Today i have a really special phone here. This is the unihertz jelly 2. um, its actually pretty impressive for how small it is because its a three inch screen – and it has six gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of storage – has an octa core processor, 2, 000 milliamp hour battery a 16 megapixel camera on the Back and an 8 megapixel front facing camera and it supports 4g no 5g, which makes sense for the size, but it also uh runs android 10.. So lets go ahead and get the plastic wrap off and ill leave a link to this down below uh. You can get them on amazon or directly from unihertz for around 200., all right so theres a couple seals that we can break here. Um another feature that im gon na look at later in the video is it actually has an ir blaster on it, so you can use it as a remote and thats a feature that ive actually really missed from a lot of older android phones that ive had Um, oh this seals not quite broken, but yeah. It should be a pretty interesting phone. So lets see what we have in the box. It says jelly 2 designed by unihertz uh lets open this piece up all right. So in here we have our sim tool. Uh a screen protector, as you can see its very, very small and it looks like we have a warranty guide and a user guide.

Um im not gon na. Look at that, because i already kind of have a decent idea and i usually just figure it out. As i go, but heres the phone wow, its actually um, really good build quality. It looks like it comes with um yeah. It has a pre installed case. It looks like i dont know. If you can see that on here, uh our screen protector, it does have a pre installed case um. Let me take the case off for just a second. Well uh get this sticker off. If i can there, we go all right, so heres the back of the phone uh, so interesting thing is. It actually has a fingerprint sensor and uh a glass screen, so it is actually built very, very well um, looking at it now, it has a little bit of residue left on it from the tape, which is no big deal um. So this red button right here is a custom button. You can have it open any app and all that stuff and then your power button and uh on this side is your volume rocker. You have flash 16 megapixel camera fingerprint sensor, uh full size, usb c port, which is really awesome. Um. You also have a headphone jack and thats the ir blaster right there. So honestly, apple should be taking notes and so should samsung, because if you can fit a headphone jack on a three inch phone, you can you can fit it on anything else.

Really so another thing that phone companies should be taking notes is um. This sim tray its actually dual sim, which is another thing that ive really missed on phones, which is this. This is really nice, though, because you can actually put a micro sd card too and expand the storage, but yeah lets go ahead and power. This thing on lets hold down the power button zoom in a little bit, so you guys can see its a nice little boot animation. We have all right, so yeah, really really tiny screen ill show you uh a comparison, heres my uh z fold. Next to it. So, as you can see its really really tiny, hey everyone im quickly, filming this before i forget, but uh after recording all the footage, i actually forgot to show you guys that theres more in the box, when you open this, you get your usbc cable. You get a lanyard, you get a power adapter and yeah. I forgot to mention that you get that stuff, but um yeah back to the video all right, really quickly. Im gon na take my sim card out of this phone and put it into the jelly. As you can see, this is just single sim, so fact that this one has dual sim is still really awesome. Ive very much missed that. So i was looking for where i put my little sim thing see. It looks like it pops in Music like that, and then you just put it back into the phone and there we go, and we just got to wait for this – to connect up all right guys.

So now its asking me to do the fingerprint setup so lets go ahead and do this its not really a great way to get this set up so hold on here we go, looks like its accepting it. So oh duplicate area says fingerprint sensor dirty. I dont know what that was about there. We go fingerprint added, so lets click next, oh, they actually updated this from what ive seen in other videos. Now you actually do have an app tray for it, which is awesome uh. Let me test out the fingerprint sensor. Real quick so lets open this up. Yep, it works. Thats, awesome, um, im, gon na take a look around the phone real quick. All right, so i went into settings, turns out um its actually running, android 11, which i didnt know but yeah. It looks like if you, if i click this key, it turns on the flashlight and if i double click it it doesnt. Oh, i dont know what that did. Uh, oh, that took a screenshot, looks like um, but yeah lets go ahead and take a look at youtube and see how that works. So using the keyboard is kind of interesting. I found out uh its actually pretty decent at detecting where youre clicking. It is a little tricky to type, but if i search my channel yep able to search it up, uh lets test out the speakers on it, not bad its definitely watchable. It actually looks pretty sharp but um.

Oh it has the mini player. Uh yeah lets go ahead and test out the cameras too uh. No, all right, heres, the back camera uh lets, take a picture of like uh its a little, not that good but thats to be expected. Lets see the front facing camera. Okay, you can see me with the camera there. Uh yeah its, not terrible. It definitely would get the job done. Um, but yeah its its actually really snappy to use, which is surprising. Um looks like it has an fm radio as well yeah. So i want to test out the ir blaster on this too um im also going to be testing out this phone um. So if you guys want an update on um how good this is, let me know in the comments down below and i will make one but yeah lets – go ahead and test out the ir blaster and see how that works all right. So i have the phone here and, as you can see, uh theres not really a good way to get this both focused. But if i click buttons on here, i can cycle through so yeah it that fully works, but um yeah thats about it. For my short little review on the jelly 2., i think its a really really cool phone um, especially for being used as a backup phone. But i i definitely recommend it if you want something minimal, but very very uh capable uh, just not focusing to try and focus on shrek instead um.

Let me turn that off here we go still not focusing there. We go yeah. I do think its a really capable phone, though and um yeah, if you want something like this ill leave a link to it and the description. But thank you guys so much for watching my review uh.