Looking for the craziest and the best specs, they just need an iphone. An iphone to take calls to take great photos, its a small form factor its cheap and thats enough for most people, but at the end they just want an iphone that will last them a long time and thats exactly what this iphone. Se is its everything that you love about the iphone se, but it brings new advanced features and incredible performance to apples most affordable, iphone. Its now got the a15 bionic 5g better battery life, improved durability, a new camera and so much her more just to shut me down, show her off like shes a new trophy. The iphone sc features the classic aluminium and glass design. Now, with the toughest glass in a smartphone, its got the exact same glass as the most expensive, iphone 13 pro and thats amazing. We also get a stunning and very small 4.7 inch, retina hd display. It features true tone: a white, color, gamut, incredible, color accuracy, haptic touch and more so everything that you look at your photos, your emails reading. Your books will look great even in sunlight. Now listen, this design is iconic, but i would have really preferred apple to put the iphone se into an iphone 10r looking design, i mean weve had this design for ages and im, okay with apple refreshing, it one more time but again and again and again i Dont know man, i really wish they would have changed it up.

It comes in three colors black red, and now it comes in starlight, which is kind of like a more goldish version of white, and it will cost you 429 dollars that is 30 more expensive than the previous generation iphone sc. I dont know how i feel about it, because one of the things that i wish the previous generation iphone se had was a cheaper price, but apple did the total opposite. They just made it a little bit more expensive. So it is what it is: Music, Music yup. Well, if that happens to you, you should be okay, because the iphone sc now has an ip67 rating one meter up to 30 minutes. So you should be okay for accidental normal day, like spills like coffee, water, tea. Your grandmas soup, you should be okay, we still get touch id for unlocking our iphone logging into apps, and my personal favorites apple paint touch id is not a bad feature to have on an iphone. A lot of people make touch id seem like a thing of the past. Look if you have an iphone se and people are making fun of you, you can make fun of them every time they do like this. Every time you know with a face mask and its not a bad thing to have its great in an era that were wearing face masks all day long now the iphone sc might seem really similar in the outside, but definitely not in the inside, because the inside Is just mind: blowing the iphone sc now has the a15 bionic chip on the iphone as seen, that is the exact same chip as the iphone 13 pro.

So, if youre upgrading from an iphone 6 that will be five times faster, if youre upgrading from an iphone 7 that will be 3.7 times faster and if youre upgrading from an iphone 8, it will be double ass fast. So if youre, upgrading from a previous generation iphone, the difference will be huge and not only that apple doesnt want you to upgrade this iphone because its got the craziest speeds and you can game on it, which you can do that as well. Gaming on the iphone se is great because you can have unlimited power like emperor palpatine has youre gon na be the next darth vader if youre using the iphone se, the power is limitless, its so powerful, but thats, not the concept and the people who buy this Iphone they dont want the craziest speeds. They just want an iphone that will last you a long time. That is exactly why the a15 bionic is here on the iphone sc multi tasking opening apps. Turning on your iphone, all of that will feel incredibly smooth now, but not only now, but a bunch of years from now, which is super important for those type of people who upgrade their iphone ones, every four or five or six years and thats super powerful. Let me know, let me know an android phone that can do that at that price. I know youre. Looking me, i know the android fans are hating on me right now, but you tell me in the comments an android phone that is this powerful at this price tag, keep on researching because he will not find it.

There is two things that i love about. This iphone one, the performance and two, the camera, the camera on the iphone se is a super reliable camera, its a very reliable camera during the day full of colors details and great textures, its a standard, iphone camera, and i dont see that as a bad thing. We had way too much fun filming this video look at the images and videos we shot on the iphone sc. It was a lot of fun with me. If you ride with me, you can slide with me if you feel like 550 on the fast stick, you can get high with me thats the deal right ride with me. That was fun right, drop a like on this video. If you guys enjoyed the images but heres the thing, the new iphone se has the exact same 12 megapixel camera as the previous generation, but big, but like big big. But i like big bucks, Music thanks to the a15 bionic. We get additional features to the camera. We get photographic styles on the iphone se, which is a feature that i love on my iphone 13 pro samsung fans will tell you that the galaxy takes the best photos. Google advance will tell you that the pixel takes the best photos. One plus fan tail will tell you that the oneplus takes the best photos. Well, guess what no smartphone takes better photos than the other. The iphone tends to be more natural.

Looking the galaxy takes more vibrant. Looking the pixel takes more contrasting, looking photos, its all about the image processing and with photographic styles, you will be able to select the photographic style that you like from standard, vibrant, rich contrast, warm and cool, select, one of those photographic styles and every photo that you Take will be with that photographic style. So, if youre like me and you like more vibrantly, happier colors well, you can turn on vibrant mode on the iphone se, and your life will be happier because life with vibrant life with happiness is better. We also get deep fusion, which optimizes for texture and detail in every part of the photo. We also get smart hdr4, which applies individual adjustments for color, contrast and noise to subjects and the background we get a 7 megapixel front camera to take selfies with which is really not the best and especially at low light. Its really really not good, and i would have really loved to see ultrawide selfies coming to the iphone scene. For me, its a must have to take ultrawide selfies, i mean, if youre more than four people taking a selfie you dont fit. I use it every single day every time i i take selfies with my iphone 13 pro. I always shoot them with wide. So its one thing that i really missed with this iphone and thats the thing i would have really loved to see cinematic mode coming to the iphone sc dark mode.

I mean the iphone sc doesnt. Take good photos during at night, so dark mode would have been amazing to have Music hows the battery life on this thing. Well, the battery life has definitely been upgraded and you definitely notice it, and it is an upgrade. The iphone se, desperately needed apple, has added two more hours of video playback and you notice it a lot. Is it enough, though, its not its its really not enough, at least for me, the iphone sc does not last me, through the entire day and its one thing that i complained about with the previous generation iphone se, i needed a longer battery life and we got A longer battery life, but i need i need more battery life. I need an iphone 13 mini. I need an iphone 13 battery life, at least for me that doesnt mean that everybody uses the iphone as much as me, but just because the iphone se isnt. For me that doesnt mean that it isnt for you all right. Let me tell you the good and the bad about this phone really quick before i give you my final thoughts and who should buy this phone. The bad theres two things that i dont like about this phone one, the battery life it just its just not good for people who use the iphone a lot for people who work with the iphone and 2. The design i really wish apple would have opted with an iphone 10r looking design, especially in 22, 22 2022 and the good.

There is a lot to like about this iphone, its so powerful, the a15 bionic. It will last you a long time. The camera, the camera is extremely reliable. It is super, so its got a really good camera. The colors are vivid. We get a bunch of details. The price the iphone comes in a really really good price tag for a bunch of people to come in with the apple ecosystem, its small, if you love small iphones, this iphone is for you so thats the good and the bad. Now my final conclusion and who should buy this phone, the new iphone sc, is frustrating as much as i hate to say this. There is a huge market for the iphone sc, but the iphone 11 is around the same price and has a cooler looking design ultra wide cameras ultra wide selfies, its got a wide ultra wide display, but it doesnt have the a15 bionic tip and im not saying That the iphone 11 is for everybody or the iphone. Se is for everybody, but the iphone 11 is for people who are in a budget, but the iphone se is for people who want to buy an iphone. That is reliable. That is good but, most importantly, its an iphone that will last them a long time and, if youre looking for a really good iphone that will last you a long long time guess what this is.