All my days im in filmic pro – and i am just moving around this thing – is just tracking me everywhere. Oh this is a game. Changer! Oh babe! You got ta check this out. You got ta check this out. Oh yeah, now the i steady v2 gimbal from ho him is a game changer. It has a feature that is going to blow you away and in this video im going to tell you why lets do this Music? What is going on its anil and todays video were going to be looking at the i steady v2 gimbal from ho hem. Now they were kind enough to send this gimbal to me to review today guys and im going to be going through build quality design. The setup process were going to look at the whole hem pro camera performance price and also some cool features which includes an ai tracking feature, which you just have to stick around and check out finally ill. Be giving you my final thoughts on the gimbal and who i think should be buying it now, with this being a review ive time stamped all of those sections below, so you can skip around. You can bookmark this video come back and check out a particular section in the future. So with this being a gimbal primary function of a gimbal is to shoot super smooth video footage. So i took this gimbal out for a spin lets check out the results.

Music. Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, its, not bad, not bad at all, so lets take a look at build quality and design, but first lets check out the box because hohem packaged this very very well, i was quite impressed the unboxing experience that was pretty good. Obviously you come with some, you know: yeah, we dont need that, but the gimbal itself is great, its absolutely brilliant. It feels so good. In your hand, i mean the quality of the item is second to none, its small, its lightweight, and it weighs only 263 grams and it easily fits in your pocket. So other things that you get in a box, you get a mini tripod stand which also very convenient. You can use this to prop your gimbal up. You also get a little wrist strap and you also get a nice carrier pouch and finally, you get a usb cable to charge the gimbal ho him also sent me the rs01 selfie stick now. I know they do a bundle of the gimbal and the selfie stick together now. This also feels really good in the hand. It also comes with a little remote which you can take off and keep in your pocket. Well, go through that a bit later, the total weight of this selfie stick is 138 grams, so again, youre not adding too much extra weight to yourself. It screws into your gimbal as smooth as anything look at that amazing and it also extends to up to 300 millimeters and the selfie stick also has tripod legs at the bottom, easy to open and also easy to fold away overall the build quality and design yeah.

I like it, i like it speaking of likes. You know what im gon na ask you to do next, dont, you hit the like button. If you want to learn more about filmmaking and photography with your smartphone, then please hit subscribe too. Now lets take a look at the setup process, because setting up this gimbal is easy, as that first thing, you need to do turn the little knob on the side of your gimbal. That will then release the cradle. You tighten that back up, youre, ready to then mount your handset. Now before you mount your handset, make sure that the whole hem logo is facing upwards. Then you can mount your handset into the gimbal once that handset is mounted just slide it until its balanced and centered. All you need to do, then, is go over to your app store, download the hohem pro camera app and then connect your gimbal to the app and then youre ready to go right were going to have a look at the button configuration because this gimbal has a Very simplistic, design and theres various different button combinations that you need to know in order to execute certain actions, so long press on the power button will well, it will power it on, but a single press on the power button will toggle between portrait and landscape mode. A double press on the power button will recenter the phone triple pressing. That power button will move the gimbal into inception mode and thats, where the phone will start to spin on its own.

You can then use the joystick to move the phone around if we move to the left. Youve got the shutter button when youre ready to start recording just one single press on that shutter button to start and stop your recording, and this works in other apps, like filmer pro 2. now double pressing. The shutter button will switch between photo and video mode in the ho hem pro app triple pressing that shutter button will switch between the front and rear facing cameras inside of the whole hem pro app. This whole button configuration works exactly the same with the remote on the selfie. Stick too now lets talk about gimbal modes, because this gimbal has four four one, two three four gimbal modes now the problem with a lot of gimbals is switching between gimbal modes has always been just a pain. You got ta go into their pro app. You got ta find the menu options, switch between different gimbal modes, the hohem eye, steady v2. You can switch gimbal modes using the buttons again its just. A combination of button presses to switch between all four modes, so holding down that shutter button and a single tap on the power button will move your gimbal into pan tilt and follow mode again. Holding down that shutter button, two taps on the power button will move the gimbal into pan and follow mode holding down the shutter button, with three taps on that power. Button, remove the gimbal into all lock mode and then finally, holding down that shutter button.

Four taps on that power button will move you into pov mode, so easy when youre out and about and youre filming, you can just quickly switch between the different modes. Youre, not losing any footage or missing. That moment that you want to capture now were gon na move on to the cool feature that ive been talking about the game, changing feature that hohem have designed in this gimbal and thats. The ai tracking sensor. This feature alone is the reason why you should buy this gimbal and why i think its a game changer. The ice, steady v2 gimbal has ai technology tracking technology built in no app required. Did you hear what i said? I said no app required. You dont need to use software to track a subject. You can track your face using any app. You can use this feature with filmic pro pro take even a standard camera app if thats the particular app you want to use, but the biggest win is live streaming. If you do a lot of live streaming, facebook live, instagram, live wherever youre streaming live on your phone. You can use this gimbal and it can track your movements just think about the possibilities here for hands free videos that you can do tutorials cooking tutorials. You can move around, you know, maybe youre teaching a dance class, youre going live, yoga possibilities are endless and setting up and using the ar tracking is easy. So so easy all you need to do is once your gimbals will set up hold down on the button on top of the ai sensor, the led will go red.

It means that its ready to start tracking, but it wont start tracking you until you do the okay symbol, the led will turn green and then it will track you. You can load up any camera app, you can go, live on facebook or whatever youre doing and itll just track your movements and its pretty good at tracking you as well. I was doing some ducking and diving moving around trying to trick it, and it tracked me very, very well, even when i went out of view and came back, it picked me up just like that, and there are other gestures that you can use with it. If you want to stop the tracking, you just hold your palm up again. If you want to resume tracking the okay symbol, you can also switch the orientation so a thumbs up and the turning to the right will switch into portrait mode thumbs up again back into landscape mode. Theyve also put a light on the gimbal, so if youre in low light situations, you can use the light, you can film if youre going live whatever youre doing, youve got the light there and its got three brightness levels just simply tap on the light to go Through all three levels, one tap two taps and then three taps for the brightest setting right guys. Now, im gon na jump into the hohen pro app and show you what thats about well start on the top left hand corner the first icon there.

You can see bluetooth, you can see your bluetooth status theres a couple of battery icons on the top left as well. Youve got one for your phone and one for the gimbal and that last icon basically tells you which mode your gimbal is in. At the moment. Im in pan tilt follow thats. Why it says ptf now lets continue. On the left hand, side weve got five icons on the left there. The first icon basically takes you back to the home screen. So were not going to touch that next icon. You can actually turn on the light the next icon. I can switch between the front and rear cameras. So if i tap on that its going to switch to the front camera, oh look at that, then i can switch back to the rear camera. The next icon is all about face tracking, so i can track my objects and track by faces too. Then the last icon is where your settings are youll notice that there are three more options there. The first one is all about the camera settings. You can do resolution, you can change the grids. You can also activate professional mode on your camera. So if i select that and come out of that menu youll notice, i now have manual controls over my video white balance. Iso exposure. All of the options that you would need to do manual, adjustments on your video is in that menu ill pop back in disable that now the next icon on the list is the gimbal icon.

So if i select that – and this is where you can configure all of your gimbal settings – you can change the speed. The follow speeds, the working mode. Like i mentioned, you can move into the either one of those four modes and theres also options for joystick speed. You can do auto collaboration on the gimbal theres, so many options in there and that last menu item on the left. If i tap on that bottom left, icon just gives you some information about the device, serial numbers etc. Now, im going to come out of that menu now were going to continue down on the left and the bottom left. Youd see this z and f, basically, z is for zoom and f is for focus. So if i tap on that z now i can actually zoom into that plant and zoom out. If i tap on that f, i can actually control my focus as well. Now lets move over to the right hand, side. So lets start from the top right. Those three icons at the top, the first icon theres certain filters that you can do youve got beauty milk, vanilla. I like to keep it on original now. The next icon is a hand gesture. If i switch to the front facing camera, ive got the hand gesture icon on im gon na sit back. Now, if i put my hand up, it will basically take a photo. The next icon down is basically your manual shutter im in photo mode, and it can take that photo successfully to the right of those menu items.

You can see that youve got more additional options where you can switch between photo and video. Youve also got time lapse, mode and slow motion as well. If i select moments, youve got all of these different effects that you can choose from youve got panoramic video fantastic rotation. Youve got the inception effect: lots of really cool stuff that you can do with this gimbal using the hohen pro app so lets talk about the performance and price got to say. I was impressed with the performance of this gimbal. The free access stabilization was very good in most situations where i was filming, i didnt have any issues at all its the perfect all round. Gimbal for filmmakers battery life is nine hours. The ai sensor has a four hour battery life and, if youre using the led, it has a two hour battery life theres, also a usbc port on the gimbal. So you can also charge your smartphone at the same time and charging the gimbal is a total of two hours which is really convenient. Now the selfie stick was also pretty cool. I got some really great creative shots, some low slung shots, extending that selfie stick out and also some fake drone shots. I think its a great little accessory to have bundled in with this gimbal. So a few things to know about the i steady v2 gimbal, if youre a serious hardcore filmmaker on your smartphone. This might not be the gimbal for you.

The motors are good, but i did notice that, with my iphone 13 pro max, it did struggle with certain moves and without the option of counterweights and the maximum payload of 280 grams. Its just a little bit limited for those people that like to use lots of lenses or filters and theyre quite serious about filmmaking with their smartphones. Also, if you have large hands like me, you will struggle to hold this without interfering with the buttons i mean. These hands are big, like a shuttle snow with this, but there is a little hack. You can use the little tripod stand, screw it on and give you some extra grip. You can then hold the gimbal without interfering with the buttons. Now lets talk about price, because the gimbal is currently sitting 129 129, an absolute bargain for what you get, especially with the ai tracking, its great value for money. The rs 01 selfie stick also comes in at around 29, but hold him do a bundle, and i know currently on the whole hem website. The bundle is 129, so youre effectively getting that selfie stick for free, but putting those things aside. Who do i think this gimbal is made for, i think its perfect for the savvy smartphone user, someone looking to get into filmmaking, filming, better video, with your phone, its a great all round, gimbal, and also, if youre, a live streamer. This gimbal is gon na. Be awesome if youre doing lots of hands free tutorials.

Maybe you have a youtube channel about cooking. This gimbal is gon na be perfect for you. The ai feature is a game changer and something different, something unique on the market. It really makes the ho hem ice. Steady v2 gimbal stand out from the competition. I cant wait to use this gimbal for future videos on this channel, thanks for watching guys check out some of these other videos like subscribe and ill.