Now i actually really like this form factor its very slim and light shiny, finish fingerprint magnet for sure, but i absolutely love the design and how this feels in the hands now screen quality, while youre looking at a 6.1 inch, oled hdr, full hd plus display, with A very high pixel density of 449 and a high 120 hertz refresh rate and the screen is protected by gorilla glass. 6.. Now the actual screen has an aspect: ratio of 21×9 theyre, calling it cinema wide display, and it is a very wide display and i like it – and it means the phone is more narrow in width and therefore fits in the hands perfectly so amazingly comfortable form factor And, of course, pure quality build by sony now, one thing to mention is sony decided to keep bezels on the top and the bottom, so you can actually see the camera on the top bezel and i havent seen a top bezel on the phone for quite some Time now so sony decided to go old school. With this design. Now performance wise, you have qualcomms snapdragon, 865 optical clocked at 2.84 gigahertz with 8 gigs of lpddr4 ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. There is also option to expand with a micro sd card up to 1 terabyte now another feature to simply blow your mind is the sounds. You have stereo speakers and they are up firing speakers, so youve got one along the bottom and one on the top and they fire upwards.

They support dolby, atmos and high res audio, but also there is a feature called dynamic vibration, where the phone syncs to the movie youre watching and gives you these vibrations and the experience becomes very immersive. Ive not experienced this on a smartphone before it seems very similar tech to the playstation 5 game controller, which also supports this type of vibration effects. So, apart from the incredible sound quality, the dynamic vibration will take your experience to another level. So how are the cameras? Well, youve got triple cameras on the back with a 12 megapixel main wide sensor, a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 12 megapixel ultra wide and on the front youve got an 8 megapixel camera located on a top bezel. Now you can take some great looking photos in any situation in any lighting, all cameras and sensors produce excellent results. Video capture is also top notch. At 4k resolution, the native camera app is very user friendly and will allow you to capture 4k video at a maximum of 30 frames per second. And if you want to shoot 4k 60 or 4k 120 slo mo, then you have to use the cine pro app and whilst im actually okay with this app for the average consumer, the software might look a little overwhelming or complicated to use. Now there is also a dedicated camera button on the top and, if you keep it pressed for two seconds, the native camera app automatically opens and you can use the same button to take photos.

And if you press it in halfway, you can actually auto focus. Just like a real camera, so overall cameras are impressive. You will absolutely enjoy shooting pictures and videos with this phone. The camera experience is great. Now, a few other things to point out. You have stock android 10 with blazing fast ultra smooth 120 hertz refresh. Furthermore, this phone has a bluetooth, 5.0 audio jack on top built in nfc wi fi 6, and this phone does support 5g. So its pretty much future proof. Battery life is actually very good. The phone will easily last you more than a day with medium to heavy usage, and even when you set the refresh rate to 120 hertz, the battery will still not disappoint you. Furthermore, it supports 21 watt fast charging and, whilst that does not sound very fast in this day and age, you can actually get from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. So 30 minute top up charge can easily last you a whole day. So, to sum it up a premium flagship smartphone which ticks nearly every single box. There is so great display great build quality, great specifications, powerful performance, uh, great camera setup, great software, ip68 rating, superb sounds and vision, lots of cool technology and features jam packed into this smartphone. However, there are a few drawbacks that i have to mention now. There is no wireless charging, the cinepro camera app might be too technical for some people.

Both sides of the phone are quite slippery, so definitely need a case to get you started. Unfortunately, you dont get a standard silicon case in the box. Now another negative is the fingerprint sensor, which is mostly good, but sometimes you will be trying twice and i think the sensor might be too slim in size and i have configured my thumb twice, but it is still a little slow and temperamental at times, especially when You pick the phone up in a rush and you want to unlock it. Youre usually going to try twice now the final negative point. This phone has a lot of buttons all on one side, so youve got there. If you can see it, youve got a volume. Rocker, a power button which doubles up as the fingerprint sensor youve got a google assistant button, which i wish was not there as it gets pressed accidentally quite a few times, and then you have a button which i do actually like the camera button. So, apart from all that, sony has absolutely hit the nail in the coffin. This one is a near perfect smartphone and, to be honest after using this as my daily driver for over a week, i absolutely love the display. The cinewide display the form factor its absolutely perfect for me its exactly what i always wanted from a smartphone. I have many smartphones lying around, which i find too wide for my hand, and then youve got something like this 6.

1 inches of pure oled beauty. 120. Hertz. Look how nicely that fits in the hands? Sound quality and dynamic vibration is insanely cool and even in 120 hertz mode. The battery life is great.