Now, as you can see from the title above todays, video is all about the samsung galaxy s22, the smallest guy in the entire s22 series. Now the reason why i actually love this device so much is not just because of its compact size, but also how it actually feels like to use on the daily now ive been using this device here for the past one week now, and i definitely have a Lot of ideas or thoughts in my mind that i would like to share with you now, if you notice, i actually reviewed the ultra version a couple of weeks back, but this is actually the one that i really liked, even though i purchased the s22 plus as Well, both devices here are purchased so that i can actually get a feel on which one i actually like, and then i will actually just sell off one of these devices here so that i keep the one that i like the best so before we begin lets. Just talk a little bit about the price of the samsung galaxy s22 now here in malaysia, samsung malaysia is giving us a ton of different campaigns. Theres a lot of promotions going on. There is one that actually awards you, you know. If you buy this device, you get a free galaxy watch and thats approximately 900 ringgit. So its a very good deal. I was able to purchase mine for a special discount for just rm 2975, and that is seriously a very good price in case youre from other parts of the world.

Theres approximately 700 us dollars very affordable for the amount of specifications that youre getting in this little. Guy now done with the price which im absolutely happy about, lets talk a little bit about the design, because theres a lot of things that i like as well now, starting off. Initially, when i saw the design, i felt that it was a little bit bland. I felt that it looked very typical of samsung devices, but as i used it for the week itself, i felt that i was growing towards it. I loved the fact that everything is totally blacked out. We have this very nice matte back here which feels awesome to the touch minimal fingerprints, and i think there are a couple of different colors as well, but i love the black the most now like i mentioned. I even have the green right here, but after looking at both devices, for you know almost more than a week now, i definitely prefer the one on the black. One thing that i do have to complain, though, is that the camera cutout is actually quite sharp on the edges at the back and when you hold your phone like this, it sort of you know pokes into you so its not that comfortable, but other than that. Yeah very happy with the design you do have ip68 rating here, so you dont have to worry about water, rain or darts, and all that so thats great apart from that, you do have very, very awesome.

Stereo speakers, you have your type c port at the bottom. Again, everything is there. What you need is all over here, except for the headphone jack, now done with just the design, and all that i think its very subjective, and you know its just a love it or hate it kind of look. I think its fine lets talk a little bit about the display at the front. Now we do have an awesome display at the front here now. This is just a 6.1 inch display, which is very small, and i think it fits perfectly in my hands here. Actually, now ive actually had the chance to try out a couple of compact devices. I also have the xiaomi 12, which is slightly larger than this little samsung s22, but yeah. I found that this size actually works really well now. The best part that i love about this display here is that it is completely flat on the front. There is no curve on the sides, and that makes it like super easy to use. You dont have any accidental touches at all on the sides and its just perfect now in terms of the image quality and the numbers that you need to know now, this is actually a 1080p device, but the fact that its 6.1 inches means that you have a Ppi of 485. That means it is freaking sharp here on the s22. Apart from that, you also have the dynamic amoled.

That means you have variable refresh rates. It is 120hz. That means everything is buttery smooth. The touch sampling rate is actually 240hz, which is not spectacular, but it works great on the device itself now, apart from that, it also supports hdr 10 plus you have a brightness levels of all the way up to 1 300 nits, which is really really bright and Other than that, it is also protected by the corning gorilla glass vectors. That means you dont have to worry about any scratches on the display itself. It doesnt even come with a screen protector attached now, thats, just in terms of the display. Overall, i think it is one of the best displays, like i mentioned earlier, on, a 1080p device on a 6.1 form factor is just stunning. It just looks amazing guys. The colors are great. We have awesome contrast. Levels watching movies is so good on this somewhat small display now do i have anything to complain about the display? Yes, sometimes when you play games, you know your hands might actually go over the entire screen, because it is quite a small form factor. So if you play games quite a lot – and you might actually want to think about that – but overall, i still think it is very. Very usable now lets move on and talk a little bit about the cameras at the back, because this is also something pretty cool here now we do have the exact same sensors at the back with the s22 plus, but we are missing out the 108 megapixel main Camera that was on the samsung s22 ultra.

Is it a big deal? In my opinion? It is not. Now we do have a 50 megapixel main sensor. We also have a 12 megapixel ultrawide and last but not least, we have a 10 megapixel telephoto lens. That comes with ois, there is no useless macro, or you know dev sensors over here, so everything here is very useful. Now, in terms of the image quality, i took quite a fair bit of photos. You cannotice that during the day, if youre taking indoor shots of just objects, the pictures look very color accurate. It looks very, very good, guys, theres a lot of detail and it looks very realistic. But if you do shoot a little bit outdoors, where theres a very blue skies and a lot of green trees, i actually went to the park to take a couple of photos. You notice that the skies are always. You know a little bit more bluer, the colors. Just pop a little bit more on these photos, but overall i think it still looks great now moving on to the ultra white here again with the 12 megapixel ultrawide, we are getting a lot of detail. Theres not a lot of soft ranges on the sides of the image like we see on other ultrawide. Sensors overall were just getting a very pleasing image. That is a lot of detail and color looks very accurate as well. Overall cameras wise, i love everything with it. Uh detail, colors everything just looks great now in terms of video.

You can go all the way up to 8k at 24fps, but typically, i only record at 4k at 60fps, so thats what i actually did with the device. It also has ois on its main sensor. That means recording videos. Everything is very smooth. You do not have a lot of jitters. The ois works perfectly fine. So if you like to take a lot of videos, you might actually want to consider getting the s22 now in terms of heating. It does heat up a little bit and it drains quite a fair bit of battery when you use the camera quite a lot. So you might just want to take note of that now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about the processing power because we do have the latest snapdragon 8 gen 1. In here in terms of ram options, we only have 8 gigabytes of ram here in malaysia. Im not sure about other countries out there and in terms of storage options. We have 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes. Bear in mind that the sim card slot here is a strict dual sim sim card tray. So you are not able to put in any micro sd. So you cannot expand your memory on the s22 now in terms of performance. Obviously, since we are getting the best processor here, yeah everything runs really well. If you just launch apps, you know the camera. Everything is super quick. However, when it comes to gaming, i did notice that it tends to heat up quite a lot and im sure some of you guys might already know that samsung is throttling the processor when it comes to games, and i did experience that in mobile legends.

So when i was playing mobile legends after like five or six minutes, i noticed that there was a little bit of stutter here and there just a little bit, not too major, but i didnt notice it in the game itself, so that kind of ruins the performance. A little bit, but i know that samsung is working on an update to the gos, the game, optimizing system or something like that uh and that should actually give us by the maximum potential that we can get from the snapdragon 8gen one. So definitely looking forward to that uh overall performance wise, if you are not a heavy gamer, i think this is absolutely perfect for you now, moving on lets talk a little bit about the battery that we have in the back now. This is actually one of the weakest part of the samsung s22. Now, although it is not as slim as you might imagine, we only get a 3700 mah battery now with steel. It only supports 25 watt fast charge and you do not get the charger in the box so based on my daily use, i noticed that the battery was draining quite a fair bit. I mean, obviously it is a small battery, so it will drain faster. I played a couple of games. I even played like watch a lot of youtube as well did a lot of browsing here and there, and my screen on time was approximately five to six hours, which is not great.

Now when it comes to charging. It is also a very slow story. I mean i have my, u green charger, im, not sure if you guys know that brand it supports. I think 60 watt fast charge, but apparently its not really compatible with this guy. So it took me from 15 to 95. I got it 80 in approximately one hour flat, so its definitely not the fastest out there one hour to charge the phone. I guess i got to go and check out the charger officially from samsung but yeah in terms of battery life and just charging speeds its. Not the best out there, but yeah youre getting a compact device, so this is something that you should be expecting all right so thats just in terms of the battery overall guys uh. Who is this device for? Am i happy with it? I must say that yes, im still very happy with this device here i love everything about it. The display is awesome, its one of the best displays and again at 425 ppi. It is super sharp. The bezels all around are symmetrical. You have that awesome. Look apart from that, the cameras are great. You have a very good processor in here, apart from gaming and yeah, overall, its just a very, very good device, a very good compact device that you can get in 2022. If you are looking to buy something that will you know ensure that you can use it for the next couple of years.

You are the kind of person who changes your phones, you know once every two or three years, not every year, then this is actually something that you can consider, because if you want the compact size, this is the best that money can buy today. Of course, there are other options like the xiaomi 12, which is going to launch very soon. You also have the asus zenfone 8, which is using snapdragon 888, so yeah. But overall, if i had to choose one, i would definitely go with the samsung s22. All right guys thats it for todays video. I hope you found it a little bit more useful if you like this video dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel and thank you for staying all the way. To the end, i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.