So today we are going to feature this huawei nova 9se. So i have to say this device is really kind of hit and miss okay theres a lot of things. The features are quite interesting, but it still feels lacking all right, so come on. Lets not waste any more time and lets learn more about this, probably no online se. So lets start things with the design on this nova 9se. So the first thing you notice on this device is definitely the large display, because this is a 6.78 inch display and also the display has a very, very narrow, slim bezel at just 1.05 millimeter now lets start things with the design on this huawei note. 9. Se. So the first thing: when you pick up this phone, you are going to notice this 6.78 inch display. Another key highlight on the display is actually the narrow, slim 1.05 millimeter bezels on the side of it. Now lets move to the rest of the phones, uh design. So, on the top part, you get this a sim card slot tray here that supports dual sim card: yeah perfect for those who has uh two numbers and then on the top as well theres a microphone and then on the right side. You get the power button and fingerprint scanner together: volume rocker on the left side, theres, nothing much practically and then at the bottom. You get a microphone usb type c charging port and a bottom firing speaker, grill and moving along to the uh back of the uh huawei, no one knight se.

You will see this uh gorgeous uh back covered design uh when theres light shining onto it. Yeah, the camera bomb will be like shooting rays out, really really cool and then the uh thats norwal logo here huawei logo as well, really really stunning, and then the camera bump, uh design probably say, is being uh. Dark touted has orbit ring design uh at first uh. The design is kind of weird to me: uh not really fallen into it, but over time i kinda grew lacking with it. Uh overall design, aesthetic, wise and build quality on this device is actually really really good, and this device is actually way at, like 191 grams uh. Just perfect lets jump over to the performance department on this november. Se first thing: this device is powered with the latest qualcomm snapdragon 680 chip set and then is paired along with eight gigabytes of ram internal storage, thats. Only like 128 gigabytes of storage. Here uh overall, i would say the device actually performed quite well uh. You dont feel any sluggishness, i think eight gigabytes of ram for an entry level. Smartphone is pretty much good for todays standard and uh with the emui 12 here out of the box, i dont find any issues uh, but i would not be telling about so much about the software here because uh you, if you want those social media apps. Yes, you still can use it, but you have to go and search by yourself how you can get it, but nonetheless, the operational daily usage of this uh huawei 9se is pretty much sufficient.

So i have a gameplay for you to check out all right folks. So here is the huawei no 1, 9. Se, we are going to play asphalt 9 on this device, Music Applause, Music. All right so lets drip a little bit: cool Music Applause, Music now lets head over to the display and audio department for this nova 9se here. So we do know that this display is using a 6.78 inch display, but the screen is actually a tft lcd ips panel, whereby the colors are actually quite good. Okay, i wouldnt say uh relatively, can compare with the amoled screens but its pretty much good over here, and it also supports like uh up to 90hz refresh rate as well as you can see the settings here. We can just uh do some settings over here, and the touch sampling rate on this display is hertz pretty much good if you want to play a competitive gaming on this uh display and as for the audio department on this device, theres only one bottom firing speaker Here, uh its kinda loud uh, but just dont expect too much from this mono speaker and theres no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here lets check out the sample of the display and audio oh come on. So this is the part where everyone wants to know the cameras. So lets recap: the camera specification uh on the rear, theres a quad camera setup featuring a 108 megapixel main camera 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel dead camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera for the selfie shooter here yeah its a 16 megapixel selfie shooter.

So lets start with the photography on this device. I would say photography here you will be relying mostly on the main camera. The rest of the cameras are like kind of mediocre, so uh photos taken on the main camera is excellent, even in low light conditions. They look really really awesome fantastic as well. The 8 megapixel ultra white camera here yeah its like kind of mediocre all right. The details are just okay, ish in bright daylights and when you are going to indoor or perhaps the lighting condition, just drop yeah noises will keep appearing and the details will turn into very, very soft and then, as for the 2 megapixel macro camera. Oh my god. I just i dont want to comment it. You watch the clip here. As for the selfie photos, i would say the photo qualities here are just really mediocre to okay, each level. Okay, dont expect, like seriously amazing selfie photos here now lets talk about the videography on this device front and back. It can only shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per. Second. The video quality is okay for the main camera and for the ultra white camera videos. Once again, if its bright outdoor area, yes, the ultrawide videos will look good but in low light condition nah. I i wont, recommend you to use it at all. As for the selfie videos, yeah, their video quality is just uh okayish at best, so huawei is also marketing.

This huawei, no one knight se, has a vlogging camera right now you can uh record and switch lens at the same time and also something new for the normal. Nine se is the dual view: video mode okay. So what this does is actually it records uh directly from two cameras into one video format: okay, so the first one here you have is the main camera and the selfie camera. And when you turn this over, it will goes to the two times: zoom main camera and the ultra white camera video. So for the battery department on this huawei 9se, it has a 4 000 milliamp barrier, which i think is sufficient enough to last you to the end of day yeah. So if you are worried about need to recharge this device, you dont even need to worry, because it has the huawei supercharged 66 watt yeah its really really fast on here. So no doubt about here. The battery performance here is really really good on this bobby no nyse. So i need to end things on this hobby in one night. Se with my final verdict right now, so this device is priced at 1099 ringgit, malaysia. You can get it right now, uh, there are things to like. Yet there are things to dislike on this device. Firstly, i like is the design of the phone. Secondly, i like the internal specification. Third, i like the display for the battery and its charging capabilities, but what about the things i dislike? Wow, the first one coming to my mind, is the cameras very, very uh, mediocre camera setup.

The only saving grace is the 108 mp sensor and for the video recording theres, no stabilization thats, the audio bit rate is also quite low as well, and then the uh vlogging tools are quite half big as well. Yes, uh. The other things i dont like is the uh mono firing speaker, yes, thats uh, one of the downside i find on this device overall, the device. I would only recommend it for young, kids and old folks. If you are a hardcore content creator, i wont recommend you to get this device. Uh yeah, basically thats, all for the review on this huawei. No one night, se, okay, special shout out thanks to huawei malaysia for providing this uh loan test review unit for quite a long period. Uh. However, this is not paid content, so theres, no final approval or editorial input from them. Huawei is watching along with the audience when this video uploads, okay and whatever being comment, is based on the one month period of usage and also with the latest update on the emui 12 as well. So, subsequent future software updates might make the experience a little bit more different. So take care take note of that as well. Okay, guys uh thats, all for the hallway number, nine se, if youre still new to the youtube channel, please go ahead and subscribe. Follow us on social media give a thumbs up like on this video and continue watching my videos. Okay, right now we are at uh more than 700 subscribers lets try to hit 1k subscriber on traingrounds uh youtube channel and ill see you guys on the next content.