This phone is created for content, creators and Music gadget sidekick and welcome back to my channel. So how often not in the internets, the all new huawei nova, 9 se and somebody huawei, this phone is definitely one of the best options when you like videography and photography, the helmet 108 mp, the camera – and this is the first time nanoglobal huawei, now 108 mp And massabesic 108 mp huawei is other phone brands out there uh, and that means the glob assam 108 pero, but most of them are pixel, binding and im sure thats huawei management. They have a nice track record when it comes to photography. No in the past and im sure this one is not an exception, though so open it in a box theres. The nova9se and im surprised that i dont call her nakua, no, its the crystal blue color, kitanate, no angandan. No, there are some rays coming out from the camera bump. No, and it really looks nice under the bright sun or mail, nothing rainbow colors. I really like it since its definitely for the youth in a while he might not encounter so inside the box management. Sim ejector pin meron shang jelly case, mirror type c, cable and mero huawei super charge, cable that can charge as fast as 66 watts quickly. It turquoise a loud speaker, type c, port and microphone in, say, baba, anja naganyang, noise, canceling, mic and, of course, uncanny and, of course, theres.

No microsd expansion on the right side, meronshang fingerprint scanner, slash power button and, of course, canyon, volume, rocker and on the other side, malinis, so silicon quad, camera setup node. It has the 108 mp aperture 1.9 main camera 8 mp na ultra wide lens 2 mp dev sensor and 2 ampina macro lens hot harap, 16mp na front selfie shooter, auto phone nato is powered by the snapdragon 680 processor 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage. 6.78 inch now full hd, plus ipsd display 90 hertz and then screen refresh rate. Then merengue 4 thousand milliampere hours of battery, supporting up to 66 watts of fast charging and running on emui 12.. They dont phone nato out of the box whats up, because i really like ion design ya, know very sleek very slim, and this phone only is a 7.94 mm nah ultra team designer, and what i like about this one is so brand new, piston, canyon, bezel. No, and while watching some videos here on youtube, nope like it was a full screen, its really enjoyable, its really full, i mean, while youre playing games watching videos uh scrolling on your favorite social media sites. I mean its one of the perfect on the display now and what i like about this one is display its a 6.78, the display and nishigano cabin for that large of a phone roughly a 6.8 inch Music and its very easy to carry inside my pocket. Yeah.

One of the best things that gustavo dieters of all nato is ambilisia among charge. Given amendment check 66 watts now super fast charge known in huawei, paso conan, so its quite fast and natasha, and charging in roughly just 32 minutes to hit the hundred percent marked law. So either ma bhagala, maligo or mabilisian shaman charge; okay, even though that is just four thousand milliampere hours now i know my beating got roughly 13 hours to screen on time, and this means on a daily average usage. This one is already here in my hands for two weeks now now ive been testing uh using it. As my daily driver, nila vaskosha dynamics office, i mean doing some errands and it can last me through the day without even hitting the charging dock now uh smoke start getting auto around seven. In the morning now, normal usage, facebook uh youtube watching some videos listening to spotify and, of course, uh using some uh chat, apps like viper and, of course, messenger but aromato club memphis, seventy percent, then, at the end of the day, roughly my uh, an average juicer. Just like me, no, this one can definitely last you through the day, but if youre a heavy user, i would advise among the kind of power bank or the bit between your charging. Brick. Of course, every nine proceed without playing a game here as a phone at all, so those games can easily be downloaded from the huawei app gallery or the petal search app, and so i downloaded call of duty mobile details of nato and i was able to enjoy Now giving you my experience on the gameplay whats, this habit of saying you guys now, young uh touch response is pretty okay, no solitude like insane gameplay, since this is not too much of a gaming phone but more of a camera phone.

But if you want to play some games here, call of duty, mobile uh, mobile legend, pubg, uh and genji impact manila, and there are, of course some minimal frame drops and lags along the way. Now you know i wasnt, but um is very uh, responsive, while youre playing the game and, of course, uh. One thing im missing here is, of course, some kanyon or jazno, but uh the loudspeaker is able to make up to it. Okay, i dont really have too much of a problem here playing games, though Music and surprising guys, even though nahindi is a stereo speaker, theres, only just one loudspeaker, which is nasal malachi, surprisingly malachi was able to let me enjoy spotify. Let me enjoy my games watching videos, okay in organic sounds now. One of the things that i like details of all nato is very smooth when youre browsing on your social media site, browsing uh, of course, watching videos here very, very smooth again on screen. I mean yeah uh, probably its just an industry standard, no, no, no 60 hertz on screen refresh rate la tour, 90, hertz and above and its really nice. Your experience is nice here very smooth and like using it on facebook, instagram, twitter, separate scroll, kind of scroll, hindi smooth, and what im talking about is this super camera network neto the 108 mp, the camera sensor? First, ever no in any huawei phone and luckily no no, no! No first 108 mp now on a mid range category, guys flagship new huawei just to be able to try it out.

The hundred and eight and piece of mid range and some of the highlights set on camera. It gives you high res photography, super nightscape, no dark light portrait, ai snapshot and another highlight is that this one? You can use it for super vlog experience? No then it means vedic among continues now front and rear, recording. Then, of course, dual view. Video, no nah, oh no, which is one of the important functions for me know. As you got the creator i say uh you want to let your viewers see whats in front of you at the same time, gusto pajitas of you version and rear, so guys experience using this 108mp camera huawei number 9se. So i was able to take it out. Pinaceal i was able to go out to the bayside going to solar resort and one thing that not notice coditus of cameron todo when youre outdoors shut snow. I mean there are other cameras out there now, but outdoors over saturated on colors, but green mass, greener mass. Oh, a and blue must bluer or eden, but this one it was able to give me natural colors. No and what i like about this one is umbilicity among focus, but if i hit up here focusing on this one, one good thing about this camera is, though it was able to uh, adjust your lighting, para hindi, machado, over exposed and videos guide. There are times some sunlight, of course, everything nothing wasnt.

There are times uh, of course, uh during lunch break and on sobrang luana, but this one was able to perform without the problem, and you got a selfie. Camera is also equally good, though i was able to get some really nice shots outdoors indoors and i really love you guys perform a second camera. I know, but there are times now. No, no! No! No! No! But given me, okay in the lighting, this is a front camera dark scene. I animal perform and, of course, theres. Some super nightscape that allows this phone to take in some nice photos even named dilemma. So you share collageno a few of the videos that i was able to capture on this huawei nova. 9Se check this out so guys right now were holding the huawei nova 9se, and this is by far the video camera performance on this phone and yeah im. Just panning across the bay side here at manila bay lets see how good this camera can be. Uh for videos for photos and by far im saying great images and the colors are punchy, though, and i can say that im quite impressed with this phone, the huawei nova, 9 sc, hey guys its me richmond and right now, im holding the huawei nova se and Right now my face is against the sun. This is how it looks like were just panning around okay, so getting a great view over here and right now. My camera is against the sun, as you can see so yeah its kind of having a hard time adjusting to the lightings as far as im concerned.

This is the performance of the huawei nova 9se for its front facing camera Music. When im out there, its called just my phone, my ultra steady hand, but one good thing about this phone is mainstream built in the eis, though, allowing you to get that good shot without needing a gimbal im, really attracted to this phone, the huawei 09. Se is definitely one of the better mid range out there for this 2022. No and mappy billionaires are starting march 18th ill, be posting the link on the description box below and as of the time that i shot this video while up im pricing, asabi, sakin and ill be posting everything on the description box below official links, no new huawei And i highly recommend this phone to you and me my youth know those who want to start content, creating those who like to take mobile, photography and videography.