Of course, its affordably priced about 300, but motorola has been doing this weird thing where they just make their phones worse than the year. Before seriously this 2022 moto g stylus has a half a dozen less features or measurably worse specs than the 2021 moto g stylus and the 2021 moto g stylus also had less features and some worse specs than the 2020 moto g stylus. This is very insulting to current and potentially new motorola customers, its bad business, its lazy and its. Why, if you have a previous moto g stylus, i would say: skip this one. You arent going to get a true upgrade anyway. If you dont have an older, moto g stylus, maybe youre coming from some other motorola device or a different brand, entirely ill say that this is the only 2022 moto device. You should consider, if youre in the us, but thats, mostly because all of the other motorola phones, like the g power and g pure this year, are even worse devices for the money than this one. When you consider their specs and features its a weird paradox. But that sort of sums up the 2022 moto lineup right now motorola is in a seemingly favorable position to undercut the likes of apple and samsung, with affordable devices and special unique devices at that. This is the only other stylus smartphone on the market. Besides the 1200 s22 ultra, but over the last two years, motorola has been doing a really bad job and i think this time around people are going to take note of that.

Now, im going to go over everything, you need to know about the 2022 moto g stylus in this video. I do think it has some positives, but i also wanted to be upfront and honest when i say that objectively, this is just not the smartphone, it could have been, or maybe probably should have been physically theres, not a whole lot to say about the moto g Stylus its once again a very tall 6.8 inch device, thats the screen size corner to corner. It offers a relatively high screen to body ratio about 85 percent, but youve still got some black borders framing it, particularly at the top and bottom. The selfie camera is migrated over to the middle, but, aside from that, from the front it looks very familiar around back. Motorola did refresh the look and feel of the rear housing, its still plastic, but a shiny metallic, like plastic. The frame of the phone feels thick and sturdy like it might be metal, but its not the 6000 series aluminum like the 2020g stylus and an updated camera setup layout, is the finishing touch on a subtle yet noticeable design refresh. It honestly is a phone that feels pretty nice, its quite heavy, very sturdy, curvy and tapered enough along the sides to allow your fingers to stretch across that big display. I honestly have nothing to complain about with the look and materials if anything. This is kind of an upgrade over last year, at least its also still water repellent thats.

What motorola classifies it as anyway, but no upgraded super strong gorilla glass, no wireless charging either. So those aspects still indicate that this is a budget friendly device and has some sacrifices a couple other things to note: motorola kept the micro sd card support, which is nice, the phone ships with 128 gigs of storage thats. The only configuration option, though, im pretty sure plenty of space for most people, you lost a little bit up front with android and the pre installed apps, but i think theres still some value in the expandable storage option. The headphone jack is also still there at the bottom, alongside the usb c port for charging theres, also a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone, no motorola dimple here its the power button combination and, to be honest, while im glad its here, its just a Little slow, which i think you can see, i dont know if its the phone itself a delay and waking it up or what, but it takes a noticeable second or two to get into the phone and, of course, theres. The whole point of this device that built in stylus there at the bottom, which i want to go into next, so, like i mentioned earlier, this moto g stylus is one of only two current smartphones that offer a built in stylus and some corresponding software features and Apps to go along with it, the other being the s22 ultra, which is just in an entirely different league of smartphones.

Now, yes, i know you could go out and get a used s21 ultra or previous samsung note device, or i guess, an lg stylo, but for new current 2022 smartphones that arent insanely expensive. This is pretty much it. The disappointing thing about the moto g stylus, though, is that this is once again just a really rudimentary lackluster stylus experience that has not been upgraded, improved or otherwise changed. Since the first moto g stylus was introduced a few years back, the stylus has an easy to use clickable little top. It sits in its designated spot at the bottom of the phone it pops up and pulls out flawlessly, and you cant really get it stuck or anything its perfectly round. It slides right in and it doesnt go in like backwards or anything like that, functionally its fine. The stylus itself, though, is also once again just a really simple metal pointer tool, i like to say its no smarter than a toothpick, its, not bluetooth, compatible its not connected to the phone in any way, theres, no buttons that do anything or unlock any special features. Its essentially just an extension of your finger, but maybe a little more precise and thats the first way in which you can utilize a stylus by simply tapping touching swiping and scrolling your way through the phone. Just like you would your thumb. I know a lot of people use the stylus this way, which is totally fine. It works well and, like i said, sometimes its a little more precise, maybe with typing or tapping small buttons or icons beyond that use.

The stylus also can be paired with a handful of motorola, specific and third party apps that allow you to get a little more out of this setup when you pull the stylus out youre, prompted with this unique side, menu shortcut launcher that displays some moto stylus apps And other apps too, the menu is completely customizable. By the way you can add whatever app you want, it doesnt have to be stylus, specific or anything, but you will see the six or seven stylus specific apps and shortcuts that motorola offers as a pairing with this stylus experience, theres the moto notes app, of course, Which again you dont have to use? You could use a third party notes app if you want theres a coloring book, theres a screenshot shortcut, an editor and a couple of the other familiar apps that weve seen year over year on every other moto g stylus, and that kind of defines my main issue Here, motorola has done absolutely nothing to improve the stylus experience, theres, nothing, new, nothing changed nothing. Thats been improved at all, and on top of that, the writing and drawing experience also hasnt changed either, because the stylus isnt connected or otherwise made specifically for the phone and vice versa. You get a noticeable lag or delay. When you write, you can see the gap between the pen tip and the line on the screen. Its also not very smooth or accurate. This stylus tip is not particularly sharp either.

It might even be a little worse than previous moto g stylus tips, and you can really see the difference compared to the s22 ultra stylus. By the way here is the writing experience on the ultra. The difference is just night and day with its accuracy for simple scribbles and note jotting coloring to pass the time simple picture or document edits or highlights its fine, but its just not the kind of experience i would expect in 2022, even for a smartphone in this Price range more than that, its just the fact that motorola hasnt changed or otherwise upgraded the stylus experience at all its just lazy and it diminishes the value of this phone. In my opinion, this is a unique device with a unique set of features, but motorola has just done nothing to embrace or otherwise offer that value it could to its dedicated customers who specifically want this feature. So those are my thoughts on the overall stylus experience. Lets jump into everything else, with this phone now and to start the moto g, stylus 6.8 inch display did receive one important upgrade that i want to mention. The main specs, like i said, the size 6.8 inches and the resolution 2460 by 1080 remain unchanged. Its also still once again, an ips lcd panel, which honestly is okay, but my two main issues are the brightness and the glare this phone doesnt get as bright as say: samsungs tft displays, and even at like 70 or 80 brightness, which you can see the glare On this phone is pretty bad, i think its a combination of lower quality glass and, like i said, less than ideal brightness limits.

Overall, i do think this phone delivers a nice viewing experience with the color, its bold, its vibrant, and you can make some adjustments and settings if you need to the upgrade here is that this is now a 90 hertz panel. So, with this option enabled youre going to experience a faster snappier, more responsive, feel with all your taps and touches. This is a nice addition, sort of a mid tier upgrade, but an upgrade. Nonetheless, that brings this phone up to the level of some other mid range devices. All in all, i think this phone offers a good viewing experience for what it is and a nice fluid 90hz experience, but, like i said it could be a little better by the way for the out loud listening experience. This g stylus once again has just a single speaker setup down below, and i mentioned this only because the 2020 g stylus had a solid dual stereo speaker setup, which motorola has never brought back disappointing, to say the least and another example of taking an unnecessary step Back with their smartphones, Music Applause, now looking past everything else so far, my single biggest gripe with the 2022 g stylus is with the performance, and this is gon na sound super harsh, but this phone is currently stuck with severely outdated software paired to a chipset. That is noticeably and objectively worse than years past, which is just a bad combination. From start to finish, this phone got the mediatek helio g88 processor.

Inside last year. We had snapdragon 678 the year before that it was a snapdragon 665.. At least we get six gigs of ram, which is an upgrade, but id much rather have a more modern, more powerful processor myself also id rather have some semblance of software support. This is a 2022 smartphone. After all, the day to day, experience with this device is acceptable, but it has noticeable blips and lags when closing and opening apps loading certain pages and the more complex apps like games. For example, the more youll be stuck waiting on launch screens even more than that. This is a phone that does experience frame, drop in game. You can see that with the fps counter on you can feel it when youre gaming too. I know this is not a flagship phone, its not even really a mid range device per se, but its the phone that absolutely could be better with a minor processor bump, and software update its not that difficult to offer that, on the bright side, the six gigs Of ram helps this phone with app, switching and keeping things current, but i think most people will be a little disappointed with the performance overall, considering what this phone is. One positive aspect of the moto g, stylus and really all motorola phones honestly, is the battery capacity. Wise you get a 5 000 milliamp battery inside which is big even for a phone with this size screen its also an upgrade.

We had 4 000 milliamp batteries on previous g styluses and day to day. I didnt have any issues making this phone last its a day and a half smartphone for me, and probably for most other people too so thats great. The downside is that motorola gives you a 10 watt charger in the box, at least its included, but youre stuck juicing. This thing up over the course of multiple hours – and i already said this, but no wireless charging or any other power features either so take that for what its worth but the important part. Longevity is good. Now one of the weakest areas of pretty much all motorola phones is with the camera setup, though its not all bad news. The setup here includes a new 50 megapixel main lens, which is nice, an 8 megapixel ultra wide, which is very useful and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The selfie camera appears to be the same 16 megapixel shooter as before, and inside the camera. App motorola does offer a lot of shooting modes and features that i think bring the camera up. A notch night vision, group selfie, some moto filters, pro controls, 50 megapixel mode and dual capture are more than youll, see on some other 200 to 300 devices. Some stuff, like 4k video, continues to be absent, even though it used to be offered and with real world results. I dont personally think motorola has improved or otherwise put as much effort into their camera software and camera capabilities as some other companies.

On the one hand, you get a very bright, very colorful, looking shot more often than not, but the pictures are pretty soft. They lack a little detail in depth and the dynamic range on this phone is not great. Youre gon na often get overblown areas or lost, dark shadows. Night mode is hit or miss. Sometimes when it works, it looks good, but when it misses, you may as well not used it at all. The selfie camera is also a little weird at times the default. Look is very smooth, very beauty filter like not realistic and not very detailed, and video wise motorola misses the mark ii. In my opinion, this is still better than a lot of other budget and lower mid tier devices. So thats good but, like i said motorola just doesnt, seem too interested in noticeably improving or otherwise focusing some efforts on their camera capabilities. All in all, the new 2022 moto g stylus gives you a slightly refreshed, design, 90hz display and bigger battery, which is all fine, but the most important stuff like an improved stylus experience, better faster specs software updates or more capable cameras are all noticeably absent, and in Years past, where we did get an all aluminum frame, snapdragon, processor, dual speakers, 4k, video recording and more are all evidence of the fact that right now, motorola has simply been offering you less phone than the previous year. The moto g stylus is no doubt unique, and the stylist experience is a selling point for sure, but year over year, this phone has just become less and less appealing and its a huge shame.

Its time for motorola to step up, deliver some improvements and give its customer good value or some sort of improvements in their devices. So there you go. Those are my critical thoughts on the 2022 moto g stylus. What do you guys think of this phone? Do you have a moto g stylus yourself? Let me know in the comments down below id love, to know your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.