Is there enough innovation here for sony to rise to the top of the flagship game and will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music? Unlike some manufacturers that aim to dazzle customers with the looks of each new model, sony has been sticking to the same, tried and true design language for quite a while. Now this time around, the finish is frosted rather than glossy. The back is made from gorilla glass. 6, with a matte aluminum frame, theres, also a dedicated google assistant key and a two stage, shutter release button for the camera and you get full ip68 rated water resistance, as youd expect from a sony flagship. The display is a 6.5 inch oled with gorilla glass, victus protection, plus the xperia 1. Mark iii is the first smartphone to pair a 4k resolution with a fast 120hz refresh rate. But honestly, this is pretty misleading. The panel only runs in 4k within certain supported apps. You never know which ones and sony clarified to us directly that when 4k is enabled the refresh rate will automatically dial down to 60 hertz, so you never actually get 4k and the high refresh rate both at the same time still we do appreciate the 120hz refresh Rate when it is enabled which is basically all the time – and there is support for high frame rate gaming too, which is nice even if its not in 4k, if you are able to get something to render in 4k, the screen features a super sharp, 643 ppi And, of course, you get those deep oled, blacks, theres, hdr support and colors are punchy by default, but can be made super accurate through settings.

The max brightness of this panel is a bit disappointing, though we measured up to around 350 nits with the manual slider, which boosts up to just 560 nits in auto mode when in bright conditions, some apps, like google photos or chrome, do go as high as 620 Nits, but only if you have creator mode on – and this is still much less than you can achieve – on rival flagships with oled screens for audio the xperia 1 mark iii has a pair of front facing stereo speakers with the top one doubling as the earpiece. These are nice, but not the best around. They earned a good mark on our loudness charts and, while vocals and treble sound great, the low end is a bit lacking Music. You also get a headphone jack here, which, these days many other flagship brands have done away with. You have options for a whopping, 256 or 512 gigs of storage on board and its even expandable on top of that, and waking up and unlocking the phone can be done with a side mounted fingerprint reader, which doubles as the power button. The user interface is pretty much stock. Android 11, with a few sony touches here and there you get a pretty standard. Looking home screen as well as support for android 11 features like notification. History, theres also something called side sense. Tapping on a bar on the edge of the screen will bring up a menu of shortcuts to apps and features and swiping.

The bar will open another panel for split screen. Shortcuts handy for multitasking multi window switch is pretty neat too. It basically opens up a separate task, switcher for each half of the split screen, giving you even more control if youre into this sort of thing, theres a game enhancer which not only has its own menu but is also accessible in game. On top of providing settings for refresh rate, it also gives you performance and notification options and shortcuts for video, recording and screenshots behind. All of these features is a proper flagship, chipset, a qualcomm snapdragon 888 5g, as youd expect performance is flagship grade. The interface is hiccup. Free and you can run heavy games but compared to other flagships with the same chipset. For some reason, the xperia 1 mark iii falls behind a bit cpu wise, at least in benchmarks, and on top of that, the thermal management here isnt the best we experience, significant thermal throttling and the phone heats up quite noticeably in the hand, even when youre not Doing anything that intensive the xperia 1 mark iii has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery larger than last years model. But despite that battery life is quite similar in our tests and pretty unremarkable overall with a final endurance rating of 82 hours. Charging speed is also nothing to write home about the xperia 1 mark iii comes with a 30 watt charger and it was able to take the phone from zero to two percent in half an hour.

All right lets move on to one of the most highly anticipated features of the xperia one. Mark iii is cameras on the back theres, a 12 megapixel main cam with ois a special 12 megapixel periscope telephoto cam, which offers two different optical zoom levels: a 12 megapixel ultra wide cam, which has autofocus and a 3d tof sensor. Photos from the main cam are really good overall theres a nice amount of detail, and we like the natural rendition of grass and foliage here. Theres low noise, colors are lively, but not over. The top and dynamic range is generally excellent. The ultrawide camera also delivers a strong performance. Images are sharp and detailed with colors that match those from the main can and good dynamic range, though you may encounter a blown highlight from time to time. Next, the telephoto. There are two zoom levels at 2.9 times or 70 millimeter equivalent. The images are well detailed and have wide dynamic range and colors consistent with the other cameras. They are a little on the softer side, though, and theres some visible pixelation in some details. Switching to the 105 millimeter, equivalent or 4.4 times, zoom results in a strangely low res preview on the viewfinder. Looking at the actual photos, though, you get pretty much the same result: quality wise as the lower zoom level, but these are softer even sometimes hazy. Portraits can be shot with the main cam or either zoom level of the telephoto main camera portraits, have very good detail and proficient subject: separation.

Theres no hdr though so backlit scenes may end up blown out. You could say the same things about the telephoto portraits and their perspective is improved by the longer distance to the subject. However, these photos are a lot less sharp selfies are taken with an eight megapixel front facing cam. You end up with ok images that have reasonably wide dynamic range and likable colors and dto is adequate for this resolution in low light, the main cam captures sharp and detailed images with well controlled. Noise colors are true to life, and dynamic range is generally pretty good, though we wish the shadows were boosted a bit. There is no night mode available on the xperia 1 mark 3, but there is some image stacking going on here in auto mode at night. The ultra wide camera also produces sharp and detailed images with low noise. These also would have benefited from better developed shadows at 2.9 times zoom. The telephoto cam captures decent nighttime images, theyre, not the sharpest, but if the scenes arent too dark, you get good detail and reasonably low noise levels at 4.4 times zoom. The sharpness drops a lot, but these photos are still okay with nice, colors and decent dynamic range. In the default camera app, you can record video in up to 4k at 30fps with all three rear cameras, but you can go all the way up to 120fps. If you use the cinema pro app for your shooting anyway, at 30fps 4k.

Footage from the main cam is good. Overall colors are lively, yet accurate dynamic range is wide and theres very low noise. The detail level isnt too exciting, though 4k videos from the ultra wide look great. They have wide dynamic range and have very competitive levels of sharpness and detail. The telephoto camera doesnt quite live up to expectations, just like with the still photos at 2.9 times, zoom the detail, level, isnt bad and you get nice colors in dynamic range, but theres a general haziness to the look of this footage at 4.4 times zoom its much. The same result, but the overall definition and contrast around the details are even less impressive, theres electronic stabilization available on all three cameras. It works great on the main cam and the ultra wide completely ironing out shakiness from walking and smoothing out pans. The eis doesnt work as well on the telephoto, though, with some noticeable shake left over so thats the sony xperia 1 mark iii. You get an elegant water resistant design, an oled screen that offers both a 4k resolution and a 120hz refresh rate stereo speakers and a headphone jack, a flagship chipset and a premium versatile set of cameras. However, when it comes to battery life and charging speed, this phone trails behind the competition and the two headline features the display and the telephoto cam both come with some caveats. This screen doesnt actually make much use of its 4k resolution and when it does, it wont, run at 120 hertz at the same time, plus the display just isnt that bright and while the telephotos multiple focal lengths are impressive from an innovation standpoint, the picture quality just Isnt really there at the end of the day, if youre a sony fan looking for a flagship, the xperia 1 mark iii could be right for you, but otherwise you can probably find better value elsewhere.