Looking enough for you, then you can check out this realme 9 pro plus. It features a few flagship specs, especially in its camera department, with a 50 megapixel sony, imx 766 ois main sensor. Now, despite the flashy, specs and design, the question is what makes it pro plus? Is it really a better option than its lower pro model? Lets find out in this review by the way we created a separate review for the classic realme 9 pro version. So if you want to check that out, click here on the upper right corner or in the description box, Music, alright, starting with the build and design when holding the phone, it feels comfortable and light the grip. We get a plastic frame and a glass back which gives a more premium touch compared to the polycarbonate build of the lower realme 9 pro speaking of which the real me 9 pro and pro plus share the same style, language and color variants. What we have here is in the aurora green colorway, while other versions available are midnight black and a fun sunrise blue that changes color from light blue to red when exposed to sunlight its pretty cool. Meanwhile, this aurora green color flaunts a glowing like glass back, which looks like subtle, shimmering stars its not as bold as the text design on the realme 8 series. But it looks more classy and it does make a hell of an impression found on the upper left corner.

Is its protruding square camera module to house its triple rear cameras and led flash then for buttons and ports on the right side? Is the power trigger, while the volume rocker is placed on the left side personally, im used to having all the buttons on the right side, so it can take some getting used to unless you prefer this setup, you can also find on the left side its dual Nano sim card slot, with no space for a micro sd card theres a secondary noise cancelling microphone at the top of the phone. Then, at the bottom we are greeted with the down firing: stereo speaker, the usb type c port, the main microphone and the handy 3.5 millimeter headphone jack flipping to its display. The real me 9 pro plus sports, a 6.4 inch full hd plus super amoled screen with thin bezels and a little bit of a chin on the upper bezel. Of course is the call speaker thats also utilized as a secondary speaker and then, as you can see, the front camera is placed on the upper left corner on a punch, hole notch, while on the lower part of the panel is the in display fingerprint scanner. We also get gorilla glass, 5 for protection and an additional screen protector pre installed when it comes to quality, its more similar to the amoled display of the realme 8 pro, since the lower realme 9 pro has a slightly bigger, ips 120hz display.

Specifically, this panel features a 2400 by 1080 pixels resolution, hdr10 support and up to a 90hz refresh rate that can be adjusted in the settings to the standard 60hz or on autoselect. Now this display offers good viewing angles and it is vibrant, which is expected, as it has an amoled panel. The colors look vivid and blacks. Look pleasingly inky to top it all off. It also comes with a 360hz touch sampling rate, making this not only highly responsive to your fingers, but also gives a better edge when it comes to something like gaming and as for sound quality. Its down firing, loudspeaker and earpiece can get really loud for a small room. The quality is mostly balanced between the highs and mids, though with almost no bass, unless you cup your hands against the grills, which is a little bit expected on this type of phone checking out software. The real me 9, pro plus, is one of the first realme smartphones thats running on android 12, skinned with real me ui 3.0. The interface still has some resemblance to realme ui 2.0, with some improvements on customization options, multitasking features and even a more fluid experience. However, there is still a number of bloatware and pre installed: apps such as google booking.com, facebook, messenger, agoda, tick, tock and lazada, which you can always uninstall. If you dont plan on using them. There are tons of customization options here, where you can change: icon styles, app layout, fingerprint style font and colors theres, also an option in the settings to toggle the home screen, app arrangement and gesture navigation as for other features, theres, dark mode, digital, well being and parental Controls, smart driving riding mode and mini window or flexible window for compatible apps out of the 256 gigabytes of storage that we get about.

231 gigabytes is available right out of the box and, as ive mentioned earlier, this device doesnt have a dedicated micro sd card slot. So theres no expandable storage here alright, when it comes to performance under the hood, this phone is equipped with a 5g ready, mediatek dimensi 920 chipset, together with the mali, g68 mc4, gpu and locally its available with 8 gigabytes of ram with 2, 3 or 5 gigabytes Of ram expansion within its range theres, no doubt that this is a high performing phone that can breezily handle daily tasks without any stutters. It can even handle heavy graphic games like asphalt, 9 and genjen impact well, with only rare hiccups under the highest settings. The realme 9 pro plus also has a vapor chamber based cooling system that keeps the device cool, or rather not too hot, when gaming, or when doing various multitasking. If youre interested in the benchmark scores that we got check out our written review linked in the description box, when it comes to biometrics and security, you can unlock the device with an in display fingerprint scanner and face unlock generally. They both work fast, but the fingerprint scanner is oddly placed lower than expected. So it can take some adjustment, then again, its still reliable connectivity wise. This 9 pro plus, is ready with wi fi, bluetooth, 5.2 nfc, dual 5g 4g lte, otg and gps. Keeping everything running is a 4 500 milliamp capacity and on average use it is good enough to last.

Throughout the day. It even lasted me two and a half days on light usage, then for juicing, this phone up it supports an upgraded 60 watt, super dart charging that only takes about 45 minutes to reach from zero to a hundred percent. Its one of the significant upgrades that we get over the lower realme 9 pro that has 33 watts fast charging if youre interested in the battery test results that we got read our article links in the description box below now. One of the main highlights of this phone is its cameras. The real me 9 pro plus, has a triple camera setup at the back, composed of a sony imx 766 50 megapixel ois main an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens for selfies theres. The 16 megapixel front camera in our experience, the cameras provided us with awesome daylight photos with very good colors and sharpness. Its hdr works great, but we still suggest taking multiple shots or focusing the phone correctly, as it has tendencies to look overexposed if youre into high contrast and saturated shots. Youll definitely appreciate the real me 9 pro plus camera quality. Meanwhile, the quick zoom toggles from 2 times to 5 times, but its still capable of zooming in up to 20 times, just in case you need it. Of course, its quality will be sacrificed, but you can just use the 50 megapixel mode if you want to capture more details and overall, a high quality photo.

As for the ultra wide camera, it allows you to take wider scenes at a similar quality as the main sensor, with almost no distortion. We also appreciate how theres not much fisheye effect in the results we got. One of the things we like most about its cameras is its portrait mode. Most of the time it provides on point. Subject: background separation plus you can adjust the aperture to what you prefer. Moreover, we were also impressed with its 50 megapixel wide sony, imx 766 ois main camera with a single 1.0 micrometer large pixel. It processes a very good amount of light intake that helps improve low light or night photography to look crisper cleaner and well lit its highly recommendable for nighttime neon light shots as well as night sky shots by using the starry mode. Speaking of which this story mode is great, but do note that you need to keep the phone really steady for 4 minutes to achieve a stunning shot, its best to use it with a tripod or place. The phone on a stable surface checking out some selfies, its 16 megapixel front. Shooter works best on their natural lighting, falling more on cooler tones. The skin tone tends to alter in rare scenarios, but most of the time it worked fine with very good lighting or sunlight. You can get a natural looking photo as for videos, you can shoot up to 4k at 30 frames per second and the quality looks sharp with boosted colors.

If you want to kick it up a notch, then you can turn on the ai for videos, which is limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second okay to wrap things up. Lets talk about the price locally. This realme 9 pro plus now has an srp of 23 2’90 pesos. It got some minor upgrades from the regular 9 pro version that can cater specific users wants, such as better cameras, faster charging and a more vibrant amoled display. Unless these arent a big deal for you, then the lower 9 pro might be a better choice or yet you can still even consider last years, real me 8 pro. If 5g connectivity isnt your priority, but all in all the real me 9 pro plus, is a well rounded device. If you have the budget, for it im sure it wont, disappoint and yeah that wraps up this video. How about you guys? What do you think of this realme 9 pro plus? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments below and like usual, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content, hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yugosac.