This smartphone comes with top notch specs and one of the standard features of this device is the honor ram turbo technology. On the front of the x8, you get a 6.7 inch lcd panel that offers a refresh rate of 90 hertz. You also get 93.6 percent screen to body ratio and tuv eye protection. Just above the display. You will find the 16 mp front, shooter for all your selfie requirements and on the right edge. You get the volume rockers and the power button that also doubles up. As a fingerprint scanner on the left edge, you will find the dual sim slot, while at the top edge you get the noise cancelling microphone and on the bottom, you get the usb type c port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, the speaker grille and a secondary noise. Cancelling microphone at the rear of the honor x8, you find the quad camera setup now. This includes the main 64 mp lens, a 5 mp wide angle lens a 2 mp macro lens and a 2 mp depth sensor. You also get a super night mode for better photography under low light conditions. The battery on the x8 is rated at 4000 mah. The phone runs on android 11 os with honors very own magic ui 4.2. On top of it, the honor x8 is powered by qualcomms snapdragon 680 processor, coupled with 6gb of ram 2gb of honor ram, turbo and 128gb of storage. Space now lets talk about the honor ramp turbo.

What it does is that it uses dynamic group compression and super memory, flash fusion technology to extend the capacity of running active apps in the background of the device. This means that, with the honor x8, you get a phone that gives you an experience of a phone with 12 gb of ram since the apps run. In the background, you can switch faster between them without having to relaunch the apps completely in our tests. In each of the scenarios, we found that in the honor x8 games resumed from where it stopped tick. Tock videos resumed from where it stopped and even amazons app resumed from the product page from where it stopped. Even after using multiple applications with the honor ramp turbo technology, you can have up to 20 different apps running in the background. At the same time, which makes the honor x8 the best ram turbo smartphone on the market till date in terms of photography, the honor x8 does an amazing job under good lighting conditions. However, since the phone also comes with the super night mode, shooting very good quality images, isnt an issue: the camera module on the x8 comes with an intelligent, multi frame synthesis algorithm. Now this allows the smartphone to capture amazing pictures in dim light and night mode scenarios. The x8 also captures more details in night mode with better exposure. The 5mp wide camera on the phone meanwhile, can cover up to 120 degrees of field of view, making it a super wide angle camera just like the honor 50.

The honor x8 also offers dual view. Recording with this feature, you can shoot from both the front and the rear sensors. At the same time since the honor x8 comes with a 6.7 inch, 90 hertz display with a 93.6 percent screen to body ratio, you also get an immersive experience when watching movies or playing games. Furthermore, the tuv rhineland certification ensures eye strain free multimedia usage and gaming. The honor x8 also supports 22.5 watt supercharge in just a 10 minute charge. You get up to 3 hours of battery life, while in 90 minutes you can charge the device to 100 of its battery capacity. The performance of the device was pretty good. We did not encounter any stutter or lags while using the device thanks to honors ram turbo technology. The honor x8 is now available at a price point of 899 dirhams in three different colors, which include titanium silver midnight black and ocean blue. If you are looking for a smartphone with the best ram turbo technology, the honor x8 should be on top of your list. The honor x8 does walks away with the gadget voice.