Ive ever received its also one of the most generous gift sets ever but whats inside hello and welcome back to marcos reviews and thank you for subscribing. If you have, and if you havent subscribed, the button is just down there, so this is the find x5 pro 5g, its oppos latest flagship smartphone, and if you order it before the 23rd of march, you get this massive box of goodies theyre worth nearly 400 pounds. I think theyre really nicely considered, but is this phone any good and, more importantly, is it better than the galaxy s22 ultra very quick run through of what you get in that box? So, along with the phone you get the oppo enco x, earbuds, which are worth 169 pounds. You get the oppo watch free, which is worth 89 pounds. You get a 50 watt wireless charger, thats worth 75 pounds and then finally, you get a kevlar aramid protective case, which is worth 40 pounds. This is the oppo watch. 3. ive been wearing this for a couple of days now and its just a very simple health band, fitness tracker, but its actually quite nice. Its got heart rate monitoring fitness monitoring, sleep tracking, which is what im really enjoying using actually, but its also got a 14 day battery life and thats, despite having a fairly high resolution screen and its pretty quick for what it needs to do. I like this. I need to spend more time with it.

I dont know if its an apple watch beta but yeah a nice little thing to throw in next up is the enco x earbuds, which are worth 169 pounds and yeah. They look very similar to apples, airpods pro theyre co created with dynaudio, so theres lots of kind of heritage there in terms of the sound quality and they do sound really good. Actually, they fit my ears nicely 25 hours of battery life. Really nice slim case. I love the case on these its great. They sound, really good, actually, im quite impressed with these and its usbc. Next up is the 75 pounds, 50 watt wireless charger, its a wireless charger. You cant get that excited about it, but it is very nicely built and yeah its on my bedside table right now, its uh, its just a nice stand, and, lastly, the kevlar aramid protective case, its just a phone case, but its nicely made its got. The oppo branding on it, its nice and thin very light feels quite tough as well, which is the kevlar thing. I suppose – and it looks nice on the phone so and you will need it on this phone, which ill come on to in a moment right onto the specs and pricing for this oppo find i wish they had a better name than this. The find x5 pro. I think ill just call it the x5 from here, because its just easier. So this is 1049 pounds in the uk.

It comes in two different colors, which is glazed black and ceramic white. This is the glaze black version and it is one of the prettiest phones. Ive ever seen inside, there is the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip, 12 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery its also ip68 water resistant and dust resistant, and the pricing for the x5 does put it firmly in this kind of Iphone 13 pro max slash galaxy s22 ultra bracket, so it is definitely a flagship phone in that respect. Now, when it comes to the design, as i mentioned a moment ago, it is, i think, the prettiest smartphone ive ever seen, and most of that is because of this ceramic back. So its got this very, very shiny ceramic back, which kind of melds into where the camera lenses are. So you dont get a camera. We get a camera bump, but you dont get the traditional camera bump that you might get on, for example, the s22 ultra or the iphone where theres a ridge. This very neatly and very kind of gracefully, just melds around it and its not going to be to everyones taste. I dont think, but i really like it. It looks futuristic, it looks like smartphones should be designed in this way and that ceramic back its just so shiny when you first get out the box, it does take your breath away a little bit now. There are some issues with that too, principally.

The first one is that it is the slippiest phone ive ever used. You can put this im, not joking on a pretty much flat surface and it moves in fact its a great tool for working out. If your surface is level, i now know, for example, that the breakfast bar in our kitchen aint level. The second issue is, of course, fingerprints and smudges. This thing picks them up like nobodys business. You can clean it pretty easily to be fair, you can actually clean it with your hand to a degree weirdly, but it does get very smudgy. That is the problem with tech like this, as beautiful as it looks in product shots and when you first get it out the packaging and when you give it a good polish, when you start using it, it just looks a bit grubby, which is a shame because Oppo have clearly spent a lot of time and effort on the design of this thing. They clearly care about it built like a tank as well. If you do the flex test, theres literally no flex there whatsoever, and it has corning gorilla glass on the front which is nice. So, although youre probably going to put this straight in a case, i mean why would you ever want to damage that back, although oppo does say that this is apparently pretty scratch resistant? Even so, people are going to put this in a case, but despite that it is the prettiest most ergonomic and pleasing to hold smartphone.

I think ive ever held the screen on this x5. Pro is absolutely stunning. Its a 6.7 inch amoled. You can set it to 1080p or 1440p resolutions. Its also got the dynamic 120hz refresh rate that weve become very used to with these flagship smartphones like the iphone 13 pro and the s22 series. That makes it feel very, very fluid, but also it conserves battery life because it ramps down that refresh rate right down to one hertz. If youre not doing much on the screen, then when you start scrolling, it ramps it back up to 120 hertz. I love high refresh rate screens now im a complete convert. It also supports 10 bit color hdr 10 plus video, its got 800 nits of brightness. I think the peak is 1300 nits, so its a very bright screen. It also has something called nature tone display, which is very similar to apples, true tone which basically corrects the white balance based on the ambient room light and makes the whites look white nice to have that on here. The s22 ultra doesnt really have it. I know you can set the vivid and natural neutral whether its called colour settings, but it doesnt quite work like true tone. This does. It also has tiny, tiny bezels the screen wraps around slightly on the left or right hand, sides which gives you this lovely expansive display, but it does have one drawback, which is, if youre holding the phone like this.

Occasionally, your finger will touch the screen and do something on the screen. Ive had that a few times which can be a bit frustrating but all in all its a lovely smartphone screen when it comes to biometric security, just like the s22 ultra, you get both facial recognition and a beneath the screen fingerprint sensor. They both work brilliantly, but i do find myself for some reason, using the touch not touch id using the fingerprint sensor more often than i thought i would, and that feels like a bit of a relic for apple people like me, but actually the more you use It the more enjoyable it is, and its a complete aesthetic thing, but i love the animation that this phone gives you, when you put your finger on the screen, it kind of lights up and theres. This little ring thing that goes around. I just really like the fingerprint sensor on this when it comes to performance. This is one of the first phones to feature that snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip. Now, as a bit of context, i have the s22 ultra here, but mine is the exynos version, so in the uk were not lucky enough to get the snapdragon version of the s22 ultra. We have to make do with with basically samsungs own chip, which is the exynos ive said this in my review, which ill leave a link to above. It still feels like a snappy phone this, but theres, no doubting the fact that the oppo feels a little bit quicker, theres, definitely a bit of lag on this occasionally.

I mentioned this in the review that occasionally, if youre opening apps or coming out of apps, it jutters a little bit the best way to describe it if youve used an iphone. This feels like an iphone in terms of how fluid and quick it is, and as for the version of android, its called color os that is oppos own take on android, and i really like it its not particularly different to stock android. It looks a bit different here and there, but they havent done too much to it. Theyve been quite respectful, which is a good thing, trust me um. They do put their own stuff on there. They put their own apps and things on there. You can just delete them and put the stuff on that you want, but it was a very simple setup process and i took to this version of android just as quickly as i did with the s22 ultra one of the first things i noticed when i got This out of the box and looked at the back of it, was the name hasselblad, which is a very famous high end camera manufacturer. So, to cover that off straight away, this phone doesnt include any kind of hasselblad hardware, its purely a software thing which ill come on to in a moment. But in terms of lenses, you get three on the x5 pro you get: a 50 megapixel f, 1.7 regular zoom lens a 50 megapixel f, 2.

2 ultra wide and a 13 megapixel f, 2.4 telephoto. You also get something called marry silicon, which is oppos image processor, which sits alongside the snapdragon and does all of the clever stuff for your photos, its not bad. It takes some fairly decent photos, ill put some on the screen now for you, theyre, nice and sharp. I think the white balance is spot on macro mode is really good. Night mode is fantastic. This shot of my car. This was a very dark scene and quite tricky because theres a bit of contrast going on there on the left and right hand, sides of the body of the car, as you can see, but it handled it fantastically im really really impressed with that photo. The telephoto is a little bit noisy and a little bit soft, as you can see in this photo of my beer from last night and as you can see on my lego defender, theres a bit of an issue with dynamic range at times. So its not a bad camera, its just okay, really. But what i do like about this phone is the influence of hasselblad and that doesnt mean youre, getting hasselblad lenses or gear inside the phone youre, just getting basically three filters and a pro mode and the three filters have been developed with three different hasselblad photographers. The first one is called radiance, the second one is serenity and then thirdly, youve got emerald, and i think they all look quite nice theyre, just quite nice to play around with the other thing you get with this hasselblad thing is a pro mode, which basically turns The camera into a dslr, so you can change everything from the shutter speed to the aperture white balance.

All that stuff you just get manual access to all of those features. As for video, this thing shoots up to 4k, which is fine. You dont need 8k and its not bad. To be honest, you get nice dynamic range, its perfectly usable 4k footage its not as impressive as the iphone. I think the iphone is still the king when it comes to video, but youll get some decent footage out of this phone, so its an impressive camera, but just remember that youre not getting a pocket, hasselblad right battery life um its really good, really good. So i charged this yesterday. This is the last time it was charged. Yesterday it came off the charger. I think at about 6 a.m, obviously had 100 of that time, and if i go into the battery now so now it is 8 oclock. The next day, its got 42 remaining. That means time since last charged one day, 2 hours and 38 minutes and according to the battery app on here, it could last for another 13 hours and 25 minutes and also oppo. Thank you very much for including a charger in the box im all for reducing waste and all that sort of stuff. But it was quite refreshing to open the box and find a charger in there and its not any old charger, its actually an 80 watt charger, which gives this the fast charging capability since ive, been using the s22 ultra and also the iphone 13 pro max.

Ive got used to two day battery life for phones and its a bit of a revelation. I still love my iphone 13 mini, but that wont get you through two days at all. This is actually i do think it might be down to that snapdragon. I do think that the x5 pro is a better performer battery wise than the s22 ultra, and it is absolutely on a par with the king of battery, which is the iphone 13 pro max in terms of competition. There are two competitors to look at for this phone. The first one is the iphone 13 pro max, which is a superb phone, its the exact same price. As this 1049 pounds. They both feature the same: build quality theyve both got high refresh rate screens, so it just comes down to whether or not you prefer ios or android its a really simple choice in that respect, if you prefer ios get the iphone, i think the far more interesting Comparison is between the galaxy s22 ultra and the x5 pro the s22 ultra is more expensive, its a hundred pounds more expensive in the uk. You do get some freebies, not quite as many as this, but you do get at the moment anyway. At 12 months of disney plus – and you also get free galaxy buds, pro samsung also does a very good trading program. So if youve got an old, for example s, whatever s10 yeah theyll give you quite a lot of money for it, but it is tricky choosing between these two.

Having said that, the winner, for me personally, is the s22 ultra. The reason for that it has a better camera than this by quite a distance. Actually, i do prefer the width of the screen on this. It feels like a more substantial device in that respect and for some people the s pen will be a differentiator. It isnt. Quite that for me yet, but its early days and the reason i do prefer this over. This is because its got it and its just something else to play around with and see if i can fit into my daily life. But it is incredibly close and in the uk at least this is a quicker phone than this because of the snapdragon versus exynos thing. But if you are a note person, then obviously the s22 ultra is the phone to go for the oppo find x5 pro 5g. I wish it had a better name is easily the best looking phone in the studio im really enjoying using it its such a good performer. It just feels iphone like in terms of its fluidity and speed and all that sort of stuff and the camera its okay. It gets you by. I do like those hasselblad filters. I think they make a big difference. The battery life is just stunning and obviously, if you order before march the 23rd, you get all this stuff for free, which is incredibly generous. But if you strip all of those freebies back, it is still 1049 pounds which does make it a flagship smartphone.

The good news is it completely lives up to that hype. This really is a very, very good phone. If you are an oppo fan or if youre, just looking for a premium android experience, i dont think you can go wrong with this now if youve still got some time, keep watching for a link to a video where i can pair the galaxy s22 ultra against The iphone 13 pro max trust me, you dont, want to miss that one, but until next time, thank you as always for watching ill catch.