Infinix is a brand that focuses on developing markets and markets where value for money rules and when it comes to value for money. The infinix note 10 pro delivers and in many ways over delivers for the price tag that comes attached to it. The infinix note 10 pro is a big phone and when i say its, a big phone, even by todays standards, it is relatively large and thats, probably because the main body is almost bezel less. It has very slim bezels, but it houses a 6.95 inch display and that display is an ips lcd one with full high definition plus resolution. That means that for watching video typing consuming content on the internet, it is a really nice screen, its nice and big and in many ways can replace most peoples tablets. I have, for example, an amazon fire 7 tablet. I use quite a lot its not that much bigger than this infinix smartphone, the infinix note 10. Pro is a media champion. It is really really good for entertainment and browsing the web and just using that big screen to the best of its potential and when i say its a media champion its not just because its good at streaming, video. The battery life is very, very good as well. The phone has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and the mediatek helio g95 chipset that runs the phone, is very power efficient, so even with long sessions of streaming, disney, plus or amazon.

Prime video content, the infinix note 10 pro did a really good job and always got me to the end of the day with well over 20 battery life and in the context of using the phone how i had been using it. This was really surprising. The infinix note 10 pro has fast charging and that really makes charging that 5000 milliamp hour very, very easy. The charging is managed by the operating system on the phone, which is x, os or infinixs android distribution, its a very clean, simple to use android operating system, which in many ways reminds me of color os oppos operating system. It has a few extras, some really pleasant. Theming and attention to detail throughout the operating system, so i think youre getting well over and above what youd get done a similarly priced redmi smartphone in this price category. So the infinix note 10 pro is great for consuming content and for media in terms of creating that content. The cameras on the back are very good for the price category. The main sensor is a 64 megapixel one which produces pictures which are sharp well balanced when it comes to hdr and, more importantly, have all the details and punchiness that are required for lots of likes on social media channels. The ultra wide camera, sadly, is a bit washed out it doesnt capture as much color, but it is a useful addition to any photographers tool. Set wide angle is really good, for example, for making your cats look big or getting a good shot of a landscape or architecture, but, as i said, the main sense or the one youll be using the most.

That megapixel one produces pleasing pictures and arguably has probably the best snaps youll get in this price category. When i mention the price category of the infinix. Note 10 pro its important to remember that this is not going to be available in many western markets, though roughly translated, the price is around about 179 pounds sterling or if you prefer, thats, almost 18 000 indian rupees, the selfie camera at the front is a dodge Cut out in the screen its unintrusive in the screen itself, but takes decent pictures, i wouldnt say theyre great because they mainly suffer in low light. The infinix note 10 pro lacks an infrared blaster which a lot of its peers in its price category do have. But what it loses out of on there, it makes up with managing to keep a courage button. This is particularly useful if youre going to be traveling and dont want to hassle around with bluetooth connections, dropping in and out charging extra accessories and so forth. So i think its great of infinix to continue to offer this as a feature on the infinix note. 10 pro at the bottom of the infinix note 10 pro youll also find the grille to the speakers and microphone. I should actually correct myself its just one mono speaker, its a very capable speaker that outputs decent quality sound though the reviewed unit we were using, has a bit of a tick tick tick in the background to it, so not great in that aspect, but im pretty Sure most units wont have this problem for consuming media its great for playing games, its great but being a mono speaker, its easy to accidentally put your hand on top of it and block that speaker speaking of gaming, the infinix note 10 pro is very capable when It comes to gaming, it happily plays call of duty mobile in the lower settings, with a relatively high frame rate, but is great for casual games like kings quest or in my case threes infinix is android.

Distribution. Xos also has quite a few pre installed games, but these are easy to uninstall. If theyre, not what youre interested in and having access to the google play store makes it simple to choose the apps and games you need or would enjoy using the most. The infinix note 10 pro has a fingerprint scanner mounted on the right hand, side of the device similar to other smartphones, from multiple brands that weve seen in 2021 and 2022. This is, in my view, a very practical and easy to use way to access. Your smartphone and xos also comes with face unlock, which is simple to use, though not the safest option out there. I do recommend you dont use that, because the quality of the selfie camera means that the overall security of face unlock is not going to be great. The infinix note 10 pro that we were using, has an ample amount of storage. In this case, it has 256 gigabytes of storage built in, but also plenty of space to be expanded with microsd this means you could easily have a terabyte capable phone in your hand or pocket depending on the size of your pockets. Just remember the infinix note. 10. Pro is a big ass phone, the review unit that we have has eight gigabytes of ram, which is probably why the overall gaming performance was very, very good, and this may have also contributed to better battery life in the long run and heavy use in terms of Connectivity, the infinix note 10 pro is a great all round: 4g smartphone.

It was fast in my use on the id mobile network here in the uk and handled the libara sim card in its other slot. Well as well its important to note that the infinix note 10 pro in this variant does not have nfc so dont expect to use the infinix note 10 pro in this variant as a device for accessing public transit mobile payments and more. There is a variant of the infinix note, 10 pro, which does have nfc but tends to be much more expensive. Just be aware of the fact that the majority of the infinix note 10 pros wont have this feature, as it adds to the price and in the markets it gets sold in. It may not actually be of much interest to consumers. So, overall, after a month of using the infinix note, 10 pro, i can say im pleasantly surprised overall, its a great smartphone which, as my second most used smartphone during my home move, is a testament to the excellent battery life and reliability of the device. The only downside, as i said, was a lack of nfc for mobile payments, but, more importantly, and annoyingly, the review unit. We were looking at had this annoying tick when media was playing, as in we had this background tick that was happening, its a defect, our review unit had we, as i mentioned earlier. We dont expect this to be common in infinix note 10 pros, but if youre looking for a good value smartphone with a carriage board, the infinix note 10 pro is definitely one to look for and one we can thoroughly recommend for travel because of that excellent battery Life when youre being used as a media player, thank you for watching this long term.

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