com. As you can see today, i have a brand new video to give you unboxing, and the reviews about digi take three access. Gimbal, as you can see here, uh. This is the this is how it looks like la cabrana, corona, zumba, tortilla uh. They have all this kind of mozla and everything is there and they they also have a app. You can even install an app called gimbal pro and through the app you can use this kind of uh. You know features in the app which is in the app but its not important to have a app to use this gimbal. This is the most common that people are asking whether it is very important for us to use the app or not well, today, im going to show you that, so they have all these features. You can read everything in details, its all there. Okay, now im going to show you here: this is the box inside the box. This is how it looks like it comes with one cover to protect the gimbal and gimbal is inside here, and they have all manuals. User is also there. They have this to carry the gimbal and they have this tripod. You know, to put you know below the honey uh gimbal and you can put it in the stand, stand with the layer, so you can just open it up straight with the online standard, so ill show you how to do that later on now, let me show You how exactly the gimbal is now im gon na open it up and uh.

Please bear with me because im just shooting this alone without any help or hes like this. Oh, okay, so im just opening up! This will go all the way here. So here the user so now proceeding further. But this is how the gimbal looks like and since it is like this, a power on binding option moddy or on anabago the animate, the app used by the times you use bigger. But this joystick is the joystick which will help you use here in there so honeybee now i will put one uh camera phone, which i have and then ill put it out there and ill show you about the camera as well, but before i do that this Is the usb you can even charge your animator phone as well and it through the usb cable usb power supply? This will not charge with the way and the app is used to zoom in and zoom out, no problem and uh. They have this shutter just to an empty, app use machinery and beauty capture. Basically, finally, you dont have to click on phone. You just need to click on this. It will capture the video or you know, pictures snap, any vanilla, so im going to show you now by putting an any camera and first im going to show you without using an app how it will be useful without using an app. The question is, would it work now? Let me show you okay now i have put the stand also, and it is in standing position and gimbal has been already attached and i have even attached this string for the back.

You can carry easily like this with this string now this is the charger cable where you can put an inside gnarly. You can put out here and charge with this lock connect with this and connect with your usb uh. You can connect with your computer system or you can put it in your charger and put it in to touch this gimbal. You can do that as well. Now, since this is this position now, you must be wondering why this is like this. Well, i have to balance this first, so i have to go back and theres one button out there and i have to balance this la and for that i have to lose. It first lose it and i said, pull baby so now. This is that dish. Now, im gon na go a little bit high to balance it almost there. Almost there lets see this okay, so im seeing a tight base tight, big o, since this is a balance i did not. I did not turn on that when it turned on beauty. This is how exactly it looks like see completely balanced now so its a green light color. That means its ready. Now i im using without applause without app. Now let me turn on my camera im. Turning on my camera and my camera is on now, and i can simply use this button – just simply use this button to move any part of honestly, so you can control.

You can go 360. yeah theres a limit im just saying here you can use it rotate. Now you can rotating back, so i can use this as a tool where i can do an interview and everything i can use this also like this, and i can even use like this. I can you know, take it here, and there see the cameras is still there. You know, camera is still moving, i mean its not moving. This is the advantage of the gimbal. This is the use of the gimbal. Even your hand is shaking your video is always recorded in stealth mode stabilizing the movement. I can go up and i can go down this much. I can rotate and i do root it up. Im going to go up all the way up to the ceiling. Not only in ceiling itll turn to my face, so basically its 360. okay, so without app im using it now, let me show you how exactly you can use with an app. What is the difference? Well, this is without an app now, if im, using without and with an app, so i need to go and click on the gopro gimbal pro is the app that you need to install while using this app im gon na turn on this. So, im going to allow that to allow everything, so i have to allow so turning on bluetooth now my phone and my phone and this gimbal bluetooth is connected, so i need to click on this pair connected as its connected.

Now i can go to home. I can go to home and enter the camera. I can you seem to go on the camera so since it is bad balance and im gon na a little bit balance, i so now it is shot on now. This is the camera of apple. This is not my default camera of the phone, it is a camera of the app, so i dont know most of the people says the quality of the camera of the app because it is all recorded through the app never now it is all recorded through the App now here i have options where i can use as well. I can simply click on the button here behind to snap the photo thats, how i can snap and if im using video, i i can even zoom in and zoom out, zoom in by clicking here here this button zoom out. This is the advantage of using an app and you can choose the video mode. I can simply click on the back button here on the button and the button fg recording would zoom so now. Im gon na click on so its recording mode. Now its recording in stealth mode. Now, if i want to move here, i can move. If i want to move here, i can move so. Basically this is the anime, this uh, the video quality la 1080 with 30 fps quality email. So i have four uh 0.7 gb memory left because of the app that im using.

So though you can store all the videos and everything in the app it will go to your cloud. It will show the battery and everything you can even control the shutters and everything, though so basically theres, nothing to know more about this, because it seems normal, even if youre, using app or even if you are not using app its totally up to you. But this is the only difference between using a app and without using app. So this is how you can use these digi tech 3 axle gimbal. Now this is the unboxing. Now i will give you the reviews. The reviews would be its good that it has a standard with that, with the stand. What i can do is. I can use this gimbal to record my videos. I dont need anyone to have. You know catch the camera. For me, i can use that it can. It will work as a tripod zombie also, so it will work as a tripod as well as a gimbal, which is very handy so and at the same time you can use it amazingly and right now the video is still recording right now it has been recording, Like this so im gon na turn off like this and to turn off simply, i need to push a button below here behind so its all. The difference is only this much like you can you know without an app also you can use it, but you can use it manually as well.

You have to turn on your camera. You have to record everything you have to push a button from here with in your camera, thats how you can do it, but – and they also have this back and easy to carry everywhere. You dont need the box. You know i have the other gimbal uh. There is a huge difference between this and this gimbal and i will show you so i have this gimbal also. This is also this is chinese, and this is indian theres a difference in chinese. It is also a gimbal, but you know it. Doesnt have the back. So i have to carry with this box everywhere i have to travel. This is so you know this is the really pain in the you know. Bottoms really bad. So let me open this, so it will be like this packed nothing. It doesnt come with anything its just a box and this protective thats it and it doesnt have the stand too sad part about this gimbal is it doesnt have a stand, but, yes, i can use it too. It still works, but now, since this is vibrating, why? Because theres no phone put it inside this gimbal thats why it is showing that problem. So if i put this uh, you know your phone here. The rated red light will contains too green, but i need to have a camera first put it in. So this is the. It is also one of the good uh game.

You know gimbal, but i it doesnt comes with the tripod, but it do have this. You know space to put the you know, put the tripod also. I can use that tripod also here if it is possible yes, but it doesnt comes with that. Little tripod key any stand, and it doesnt comes with this back so hey this is so i wouldnt. I would not recommend you this uh. I would recommend you this because it comes with fully functional package held, you know, with back and with tripod, so it is a multi purpose. Multi purpose, amazing. It is used as a tripod. Also it can be used as a gimbal. You can record the video. You know make a movie like other videos, amazing, thank you so much for watching it. Bandrobes.Com will be coming up with another videos as well same like this, with unboxings and everything reviews, and i would rate this product as uh. You know not exactly the 10, obviously because of the app the quality of the app when you are recording the videos and everything it seems like the quality of the picture becomes a little bit uh. You know blur so just because of that reason, im giving nine out of ten but rest is amazing, so i would recommend you to go ahead. If you want to place an order, youll find this product in, so make sure you reach out and visit our website or you can call us 17329216 for order.