The display of this smartphone refreshes at 90 heads it has a 13 megapixel main camera, a 5 000 milliamp entry and the feature this smartphone. Has that blows me away is memory fusion with memory fusion, you can extend the ram of the smartphone to up to six gigabytes of ram. I dont think theres any other smartphone in market that comes with six gigabytes of ram at the price of the techno spark. 8C – and this is important because the more ram you have the more applications you can retain in the background and the smoother the smartphone will feel guys check this out. The techno spark 80 can play one of the most demanding games on mobile at the lowest graphics settings. How is this even possible now lets jump into the unboxing experience. The first thing youre going to see is the smartphone. The tecnospac 8c comes in four colors. The one i have here is the magnet black and it looks nice back to the box. It comes with a tpu case, grantee card earphones, micro, usb cable and a 10 watts charger. Now, for the external features, this smartphone comes with the dual sim and memory card slots. The memory card is important because the tekno spac 8c only comes with 64 gigabytes of internal storage at the top theres nothing. The bottom is where the 3.5 mm audio jack microphone. Micro, usb port and mono speaker are located moving to the right is where you will find the fingerprint scanner and the cameras using the fingerprint scanner is actually quick.

The unlock speed is fast and accurate, and it also has the face unlock feature and its equally fast and accurate. Now the tecnospac 8c doesnt have an ip rating, but you can put this smartphone in water and it will survive. Please guys do not try this at home now for the display. The tecnospac 8c comes with a 6.6 inch ips lcd panel. It has a resolution of 720 by 16 12 pixels whats. Interesting to me is the tecnospac. 8C display has a refresh rate of 90 hertz and starting at 59, 500, naira or 104. This has to be the cheapest smartphone in the market. That has a display that refreshes at 90 heads scrolling on this smartphone is butter smoke thanks to the high refresh rate watching content on youtube. Netflix is decent. It isnt going to give you the best quality. I mean its still a 720p ips lcd panel, but for the price of this smartphone youre not going to get a better display now for the performance. The tecnospac 80 comes with the uni soc ums 9230 cpu and mali g57 gpu. It isnt a gaming smartphone, but it can run titles like pubg at hd, graphics and high frame rates on that graphics settings. I did experience a little bit of lag, but switching it to balanced graphics and high frame it. The gameplay was good now the tecnospace 80 comes with either two or three gigabytes of ram, and i know what youre saying its small, but with memory fusion, you have the option to increase it to four five or even six gigabytes of ram.

The more ram your smartphone has the more applications you can open and retain in the background, without smartphone reloading it and the smoother your smartphone will be now to enable memory fusion. You will need to update the smartphone if you havent done that already to update your smartphone, go into the settings, scroll down to system tap on system, update, tap on online orbit and install the update after the update, your smartphone will reboot, but youre not done yet. You will need to install the second update and its the same process. Go back to settings, scroll down to system, tap on system, update, again tap on online updates and install the updates. Now, after youve installed the second update and reboot your device, you will be able to enable memory fusion for day to day tasks like using whatsapp replying to emails using instagram tick. Tock browsing this smartphone can handle those stacks easily. Now for the operating system, the tecnospac 8c is running android 11, not the go edition full android 11 and you can install just about any application that is available on the android play store for ads and annoying notifications. You do get them on this button, but you can disable them moving to the camera department. The tecnospace 8c has an 8 megapixel front facing camera and for the price. Well, it takes okay pictures all right, guys so heres the video from the front facing camera of the techno spark 8c.

It should be 1080p 50 frames per second, and what do you guys think about video quality? The sound youre hearing is from brownie look at her lets. Look at her look at her, so it doesnt its, not the microphone or anything thats from brownie playing with butter. So what do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the tecmo spark 8c using the front facing camera now, moving to the rear camera? The spark ac has a 13 megapixel main camera and a vga camera pictures captured using the rear camera. Are okay now for the battery department, the tecno spark 80 comes with 5 000 milliamp battery. That should last to the entire day. You just need to charge it once and you should be good to go for the charging time. Well, this smartphone isnt fast one hour of charging brought the battery level from zero to forty percent. Now, what do i think about the techno spark ac? Well, with smartphone prices going up, you just have to give it to techno. They delivered a smartphone that is very affordable, a smartphone with a display that refreshes at 90 heads and a smartphone that comes with six gigabytes of ram. The display isnt, the sharpest its a 720p ips. Also, the panel and the charging time is not that fast, but starting at 59, 500 naira youre not going to find a better smartphone that is brand new at this price.

Now, if youre interested in picking up the techno space 80, you can buy it from technos website click on buy, choose the configuration you want. Click on add to cart, create an account if you havent done that. I have already add your delivery address and you have the option to pay on delivery or pay online, so guys thats. My review of the techno spark 80.. Thank you for watching hit the like button hit the subscribe button.