Protecting that display is gorilla, glass, vectors, supporting the new 50 megapixel sony main sensor or two additional 50 megapixel cameras for ultra wide and zoomed shots and keeping things running is a 4 600 milliamp hour battery, which can be filled up with either watt wide or 50 Watt wireless charging in the box, we are treated to a silicon case, a type a to type c, charging cable and a massive 120 watt hyper charger. This is technic, and this is my unboxing and review of the global xiaomi. 12, pro Music, the xiaomi 12 pro comes in three different color variants, no fancy names here, just blue purple or the color that i have, which is known as gray, which looks pretty much like matte black. If you ask me, but a more subtle like black, pretty much a gray, i guess you could say very dark grey. That is, however, it looks superb very sleek kind of ninja, like i really like it, have a 600 milliamp hour battery under the hood 120 watt wire charging 50 watt wireless charging, snapdragon 8 gen, 1 chipset lpddr5 ram, ufs, 3.1 storage, but unfortunately, no ip68 dust and Water certification, the front panel, is protected by guerrilla glass vectors. We have a gorilla glass back and sandwiched in the middle is an aluminum frame inside that newly designed camera module, sits three 50 megapixel snappers an ultra wide, a main and a two times: optical zoom telephoto lens the ultra wide shot, looks absolutely phenomenal, but burning it Down to 12.

5 looks even better thanks to ai 50 megapixel main over here once again out of this world insane 12.5 bending down four to one pixel burning, looks even better two times optical zoom looks great and pinning that one down as well looks better once again, Because of ai, if you guys do want a more in depth camera review on this device, i did actually do a very, very detailed, full review on the chinese version of the xiaomi 12 pro, which is the exact same device by the way. Aside from the global software, of course, we have portrait mode which looks fantastic as well. We do have 8k video, though, at 24 frames per second, its a bit stuttery better. If you stand still, it still looks a hell of a lot better than other smartphones. That can record 8k. However, we have 4k 60fps using the main sensor, which looks absolutely stunning. Super silky smooth pretty much no stabilization issues whatsoever over here and when it comes to ultra wide things are going up a tad notch, even more because this also has 4k 60fps with the ultra wide sensor, 4k 60 ultrawide at night. Doesnt look the best, but its an ultra wide camera shooting at night. So it never really does. It looks better than other phones, ive seen recorded 60 fps using the ultra white at nights, dropping it down to 30 brightens things up, but loses some of the detail. Just like we see with every other smartphone around, we have 4k fps using the main sensor at night.

Of course, we can also switch this to 60, but 30 is nice and bright and switching it to 60. As you can see, theres a lot more detail. It actually looks like its a nighttime and its a hell of a lot smoother. I think 4k 60fps is actually becoming something that you can use when recording video at night with the main cam we do have night video on on the right hand, side, and it literally has a difference of day and night looks phenomenal, but loses some detail over There and taking photos at night. We have the ultra wide sensor. All of these bend with night mode on looks fantastic night mode off on the main you can see it still picks up. A lot of detail drops a bit of detail with night mode on but brightens things up quite a bit two times optical zoom over here, using the telephoto lens with night mode or for night mode on night mode off. I feel like once you start zooming in night mode off is better. It doesnt need to be too bright when youre zooming in anyway, since theres already a lot of light around the subject that youre zooming into so i would keep night mode off when zooming in its a pity, theres no periscope zoom sensor, but all in all this Camera setup is one of the best ive seen around. We have a power button on the right hand, side as well as a non split volume rocker at the bottom.

We have a dual sim 5g tray, unfortunately no expandable storage over here and no we do have a water resistant seal. There is no official ip certification usb 2.0 at the bottom. We have quad speakers homocod and speakers. That is two main speakers, one at the bottom. One at the top and two tweeters one at the bottom, one at the top. We have an ir blaster and at the top front of the display, we have a 32 megapixel selfie camera. These selfies come out super crisp and clear, packed with detail and great lighting, and the portrait mode is pretty fantastic, even in terms of edge detection, yo whats up guys. This is technic recording a 1080p at 60fps video. Yes, you can go all the way up to 60fps video on the brand new xiaomi 12 pro now. This is the global variant of the phone. Unfortunately, there is still no 4k selfie video option, but 1080p 60fps is still super crisp and clear and buttery smooth. Let me know what you guys: think of the audio and video quality when recording on the global version of the xiaomi 12 pro when using the selfie cam. It would be nice to have a 4k option with the selfie cam, but 1080p60 is still great. Taking 1080p 60 at night, not the best, however, we can switch to 30fps once again things a lot brighter, but takes away quite a bit of the detail. Taking photos at night night mode off looks alright night mode on actually looks quite a bit better, though its beautifying my face, even though its off theres no night mode for portrait mode, but it looks okay in the flash mode on for portrait mode, its arguably the Best option the selfie camera is a bit of a mixed bag, takes superb video and superb daytime photos, but not the best evening.

Selfies turning on the phone and getting to that under display fingerprint sensor, which is optical. Of course, we do have the super wallpapers, which weve come to know and love, and we also have 2d face unlock, though this does use the selfie camera on the front. We have a 6.73 inch, e5 amoled display, which is of course curved. It has 1 billion colors, it is 10 but supports hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision, content. It has 112 dcrp three and a hundred and forty percent srgb color gamut rating and a thousand five hundred nits of max brightness. It is, of course, a wqhd plus display with a pixels per inch of five two one and it can refresh between one and 120 hertz. But if youd like to choose a custom refresh rate, you can choose between a fixed 60, 90 or 120 hertz option. The one to 120hz refresh rate make sure that you are stuck to one when viewing an image and hitting 120 when you scrolling around and of course, lets not forget about that. 480 hertz touch sampling rate. We do have miui 13. It is a stable global version. Skinned over android 12 over here it looks largely similar to the domestic chinese version, though we do have google discover, on the left hand, side as well as google assistant and google play store, pre installed in the device which is fantastic. We have all the features that weve come to know and love, plus some new optimizations, which is great.

We have 12 gigs of lp ddr5 ram and we do have something called the ram extension to further that up to 15 gigs and powering the device is qualcomm. Snapdragon 801 chipset right on four nanometer processed node technology and when pairing that, with the new performance mode option within the battery settings, yields an antutu version 9 score of 997 655 points. But when it comes to geekbench, it got a higher single core score and multi core score when compared to the average snapdragon 801. On my channel, however, when we come to 3dmark wildlife, it has one of the lowest scores, but it is still quite a bit better than last years model. That being said, this chipset is, for more than just benchmarks, were gon na enable a frame rate monitor tool within developer options, which you only really see on xiaomi devices, and we get ahead into genshin impact. To start our first game making sure we are maxed out in terms of settings and our game, turbo performance mode option is on. We managed to get a frame rate somewhere between 26 and 45, that being the min and the max in terms of fps, which is okay. The average snapdragon 81 powered smartphone on my channel gets between 34 and 58. So i guess you could say its roughly similar, though its, but on the low end it has a lower min and a lower max fps over here. Its still nice and smooth and didnt get too hot and jumping into bullet force over here, which has an unlimited frames per second cap and can reach up to the displays refresh rate, which is actually 120 hertz over here, managed to get a frame rate of as Low as 119 and as high as 122, which is quite a bit more stable than the average snapdragon 801 phone on my channel, which gets between 113 and 122.

. But what about that? Homocotton tuned quad speaker system lets, go ahead and give it a listen. The xiaomi 12 pro is a serious step up in terms of xiaomi global presence. It has better optimized software, more than decent benchmark scores and gaming performance. Thanks to its new snapdragon 8gen1 chipset. It has faster lpddr5 ram, an improved cooling system, a new quad speaker setup and an extremely bright and colorful 6.73 inch, e5 amoled display, which can refresh between 1 and 120 hertz thanks to all tpo 2.0 technology. It has one of the best smartphone designs i have ever seen thanks to its sleek look and frosted glass, finish its elegant, looking camera module houses, a triple 50 megapixel camera setup, which takes superb photos and videos in all different focal lengths and lighting conditions, and to Keep everything going is a 4 600 milliamp hour battery, which can be juiced up with either 120 watt wired or 50 watt wireless charging, making it easy for me to recommend the xiaomi 12 pro as a contender for one of the best flagship smartphones ever made for A more detailed review on the device be sure to check out my full review of the chinese version, which i posted a few months back.