A 120 hertz full hd plus display the snapdragon 750 chipset under the hood and, of course, an improved camera system at a starting price of fifteen thousand nine. Ninety nine rupees or say: fourteen thousand nine. Ninety nine rupees, if you add in the discount, is the galaxy f. Twenty three five key worth your hard earned cash lets find out hello, everyone amania from mr phone and welcome to my full review of the samsung galaxy f23 5g in this beautiful alpine green colorway. Now, before we go ahead, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates. Starting with the design gone, is the textured back from the f22. As you now get a plain, matte finish rear panel, much in line with the galaxy, a phones, the frame is glossy, which complements well with the matte pack, and that is where you also find the side mounted fingerprint sensor. The galaxy f 23 is noticeably thinner and also offers better ergonomics over the galaxy f22 by the way, the alpine green color of the f 23 5g looks absolutely gorgeous in person, and it also gives me an idea how the galaxy s22 might look like in green. I mean i havent checked out that color in person yet, but personally i would love to own the green galaxy s22, but coming back to our device in focus and in terms of build quality.

The galaxy f23 is solid, looks good from the rear, especially in this alpine green color. Now at the front you do get the relatively thicker bezels and i really felt a hole. Punch design would have looked better, but since this is an lcd panel, you get the notch a tiny one, but it is there nonetheless, this right here is a 6.6 inch, full hd plus tft display, and you also get a 120 hertz refresh rate here and yes, The galaxy f22 did come with an amoled panel, but on the f23 you get a higher resolution screen. That is full hd and you also get a 120 hertz refresh rate and in my opinion, these two things are a solid upgrade. In fact, the tft panel on the f23 is also well calibrated when it comes to color reproduction. You also get wide viewing angles: theres wide wine l1 support for watching full hd content on ott platforms as well. I also found the screen brightness to be adequate for indoor usage, but on bright sunny days, the display legibility could be an issue outdoors. Apart from this content, consumption beat for watching, shows or playing games, looked good on the screen and despite the phone featuring a single bottom firing speaker, the audio output gets reasonably loud. Moving on the galaxy f23 is powered by the tried and tested snapdragon 750g chipset. This is coupled with either 4gb or 6gb ram, along with 128gb storage. You also get a dedicated microsd card slot for storage expansion.

If the need be handling the software is the full blown one ui 4.1 atop android 12, and i call it full blown because you dont get the core of one ui experience here. So that is good. Samsung also promises to deliver two years of additional android os support, something that many brands commit but arent able to deliver in this budget. So in terms of day to day usage. First of all, the 120 hertz screen definitely provides those instant boosts of snappiness. Overall general tasks were handled well, app opening times was also decent. Now i did spot a few stutters and frame drops across the ui here and there, especially when there were heavy apps running in the background. So, in my suggestion, if you are planning to buy the smartphone, then definitely opt for the 6gb ram variant, because the extra thousand rupees in your budget would be well worth it. Overall. As i said, the general performance has been decent on this phone casual games run. Well, but the snapdragon 750 chipset was also able to handle heavy titles, such as the likes of cod, mobile and bgmi. Of course, this isnt the ideal phone to play these high performance games, but if youre, someone who plays casually something like one or two match at a stretch, in that case, the f23 does a very fine job, but coming back to one ui 4.1. Well, the software experience will be familiar for anyone who has used samsung phones and it is feature packed as well.

So there is that now, in terms of battery capacity, you get a 5000 mah battery inside the galaxy f23 versus the 6000 mah cell found inside the galaxy f22 honestly, while the galaxy f23 wasnt able to hit the eight to nine hours of screen on time, which I was able to achieve with the f 22 still in my time with the f 23. I was easily getting around six to seven hours of screen on time, with almost two days of endurance on a single charge constantly, and even this is a solid. That said, you dont get a bundle charging brick in the box. I mean this phone does support up to 25 watt fast charging, and you also get a usb type c cable in the box, but having no charging brake. It did catch me a little off guard. Coming to the camera theres a triple lens setup at the back featuring a 50 megapixel main sensor, coupled with an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor, selfies are handled by an 8 megapixel front facing snapper, given good light. The main 50 megapixel camera is able to produce good color, rich images with plenty details. The phone was also able to lock focus quickly on subjects, and so the photos taken both indoors or outdoors looked superb and the phone also does a good job of dealing with human skin tones. Although i would point that in some photos taken indoors in artificial lighting, i did find the dynamic range wasnt consistent at all times, as i noticed overblown highlights.

So there is that, apart from this shots from the ultra wide angle, camera exhibited slightly boosted colors than that of the primary cameras output, but overall decent results in photos. Yes, you dont get images as detailed as the primary camera, but, as i said overall, it was quite decent. Now, port remote shots turned out good in terms of color reproduction details and dynamic range, although sometimes the phone i did get the edge detection wrong and so the blur got messed up, but most of the times the f23 took decent, portraits. So no complaints here, as well as for the shots taken at night again decent performance, given the phones price, the resulting output exhibited fine amount of detail, very less noise in photos which is great and, of course, good color. Reproduction. And while i generally like my night shots contrasty overall, i think the f 23 does well for its price. Finally, the selfies, and once again i was impressed with the galaxy f 23s performance, so nothing major to complain about when it came to front facing camera shots. Now, in terms of video recording, the galaxy f 23 can shoot crisp, 4k 30 fps videos, which is good to know, and while you dont get stabilization in 4k, i was really impressed with the color reproduction dynamic range and how well the phone handles exposure while moving The camera around that said, 1080p 30fps videos get electronic stabilization and the output simply looks amazing.

The footage was stable, there were no jerks or judders and by the way i also noticed how well and near identical the color profiles, look whether youre shooting in 4k or 1080p, so props for that the phone even does a superb job in recording selfie videos. Heres a sample so right now im recording from the front camera of the galaxy f. 23. 5 key. This is the kind of quality that you can expect when it comes to front facing cameras, video recording capabilities, so we can only shoot up to 1080p 30fps videos from the front camera pretty decent for a phone of this price segment, but yeah apart from that, this Is what you get uh? How does my audio sound? Let me know how does the video quality look like? What do you think about the dynamic range look at the sky or maybe ill just walk here? You can get a good idea, so this is the kind of output you get when you shoot against the sun and believe me, its quite uh, sunny today, its very bright, its hot in new delhi but yeah. This is the kind of output that you can expect when you shoot from the front camera of the galaxy f235 key. Let me know your thoughts in the comments at a starting price of 15 999 rupees. The galaxy f23 brings a lot to the table for anyone in the market who wants to get a solid sub.

20. 000 rupees, 5g smartphone. So if you are someone who cares about the screen refresh rate, a software experience along with software updates decent gaming performance, camera performance, especially good video recording capabilities, all the while maintaining excellent battery life in that case, if you ask me, the galaxy f, 23 5g is A fine purchase in its price segment but, as i earlier mentioned in the video as well, that if you can extend your budget by thousand rupees, then i would strongly suggest going for the 6gb ram variant of this smartphone. And that was my review of the samsung galaxy f235g. So guys. Let me know your thoughts about this phone in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.