you push up and down, and then that closes see how it closed up there. This thing is its just fantastic, because you dont have to have software. You can use your phone as a camera, its very lightweight, i put it in my purse and it holds my hand steady, while im shooting my videos its very easy to do, especially for someone whos just starting out its only fourteen dollars.

You can use your phone. Take it and its carry it anywhere, you go. I give this five stars for the price, for it comes with a cleaning cloth cloth for the durability, its just fantastic in every way and thats. Why i ordered another one. So that is my review and if you have any questions, please let me know and ill give the link to buy it on amazon. Thank you. So much for watching um.