Apart from the subtle changes in the fingerprint reader, the moto e40 sports, a higher clock, speed on isoprocessor at a glance its hard to tell them, apart after the much inspiring symmetrical theme designs that we got to love with the nokia 7.2. It seems that hmd global has decided to hit the reboot switch once again. Thus, the g series is sort of a phase 3 device, the first phase being the original six series, and the second phase was the nokia 7.2 and 6.2, so its safe to guesstimate. That hmd global is cutting costs further by having a third party team to design their devices. Hence the similarities seen here with that out of the way lets dive into the nokia g21. The nordic blue color unit i have here, looks and feels gorgeous. The frame has a matte finishing, while the back has texture that gives a good tactile feedback. The highlight of all my reviews are on the camera performance. I will be covering that in detail later, for now, the camera is located on the top left corner and the island is raised a couple of millimeters from the rest of the body. The glass like housing for the camera department is reportedly prone for scratches, so do be careful three camera sensors sit on top and a ridge separates it from the led flash at the bottom. A 50 megapixel ai camera is stated here, so i personally hope it. Doesnt: disappoint much on the top 3.

5 millimeters head jack port in a single microphone and on the bottom, the sbc charging port, the second microphone and bottom firing speaker on the right. The sim card slot and a dedicated google assistant button on the right, the volume rockers and the power button with fingerprint scanner and finally, on the front, an 8 megapixel selfie camera completes the exterior of the device. This is the first hmd global made device to support a fast display rate up to 90 hertz. So how does it feel the jump from 60 hertz to 90 hertz is something that you will definitely notice and enjoy this isnt a gimmick, but an actual perceivable upgrade produces hmd global. Apart from this, the display is very similar to the nokia 5.3 in nokia 5.4, but the blacks are ever so slightly deeper and the tone warmer colors are good and you wont notice the pixels unless you are hunting for them. Unfortunately, unlike the nokia 5.3 that has gorilla glass 3 protection, there is no mention of any such protection on the g21. The bottom firing speaker is good loud and crisp and is enough to fill up a small room, dot no distortion or break at high volumes either. The buttons are sturdy and the fingerprint scanner works, well, dot, no notification light here, unlike the 5.3 amazingly, the device supports dual band wiffy, unlike nokia, 5.4. Essentially, the nokia g21 is what you would get combining the best of nokia, 5.

3 and nokia 5.4. Both the devices that it is intended to replace it has similar dimensions to the nokia 5.3, which is a tad taller than nokia 5.4, and the textured back is borrowed from nokia 5.4, while the matte finishing is borrowed from 5.3. The display is sharper than nokia 5.3 and is quite similar to the ones on nokia 5.4. The dual band wiffy, which is present here, is also present on the nokia 5.3, but absent on the nokia 5.4. Essentially, the android one experience is about the same in all these devices, so there arent much to compare with, but in terms of raw processing power. The device is next to neck, with the nokia 5.3, which comes with snapdragon 665 and a head of nokia 5.4. That comes with snapdragon 662 and the camera department. Nokia g21 comes with a 50 megapixel primary camera, flanked by a two megapixel macro and two megapixel depth: camera ditching, the below average ultra white camera, which is usually bundled within this price category. The nokia g21 lacks cinema mode, but it wont be missed by many, its true that its better to have the options to use it than not to have it at all. But cinema mode requires more tweaking that buyers in this category usually just pass both 5.4 and g21 video recording max out at 1080p, but the 5.3 offers 2160p recording. If you need one, but all three devices lack any form of stabilization, its good that hmd global has equipped the nokia g21 with ozo audio recording.

There is no scene detection, so i am not quite sure what is meant by an ai camera unless it is big tried into the software itself dot. This might be a two edged sword. As from my experience with nokia 8.1, the scene detection gives a more artificial. Looking image with cooler, temperature and vibrant colors and the nightscape, which was working temporarily, somehow reverted back to its non functional state after the recent update. There are many feelings that go into this review to know that we wont be coming across a flagship for some time now and to realize that the designs are no longer unique to nokia. But these decisions are made for hmd global to survive and to continue making nokia branded devices until they are in a position to offer more, hopefully, for now all is well in hmd globals ledger, but not in the hearts of die hard nokia fans, the nokia g21 Is certainly a better package device compared to its predecessor, it hits the right note in offering a meaningful upgrade in the display segment in a good battery life. In the days to come, i will be exploring more on the camera performances that is my area of interest and do share your thoughts on this new approach by hmd global. Thank you for watching.