In this video, i list out eight reasons why you should consider buying Music. One hello, everyone amania from mr phone and welcome to my review of the samsung galaxy tab s8 plus, but before we proceed, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest update. Now, before we get to the good part and trust me theres a lot of good about the galaxy tab, s8 plus, let me list a couple of things that i believe could have been done better with the whole package, while the tab s8 plus supports up to 45 watt fast charging, which is great – you actually dont, get a charger in the box. The haptics on this tablet isnt as precise as i would have liked it to be so. The vibration feedback is okay. I would say here, but nothing special. Now this third complaint isnt exactly a con and is also not about the tablet, but about the keyboard cover that you can purchase at an extra cost. First up, the keyboard is very clicky and i loved typing on it and, of course, the keys have good travel. So, overall, the keyboard is pretty good. However, i would have loved to see backlighting here and for the money. I believe a trackpad would have made the package sweeter with this out of the way. Let me tell you why the galaxy tab s8 plus, is every bit worth its asking price.

Unlike the ipads of the world, samsung keeps it simple and gives you a straight choice of 8gb, ram, plus gb of storage. You can either go for the wi fi version that costs about 75 000 rupees or you can opt for the cellular version that costs about 88 000 rupees. In comparison, the ipad pro series start from 128 gb and go all the way up to one terabyte, which is good in a way. But if you want to purchase the higher storage variant, then youll also have to shell out insane amounts of money. Good for the galaxy tab – s8, plus that you get a dedicated micro sd card slot here, so keep it at 128 gb. If you like it, however, going all the way up to one terabyte via microsd, also wouldnt cost a bomb and while both ipad pro and the galaxy tab s8 plus, are not affordable tablets by any means. When it comes to price to performance ratio. Samsung does have the clear edge. The front is grazed, with a 12.4 inch super amoled display which, by the way, looks gorgeous. It also packs all the bells and whistles such as a 120 hertz refresh rate hdr10, plus white, color, gamut and so on. So, in a nutshell, colors pop you get inky blacks and, in my opinion, this super amoled panel looks even better than the mini led panel of the ipad pro 12.9 when it comes to the overall quality and color reproduction.

Of course, in terms of overall brightness or even the adaptive 120 hertz refresh rate, these couple of things are a plus on the 12.9 inch ipad pro, but as a consumer in the real world. I firmly believe the brightness levels that you get here on the tab. S8 plus is sufficient and, as i said in terms of overall display quality, the super amoled hands down beats the mini led. One more thing that i really love here is the use of a 16 is to 10 aspect ratio which gives it that laptop feel when propped with the keyboard cover, and i also believe this is an ideal aspect – ratio for someone who likes to watch a lot Of movies shows and play games, i mean it simply makes sense to have a wider display rather than a tall one. Moving on the galaxy tab, s8 plus, is only about 575 grams in weight and measures a mere 5.7 millimeters thick. So undoubtedly, it has a slim profile and it matches the numbers with its predecessor, the tab s7 plus. However, this year samsung has used armor aluminum for the metal construction and the company claims that this material is about 30 stronger than the last gen model. Either way you get a good looking tablet that is slim and light, but also feels every inch premium, ive already complimented the beautiful display on the galaxy tab, s8 plus, and how good things look on this thing.

However, the multimedia experience becomes all the way mesmerizing because of the presence of the quad speakers, which are one of the loudest, clearest and richest. That ive heard on any modern day tablet, or even many laptops, heres an audio sample Music. So, as you just heard, rich and loud to fill up a room now in terms of hardware, the galaxy tab s8 plus is powered by the latest snapdragon 8gen1 chipset, and all this power is coupled with one ui 4.1 atop android 12. For the software side of things do note the galaxy tab s8 series are among the samsung devices that are promised to get four years of android os updates, which means, if you decide to buy one right now, then be rest assured that you will definitely see android 16 on this tablet, but coming back to the current scenario and like one ui feels polished for the galaxy phones, the formula is repeated with the galaxy tab series as well. One ui 4.1 is well optimized to work on the tab, s8 plus and looking at the treatment. The number of features on offer samsung has done a very good job. Another ace for samsung is the presence of decks which transform the android like tab, ui into a more pc or chromebook like ui and honestly ive loved using dex on the tab, s8, plus to such an extent that for this review period i barely touched my mac For doing things, for instance, i write scripts.

I do video calls. I edit photos, i transfer files, i watch netflix and so much more and for all of this, ive only been relying on the galaxy tab. S8 plus. I have also started traveling outside with only the tab, s8 plus on me, leaving my laptop behind confidently. Apart from this in terms of performance, the tab s8 plus flew through every task that i threw at it. Ram management, despite the 8gb ram, has been great on one ui. Thermal management was also good, even while playing long sessions of games. The tab, s8 plus never really got alarming. Hot multitasking has also been good. The display is also big enough for using apps in multi window s. Pen is another samsung staple that we have seen on many previous gen galaxy devices this year. Samsung claims to have reduced the latency to about 2.8 milliseconds from 9 milliseconds last year on the galaxy tab, s7 plus, and while i dont have the exact tools to measure the numbers. Trust me, i can assure you that if you are someone who loves doodling, sketching coloring or like me, if you simply jot down a lot of notes in that case, youll appreciate the s pen. Experience on this large canvas samsung has, of course, got us covered with a slew of first party apps that can take advantage of the mighty s pen. But if you want more, then you can always look at other free or paid apps available on the google play or even the galaxy store at the rear.

You get dual cameras, that is a 13 megapixel main and a 6 megapixel ultra wide. At the front. You get a 12 megapixel snapper for video calls and selfies now, honestly, im, not the one who prefers taking out his tablet to capture photos and videos, but if thats your fancy, the cameras on this tablet are pretty decent, of course, not as good as the galaxy S phones, but pretty good for a tablet. In fact, this sample that youre watching on your screens right now is uh right now being recorded from the front camera of the tab. S8 plus. So this is the kind of output you can expect. This is the kind of video quality which i think looks great for a front camera, and how does the audio sound, considering uh the tv is being tv is being played in the other room? My brother is also playing in a different room. So what do you think about the audio quality, how the mics working? Let me know in the comments and definitely by watching uh, this video clip. You can judge the overall quality for yourself and, of course, uh. This quality by the way is definitely much better than most of the webcams that is offered on many laptops out there, even at the high end ones. Finally, battery life has been another key area. That has definitely impressed me so much so that, as i mentioned earlier, i have barely touched my mac.

I have kind of replaced my mac for the tab, s8 plus here i mean i do use my laptop sometimes, but right now its been totally rare since ive had this tablet and in terms of endurance, the 10 090 mah battery on the tab, s8 plus always Lasted me for over a day and do note, i have been completely using this tab as my laptop replacement, so everything that i do at work like emails, scripting photo editing, file, management or even the fun stuff like watching, shows youtube listening to music. With all of this, i think the galaxy tab s8 plus has lived up to my expectations. The tablet space hasnt been any more serious. I mean up until now. The ipads of the world have definitely dominated the tablet market, but with the galaxy tab, s7 series that came out last year and now carrying the momentum with the galaxy tab s8 series this year. I believe the android tablet ecosystem has a very bright future. So, in a nutshell, if youre in the market to buy a superb high end tablet, that has an amazing screen: excellent performance, chops, good battery life, but doesnt go as crazy on the pricing as the ipad pro. In that case, i strongly suggest going for the galaxy tab, s8 plus now. The ipad pro is a fantastic tablet, but somehow for me the closed nature of ipad os has always been a problem, but on the other hand, the galaxy tab s8 plus gives you the power and oomph, along with the flexibility and freedom of android and by the Way, samsung dex is unmatched and is simply on another level, and that was my review of the samsung galaxy tab.

S8 plus. So let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch.