So these are set to be released for 200 bucks, and these will be a great pair of earbuds to match. With a xiaomi phone, they have four different levels of active noise cancellation. They have two levels of transparency mode, they have multi point connection, so you can connect the two devices at the same time and they even have a 3d audio feature which is similar to apples. Spatial audio, so these will come in carbon black as well as gloss white. The charging case is pretty straightforward. It has a smooth glossy finish, which makes it very easy to handle its also a nice pocketable size. It has an led indicator on the front and a type c charging port on the bottom, and it does support wireless charging moving over to the earbuds. We obviously have a stem style design and one thing about these earbuds. Is they actually change color under the light? So its not just a flat white as far as the controls, these are using squeeze controls and they give you the option to play and pause as well as track forward track backward and adjust your ambient sound control. They also feature in ear detection, which means your music will automatically pause anytime. You remove one of the earbuds from your ear, so the earbuds are running bluetooth, 5.2. As far as audio codecs, they support sbc aac as well as lhdc, which is an alternative to aptx. As well as sonys ldac, but its only available on certain phones, including xiaomi phones, these also support independent use.

So if youre the type of person that likes to listen to one earbud at a time while the other is inside the charging case, then these have you covered. As i mentioned, they do feature multi point connection, which means you can connect to two devices. At the same time, so if you want to connect your phone as well as your laptop and switch between both devices, you do have that option. As far as battery life youre, looking at roughly 6 hours on a single charge with a total of 24 hours, including the charging case, keep in mind that battery life will change depending on your use of the different features. These also have an ip55 dust and water resistant rating, which means if they happen to get wet theyre going to hold up just fine. So when it comes to the fit with the right size, ear tips, i do find these to be rather comfortable. They do seem to have an ergonomic shape that sits nicely in the ear and they also stay in my ear fairly. Well, so, whether you have small ears or larger ears, i think these will work in terms of the fit. But again, the key is to make sure you get the right size, ear tips. So as far as the sound quality, these are using 10 millimeter drivers and these are definitely giving you a well rounded balance. Type of sound the bass is present, but not over the top.

The mids and highs are clear, but not too sharp and as far as the volume id probably give these an 8 out of 10, so its not deafening volume, but i would say its enough for the average person. If you have a xiaomi phone, then you can use that lhdc codec, which should give you even better audio quality and as far as the 3d audio feature, you will need a xiaomi phone for that as well and from what i understand its similar to apples. Spatial audio, where it tracks the movement of your head and adjusts the sound accordingly to give you a very immersive experience. So when it comes to the active noise cancellation, these are claiming up to 40 decibels of noise reduction, and the performance is actually really impressive. I would definitely say its in line with other earbuds within the price range and, like i said you do have four different levels of active noise cancellation, but similar to some of the other features. You will need a xiaomi phone to access them. As far as the transparency mode, these do give you a very natural sound. There are some other earbuds that i would say, perform a little bit better in terms of transparency, but overall i would say that the performance here is solid. Now lets go ahead and do a microphone test to give you guys an idea of the call quality all right. So this is a microphone test of the xiaomi buzz 3t pro right now we have quiet conditions, so this should give you an idea as to how you would sound if youre, taking a call in a quiet environment but now lets see how they sound.

Once we add some background noise, all right so now we got some crowd noise being played on the speaker, so this should give you a rough idea as to how you would sound if you take calls in a more noisy environment, testing testing one two: three testing Testing one two three so overall, you can see why i would say that these would be great earbuds for someone with a xiaomi phone, because thats the only way to unlock their full potential. So if you have a xiaomi phone or youre considering a xiaomi phone, then i would consider checking these out as well so thats, my video on the xiaomi buzz 3t pro. Do me a favor if you found the video to be helpful, give it a thumbs up as well as consider subscribing to the channel.