Galaxy. A03 comes with good specifications in budget category enterprise that sweets for everyone, but its considered a secondary phone that cannot be relied on. As a basic phone or as a basic phone for the elderly and children, the phone from front, it comes with 6.5 inch. Dft resolution hd plus screen one of the weakness of the phone, its the weak resolution and support quality, as well as the odd screen design and it comes with a water drop on the top of the front camera. And this is an old design. Because now we see a punch hole in the budget, phones and also the bottom edge is very large, as it is not logic. In 2022, the phone comes with a very simple and traditional design. When you look at the font from the back, you will find that it comes in one color and there is no color gradation and the back is rough and smooth in textures, and this makes it not affected by the impact of fingerprints. And there is a square of the rear cameras and single flash, and there is no fingerprint device – comes with a single mono speaker at the bottom and a micro usb charging board and is an old considered one of the phone defects. There is also a mic for calls and a 3.5 millimeter jack for hand free and in the top you will find active noise cancellation mic. Galaxy 803 comes with only one security method, which is to unlock the face, and there is no finger bent and it is one of the defeats of the phone.

As for the performance of unlocking the face its accurate and the past in identifying the face, the device comes with a dual rear camera. The main camera comes with 48 megapixel, and this is an excellent number. The second camera is 2 megapixel and deep sensor for portrait mode shooting the camera. Experience comes as a surprise, because the camera performance was good for the perilous category of the phone good, dynamic range and good details in daylight, its very normal for the tails to preview. On low light at night in general, the camera is very good about front camera. It comes with 5 megapixel and is a small number but its a functional camera and cannot be relied on the take a high quality selfie portrays, but makes sense as price. The last thing in todays review is the battery, as it comes with a giant five thousand milliampere hours and its a huge number. But what is wrong with the phone is that it does not support fast charging and inside the box comes with a charger with a capacity of 7.5 watts only, and this makes the phone take a very long time to charge. We come to the point of the processor: it comes from unisoft ums, 92 9230, with two copies of internal memory and ram first copy three gigabyte ram with 32 gigabyte, rom and second copy, with 4 gigabyte ram with 64 gigabyte rom. This is all about the new samsung phone in the budget.