The 12 pro looks to be a solid flagship, with remarkable amount of improvements in upgrades, but is this enough to make you buy one lets inspect Music hi welcome good to meet you michael and we inspect freshtech over here. Just just look at it feels amazing. Looks amazing and this silky smooth texture on the back so nice well thats, xiaomi, 12, pro latest and greatest coming from the chinese company, and i need to underline that everything youre going to hear about this smartphone during this episode is based on my own personal experience On the xiaomi 12 pro global version, which has mostly software differences to the chinese edition, but i would say they are significant and im going to show you. Why? Now, for the past three years, for at least a few months, ive been using a pro model from xiaomis flagships for a daily driver, and i think i have pretty good idea how much of a difference this one has as opposed to the previous generation and so Far in the past years has been rather small steps towards the right direction this year, i think we have some significant changes. First of all, xiaomi are only going to release the xiaomi 12 series as a brand, meaning that everything which is mid range and lower end is going to be remaining for the other two brands redmi and poco. Secondly, internally, we do have a lot of changes. Yes, the main camera remains 50 megapixels, but xiaomi switched to entirely different system, which is coming from sony this time.

So did this run smoothly and how about the rest? Because here we have the controversial snapdragon gen 8, no snapdragon, 8 generation 1. We have 120 watt ultra fast charging on a single cell and also the changes with miui 13. So there already is plenty to talk about. The price of this phone starts at 1100 costs 50 dollars more than the samsung s22 plus, which happens to be for the first time ever so putting aside the introduction of thoughts, let us focus on the xiaomi 12 pro itself, heres, the unpacking part and well in A few moments youre gon na find out the first major advantage here comes some instructions, warranty terms as a starter, read them thoroughly so that you dont get disappointed in case you ever apply for a warranty, repair, thats, a transparent protective case. If someone from xiaomi is interested in my humble opinion, well, such kind of case has no job right next to such a premium flagship like its nice, its some sort of protection but being transparent, its really boring and the quality not impressive at all. For the record. Oneplus have done really amazing job with packing their even mid rangers, with pretty fun and good looking protective cases, and this one, this even shows the rainbow colors. If you bring it out during daytime included, are a data and charging cable and yeah the iconic 120 watt turbo charger. This unit alone costs nearly 50 bucks charges the phone to full within less than 18 minutes, which would excuse almost any kind of battery endurance issues.

The phone – oh the phone, you know when you see the renders in the images of a new device, sometimes youre gon na feel, like its gon na, be boring. Well, this here is quite the opposite. This is the phone with the nicest feeling in the hand that ive ever had as a daily driver, silky smooth something similar to oneplus 9 pros back texture. But a lot softer and nicer and doesnt seem to scratch very well designed cuts, especially those for the speakers which are again harman kardons signed needless to say that the sound is going to be phenomenal Applause. I do have a remark, though its related to the sim tray now look carefully in here. Well, this side, this is the hole where you need to press in order to hijack the sim tray. This here is the microphone hole which you can very easily mistake for, for being the same tray eject hole, meaning that, if you, if you press it hard enough that most likely is going to damage the microphone, meaning that when you are maintaining the sim cards, be Extra careful concerning the most interesting characteristics at a glance. It sounds spectacular, ltpo plus amoled display with up to 120 hertz refresh rate snapdragon 8 gen, 1, 8 or 12 gigabytes ram up to 256 gigabyte storage, a new 50 megapixel main camera, also a telephoto and ultra wide camera. 4 600 milliamp hour battery with the brutal 120 watt charging all the latest connectivity protocol standards and bunch of extras.

So this is indeed premium packs, the best from the android world and uncompromising choices for each and every component, almost its a five star design, especially the display dolby vision, hdr 10 plus the overall experience when watching content is amazing, theres a feature that you can enable Called memc, which can make videos to appear at higher refresh rate than they originally are something similar to what oneplus and other vendors are doing as well. It is not enabled by default, but quite easy to enable, and you can select apps where its going to be active. Additionally, when you watch videos with lower quality, they can get fair amount of treatment and improvement. Whatever component you decide to analyze, there are cutting edge technologies and strong sides. Let me drill down to the remaining components and talk about their real life performance. Continuing with the battery life. The endurance has been somewhere between very good and excellent, and there are two important things to know here: firstly, about the charging: well, we obviously can count on wired charging through this type c port and the 120 watt charger, which can bring this battery to full within Just 18 minutes, the unique part is that here we talk about a single cell charging, unlike the way it is with the xiaomi 11t pro from a few months ago. Also, you can count on wire less charging, whereas its 50 watt based and charges the phone up to full within around 40 minutes.

The second interesting advancement is on the miui side, because, finally, here we have miui 13 based on android 12, and i would say that standby times are remarkable. This phone virtually loses almost no power when it is in standby condition. You dont use it and ill give one basic example: uh the times for a battery cycle compared to my previous daily driver. The oneplus 9 pro are at least 20 to 30 percent, better in favor of the xiaomi 12 pro performance wise snapdragon, 8generation 1. Well, there have been very mixed signals about it. I saw a few early reviews of the xiaomi 12 pro the chinese edition and it didnt perform that well, but now the global version is quite different. Throttling tests didnt show any significant troubles. It looks like the new generation of the chipset well outperforms, the old one. There barely are apps that are going to keep the cpu at the max scale for too long anyways. Taking a further look heres, the dual sim tray with waterproof rubberized, add on. We can see the infrared blaster, which is pretty nice, because you can use the phone instead of most remotes at home and, of course, the beautiful speaker cuts, so lovely design, premium, feeling top materials and some of the best characteristics of 2022. So far does that leave room for any criticism around the hardware. In my opinion, yes, it does. For instance, this phone is not officially ip rating certified, meaning its not officially waterproof.

Therefore, if you drop it on the pool and theres some sort of damage caused by water, its not covered by the warranty, not that other vendors are respecting the warranty in such cases, but thats a totally different scenario and topic. The other thing, which is quite weird, this usb port, which is type c based and looks exactly like the charging ports of most other flagships, but this one supports usb 2.0. Only so you cant take advantage of the significantly higher bandwidth of usb 3.2, and also there is no video wired output. Okay, this time ive made you wait for the camera samples a bit longer. Well, it is a sony samsung mixture here xiaomi opt for the imx 707 main image sensor by sony. Is it good well lets check it together? Me 11. Ultra vs, xiaomi 12. Pro shows that the main camera on the xiaomi 12 pro is at least as good as the one on last years, flagship placed side by side with oneplus 9 pro. The difference is pretty significant in favor of the xiaomi made device just notice. The lack of details in this area, the more samples you explore, the more likely are you to agree with me that xiaomi tends to overexpose the photos a little bit, which most people automatically assume are better photos. And even if we look at the details, this is the case. Indeed, we actually count on a triple camera setup. So, besides the main sensor, we also have two other 50 megapixel sensors, the ultra wide and the two time zoom telephoto lens for the ultra wide camera.

I can only say good things, except for the fact it is not optically stabilized, but for such ultra wide angle, lenses, its anyways, not a must the telephoto its also great optical image. Stabilization is in place, and you nicely have a software zoom slider up to 20 times zoom, but its rather useless the 10 time zoom converts into a 5 times software zoom of the telephoto camera, so its bearable, but not as good as the real optical zoom. In other phones, in that regard, i really enjoyed the 5 time optical zoom, with me11 ultra, and here maybe samsung – has delete with their awesome 10 times zoom in the lens of the s22 ultra assessing the low light photos and also taking a look at the video Performance, i could summarize the camera like that class leading main camera performance, excellent, ultra wide angle, sensor and very good telephoto camera. You really need to pay attention to these three new options: the motion tracking, which blocks the focus and follows an object or a person. The ultra knight photo mode, which is a wow and the alternate video mode, so im walking here trying out the front camera of the xiaomi 12 pro and im still a little bit stunned because ive just discovered there is no macro mode, no dedicated macro mode. On the xiaomi 12 pro, which is about the same weaknesses, we discovered with the me 11 pro and the m11 ultra from last year, but anyhow focusing here on the front, camera and the audio qualities.

What do you think good, but comment below if you switch to the telephoto camera and use the ai option? Youre gon na get good enough macro mode results. Hopefully, xiaomi are going to figure that out and bring it in as a feature because it works quite well. Given the fact that the lens has optical stabilization, the miui camera app remains fluid well organized with a lot of creative features. More than enough for most people, and i can totally recommend it. The pro video mode is fascinating, with the only remark that 24 frames per second is only possible in 8k recordings, since we already are on the software side. Let me share more of my observations. This is the first time i thought xiaomi made flagship as a truly premier smartphone during the setup. The android is so smooth youre going to love it. Miui 13 is the latest software piece from the chinese company and the skin runs on top of android 12. Underneath from what i can say so far, its rather bug free, super stable super smooth, the animations that ive always criticized are finally on par, maybe even better than other flagships. I think finally, xiaomi have achieved a point where they offer smoother than the iphone experience, and it was even better than the other popular for its smoothness brand oneplus. I really am delighted with the operating system because it finally behaves the right way. There still are tons of customizations and still some bloatware, most of which you can uninstall xiaomi pack, the facebook app as a system app.

There is the amazon shopping, app and a few others, but it deserves nothing compared to what we can find on redmi or even wars on pocophones, for instance, no ads on the operating system level. It has always been among the most stable skins and now its. Finally, among the smoothest so lets hope, xiaomi are going to keep the positive trend in the next months and theyre going to provide more and frequent updates. As usual, i want to show you my list with the drawbacks before giving the phone a rating. The weird usb 2.0 implementation, the lack of telephoto camera with greater zoom and the modus for 2022 hour battery, oh and the two basic original case. But in the end, this smartphone is better than any other 2021 flagship and so far better than most 2022 flagships easily. Better than galaxy s22 better than s22 plus, i would say if we exclude the usb thing and the lack of a telephoto camera with greater zoom yeah in many ways, is better than galaxy s22 ultra as well as for the pricing, i have my special opinion about Pricing of flagships for the past few years, because i really do believe they have gone kind of crazy well, thats been everything about xiaomi 12 pro global version at the first site after a few weeks of testing on my end as a daily driver. So if you do happen to have more questions or some follow up topics, please shoot in the comments down below i plan to use it as a daily driver for the next few weeks or months so yeah.

If you want to get to know something else, i think ill be helpful. Well, thanks for being on my channel today and watching this video about the global edition of xiaomi 12 pro, hopefully useful and enjoyable, and i look forward to seeing you in the next episode.